Robinson - Ralph Judson Robinson (1870-1923)


Robinson - Ralph Judson Robinson (1870-1923)

Ralph Judson Robinson was born in 1870 to Adoniram Judson and Henrietta (Clark) Robinson in Tremont, Maine. Ralph married Celestia “Lessie” Gertrude Dix (1875-1961), daughter of John and Emily Mayo Bartlett (Dix) on February 6, 1900 in Tremont, Maine. Ralph Judson Robinson died on January 24, 1923 in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

"A new sign board has been placed over the portico entrance of the library building, the artistic handiwork of Ralph Robinson. It is a gift, for which he merits the thanks of the library association." - The Ellsworth American, Thursday, April 23, 1896.


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