Morsman - Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. (1873-1951)


Morsman - Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. (1873-1951)

Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. (1873-1951) was born on September 24, 1873 to Edgar Martin Morsman and Frances Ann (Sharp) Morsman in Nebraska. Edgar graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law and was a prominent lawyer in Omaha, being a director of the Nebraska Savings & Loan Association and the Northwest Bank Corporation. He was a member of the Omaha Country Club and the Omaha Club.

Edgar married Mary Buck, daughter of Truman Buck and Mary Jane (Eager) Buck (1874-) on June 25, 1901 in Omaha. The Morsmans had three children: Mary Morsman, born in 1902, Edgar Martin Morsman III, born in 1905, and Truman Ward Morsman, born in 1909. The Morsmans built a large, attractive Tudor style house at 518 South 38th Street in Omaha, the first house in the city to incorporate an attached garage. The Morsman family employed a series of servants through the years, almost always from Sweden. In 1926 they bought a considerable property at Islesford, Cranberry Isles and probably built the house still standing there on the north shore at 39 Mosswood Road, Islesford, Map 27 – Lot 17. Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. died on January 22, 1951.


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