Item Types

Item Types

An item’s type says what kind of “thing” it is. For example, the types of items in a library are books, DVDs, and periodicals, whereas the types of items in a museum of Native American history might be baskets, arrowheads, and pottery. The types of items in the Digital Archive are:

Item Type Hierarchy

The list above names the primary item types, but there are many sub-types. A primary type like Image is a broad classification, but there are many “flavors” of images such as Art, Photograph, and Postcard. Some of these can be further classified. For instance, Art can be broken down by Drawing and Painting, and Painting can be further classified as Oil or Watercolor.

In the Archive, the type hierarchy is specified using commas. Here are some examples:

  • Image, Photograph
  • Image, Photograph, Negative
  • Image, Photograph, Picture Postcard

Good to Know

  • Each item in the Archive has only one type. In contrast, an item can have more than one subject.

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