Gilley - Joseph Warren Gilley Sr. (1813-1894)


Gilley - Joseph Warren Gilley Sr. (1813-1894)

Joseph Warren Gilley was born on May 20, 1813 in Tremont, Maine (Southwest Harbor) to William and Hannah Boynton (Lurvey) Gilley. Joseph and Adeline Dolliver (1821-1876), daughter of Peter Jr. and Phebe Jane (Smallidge) Dolliver, were married on April 18, 1837 by Enoch Spurling. Joseph Gilley died on July 10, 1894.

"Mr. Joseph Gilley of Baker’s Island who is 78 years of age, boasts of a full set of natural teeth. A few of the front teeth are somewhat worn by pipe stems, otherwise his teeth would all be in perfect condition. Mr. Gilley wishes his jaws preserved after death." - Bar Harbor Record, November 5, 1891.




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