Rogers - Anne Fuller (Rogers) Rand (1876-1963)


Rogers - Anne Fuller (Rogers) Rand (1876-1963)

Anne Fuller Rogers was born on October 30, 1876 in Boston to Harry A. and Mary T. Rogers. Harry A. Rogers was a banker and broker, a senior member of Rogers, Bush & Co., 55 Congress Street, Boston. The family lived at 126 Newbury Street in Boston.

Anne was a member of the Class of 1904 at M.I.T., studying biology and bacteriology. She was a student with Charles-Edward Amory Winslow. She and Charles-Edward were married on May 19, 1907 in a fashionable wedding at Trinity Church in Boston. The bride was given away by her uncle, William S. Rogers, of New York. Anne collaborated with her husband on many of his studies in bacteriology and was listed as co-author of numerous publications. They had one daughter, Anne R. Winslow. Anne Fuller (Rogers) Winslow died on November 23, 1963 at the age of 87 in New Haven, Connecticut.


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