Businesses are generally commercial in nature such as hotels, quarries, service stations, stores, and boat shops.

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From the Curator

The Archive contains photographs of a vast assortment of business enterprises – everything from:

  • Mills (grain and lumber, tidal, flue and waterfall) to milliners
  • Fish factories of every sort from herring and lobster canning to fish flakes
  • Ice harvests from the time of hand saws to the advent of power cutters
  • House builders who built boats to boat builders who built houses and boat builders who would only build wooden boats and those who started building wooden boats, experimented with fiberglass and pioneered in that process.
  • And artists and engravers, who were the first to distribute images of the island to photographers who made their own albumen prints (and left their fingerprints on the wet surface) to modern photographers who are using 21st century techniques to illustrate old stories.

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