Lawlor - Christopher Wendell Lawlor (1893-1956) aka Chris


Lawlor - Christopher Wendell Lawlor (1893-1956) aka Chris

Christopher Wendell Lawlor was born to Allen J. and Caroline "Cad" (Robinson) Lawler on October 12, 1893 in West Tremont, Maine. Allen owned a clam factory on the shore at Southwest Harbor. He put his clams up in round cans. He was also a superintendent at the Addison factory.

Chris graduated from the Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield, Maine. He C2504 in World War I in France. When he came home he changed his name to Lawlor from Lawler. His line is the only part of the Southwest Harbor family that used that spelling.

"Chris," as everyone knew him, met Anne Coffey (1894-1964) while walking on the Causeway Dam at Norwood Cove circa 1919 or 1920. They were married on June 4, 1920. Anne, born in Ireland, had come to Southwest Harbor for the summer with the family for whom she worked in New Jersey.

Chris was a man of many trades. He sold wood for burning, for cedar planking and for masts, going as far away as Cherryfield and Milo to cut wood. He cut and sold hay and ice and he hauled trash, using his family's Robinson farm on the land above Main Street on Freeman Ridge as a dump. Christopher Wendell Lawlor died on November 11, 1956 in Bar Harbor, Maine. Ann Coffey Lawlor died on May 17, 1964 in Southwest Harbor.

“My father was the Jolly Green Giant of Southwest Harbor.” He loved children, played Santa Claus "to the third power," and organized hayrack rides. Anne (Coffey) Lawlor made chicken pies "the size of a washtub lid" – they would serve 25 to 30 people. – Notes interwoven in this account concerning Chris and his family are from an interview with Chris’ son, William “Bill” Joseph Lawlor on 10/14/2008.


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