MacDuffie - John MacDuffie III (1861-1941)


MacDuffie - John MacDuffie III (1861-1941)

The MacDuffies had three children: Jean Challis MacDuffie, later Mrs. Donald Pirnie, born January 16, 1889, a graduate of Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts; Elizabeth “Elspeth” Parsons MacDuffie, later Mrs. Marshall Bragdon, born on May 6, 1898, and Malcolm Angus MacDuffie, born July 27, 1902.

Elspeth MacDuffie Bragdon, an author of books for children, and her husband, Marshall Bragdon, a race relations expert, are buried on Little Cranberry Island in Sandbeach Cemetery.

In 1932 Harvard professor, Charles Hall Grandgent (1862-1939) privately and anonymously published, “Musketeers of the Mountains” by One of Them, a rather quaint memoir of hiking on Mount Desert with three unnamed friends, "Musketeers", and Sambo, a dog. Charles Hall Grandgent, "Aramis", summered in Southwest Harbor. One of his three companions, "Athos", was Charles Hall Turner, a prominent lawyer and railroad president from Philadelphia, who summered in Northeast Harbor. Charles Turner was a Northeast Harbor Village Improvement Society path committee chairman. Another friend, "Porthos", was John MacDuffie. Professor Grandgent and the MacDuffies probably also knew each other at Havard and in Cambridge. - We are indebted to Don Lenahan, who has done incomparable research on memorial trails and monuments in Acadia National Park, for information and insights into park history for this record and many others.


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