Simple Search

This documentation is for an older release of the Digital Archive. New documentation is coming soon.

Simple Search

Simple Search lets you quickly find items just by typing a few keywords.

To perform a Simple Search:

  1. Type keywords into the search box located in the upper right corner of every page.
  2. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

Simple Search results display as rows in a table. The example below shows the first four rows from a search using “school students southwest harbor” for keywords. The example shows the results in Summary Layout which displays a thumbnail for each item along with text for many of the item’s fields. Visit the Table View page to learn about other layouts and working with search results in a table.

How Simple Search Works

  • Simple Search compares your keywords to every field of every item in the Archive. Items that contain all of the words will appear in the results. Items that contains some, but not all of the words, will not appear in the results.
  • The order in which the words appear in an item does not matter as long as each word appears at least once in one or more of an item’s fields.
  • Simple Search works exactly the same way as when using the Keyword filter in Advanced Search and choosing the all words condition.
  • You can revise your search by typing new keywords in the Simple Search text box, or by clicking the Modify Search button which will take you to the Advanced Search page where you can edit your keywords and choose other options.

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