Advanced Search

This documentation is for an older release of the Digital Archive. New documentation is coming soon.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets you search the Archive using powerful filtering techniques.

To perform an Advanced Search:

  1. Click the Advanced Search link located in the upper right corner of every page.
  2. Specify your search criteria on the Advanced Search page (shown below).
  3. Press Enter or click the blue Search button.
  4. View your search results.

Search Filters

Search filters control how the search will be performed, but do not affect how results will be presented. Results presentation depends on the Search Results options.

There are four kinds of Search filters that let you narrow your search results:

Visit the Keyword Filters and Field Filters pages to learn how to use these filters. Tag Filters and Date Filters are described below.

How Filtering Works

You can specify any or all of the filters in a search, but it’s important to understand that each filter further narrows down the results. For instance, if you type keywords and also tags, only items matching those keywords and those tags will appear in the search results. It is not possible to search for matching keywords or tags. You can however use AND and OR within the the Field Filters.

A conceptual way to think about filtering is that the first filter narrows down all the items in the Archive to a smaller set of items that meet that filter’s search criterion. The next filter operates on that smaller set and further narrows the results down to an even smaller set. After all of the filters have been applied, the items that are left are presented as search results showing items that met the conditions for every filter.

Keyword Filters

Keyword Filters let you search for text in all the fields of all the items in the Digital Archive.

Field Filters

Field Filters let you search for text in individual fields. You can search more than one field at the same time by clicking the Add Field button.

Tags Filter

The Tags Filter looks for items that have all of the tags that you specify. Use a comma to list more than one tag. For example, to find items that contain the tags “man” and “hat” type “man, hat”.

Date Filters

The Date Filters find items within a certain year range as recorded in the Date Start and Date End fields for each item.

If you provide values for both Start and End, the filter will find items in that range inclusive. For example if you specify 1900 for Start and 1940 for End, the filter will find items with Date Start greater than or equal to 1900 and less than or equal to 1940.

If you only provide a value for Start, the filter will find items where Date Start is that date or more recent. If you only provide a value for End, the filter will find items where Date End is that date or older.

Date Filters Notes:

  • In the Archive, the date indicates when as item was created. It is not the date of the item’s subject itself. For instance, the date for a photograph taken in 1973 of an automobile built in 1939 would be 1973, not 1939.
  • The Archive only uses a range of dates (Date Start is different from Date End) to mean circa, that is an approximation of the year when the actual year is unknown.
  • The Date Start and Date End are the same for most items. These items will still be found by the Dates filter. For example, if the date range is 1900 to 1940, an item with both Date Start and Date End of 1928 will be found because its date is in the date filter range.
  • Not all items have a value in the Date Start and Date End field. The Date filter will ignore items that don’t have Date Start and Date End field values and therefore the results will not necessarily include every item that was created during that period.
  • The Date filter only operates on the Date Start and Date End fields. To search the Date field, use the Field filter.

Search Results Options

Search Results options control how search results are presented, but do not affect the results themselves. The results you get depend on the Search filters described above.

To change to a different view after results are displayed, you can return to the Advanced Search page and select a new view. You get back to the Advanced Search page by clicking the Modify Search button on the search results page.

There is also an option to only search for items that have an image or other file, such as a PDF document, attached to them.

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