Curator’s Suggestions

Curator's Suggestions

Archivists and volunteers have scanned thousands of images and documents and researched many of them. What you see today is just the beginning – we are continuing to add items and information as time and funds allow, so check back often. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

We invite you to jump into the Archive and follow a few of the stories.

The Village Blacksmith

Photographer Henry Rand photographed blacksmith Edwin Higgins at work at his anvil in Southwest Harbor in 1895. E.L. Higgins built a blacksmith shop on the site now occupied by the Worcester store building and he carried on his work there for many years.

The Underwoods – A Family, a Cottage and a Violin

Squirrelhurst, the William Lawrence Underwood cottage at Southwest Harbor, no longer exists, but fortunately we have many photographs of the cottage and of the Underwood family. A small piece of the house still exists — Ralph Stanley used the wood from the stair treads to craft his first violin. We also have photographs of Ralph and this historic violin.

Emily Farnsworth – Postmaster, Milliner and Equestrian

Emily (Robinson) Farnsworth and her sisters were all busy dynamic women. She was a housewife, ran the post office and sold hats. A favorite photograph of her shows Emily aboard a donkey, beautifully turned out in a wool suit and sporting one of her elegant hats.

A Favorite Picture of the Park

As hundreds of our photographs show, Acadia National Park is beautifully maintained, thanks to its hard-working staff and the Friends of Acadia. Standards have changed through the years however and so have budgets. Picture yourself hiking on the Hunters Beach Trail in May of 1935 when photographer, Willis H. Ballard came upon this little bridge while hiking.

Ralph Stanley Built Boats in a Barn

Well…he built his first twenty or so boats in the small barn at his great grandfather, Adoniram Judson Robinson’s house on Main Street in Southwest Harbor. The library is fortunate in having Ralph’s collection of photographs and hundreds of others given to us or shared by photographers and friends. The one we show here was taken by Jeff Dobbs when he was filming Ralph’s story. It will lead you to the beginning of his story.

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