Phippen - Ralph Ober Phippen (1900-1980)


Phippen - Ralph Ober Phippen (1900-1980)

Ralph Ober Phippen (1900-1980) was born to John Dana and Viola Martha (Ober) Phippen on January 13, 1900. Ralph married Virginia Mildred Verge, daughter of Joseph Warren and Virginia Dorothy Mildred Verge, daughter of Joseph Warren Verge and Virginia Dorothy (Walbruel) Verge. Virginia was born on December 18, 1917 in Malden, Massachusetts. Ralph was "from the Cranberries." He and Virginia lived at 4 Harbor Avenue, Map 3 – Lot 127, in Southwest Harbor. Ralph Ober Phippen died on July 25, 1980 in Southwest Harbor. Virginia Mildred (Verge) Phippen died on September 4, 2003 in Ellsworth, Maine.

Ralph’s no-name spray hood lobster boat was originally owned by Joseph Elwood Spurling (1882-1960). The vessel had been brought up to Maine by summer people and so started out life as being slightly more elegant than the common fishing boat. She was planked with southern cedar and copper fastened. Elwood used her for weir fishing. He later sold it to Henry Lewis Linscott (1907-1992). When Ralph Ober Phippen owned the vessel he used it for lobster fishing.


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