Hinckley Military Boats

“1941 - With World War II on the horizon, [Henry Rose Hinckley II (1907-1980)] goes to Washington D.C. to secure contracts for military boats. His first order is for twenty 38-foot Coast Guard picket boats. By the end of the war, 93 of these boats are built for the Coast Guard, using production line techniques developed for the Islander.

The yard also builds 24-foot Navy personnel boats, motor mine and tow yawls (using a hull design that would briefly reappear 30 years later in fiberglass yacht club launches), shallow-draft towboats and sailing yawls as part of the war effort… By the end of the war, Hinckley will have built nearly 40% of the 1,358 boats built in Maine for the war.” - “The Hinckley Company History”