Carroll - Elizabeth Cook (Carroll) Lawler (1823-1905) aka Lizzie


Carroll - Elizabeth Cook (Carroll) Lawler (1823-1905) aka Lizzie

Elizabeth Cook Carroll was born to John and Rachel Foster (Lurvey) Carroll on October 23, 1823, in the house of her grandparents, Jacob and Hannah (Boynton) Lurvey, prior to the construction of the “Mountain House” by her parents, John and Rachel Carroll in 1825 in Tremont on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Elizabeth married William Lawler, son of James and Judith (Farrall) Lawler on August 30, 1846 at the age of twenty-two. The marriage was performed by Daniel Somes at Somesville. William and Elizabeth boarded in Somesville until they moved into the house they had purchased from Ezra Robinson on the old Somer’s property at Norwood’s Cove in 1847 or 1848. There William and "Lizzie" raised their family.

William and Elizabeth had nine children, six boys and three girls. Of the six boys two, both named Fred, died at a young age. Their son, John Carroll Lawler, was lost at sea when he was twenty years old in 1872 and their eldest son, James W. Lawler, died of typhoid fever at the age of about 30 in 1877.

“Elizabeth grieved much over the loss of these sons but her strong faith carried her through. In a small calendar on 24 March 1878 she left the following: “One year ago today my dear died in Wilmington N.C. It was I think the most severe trial that could befall a mortal, some would have fallen beneath it, but the Lord sustained me, and will to the end if I trust in him. His remains were sent home, by express, were a week on the way, buried April 2 1877.”

Elizabeth’s note under the March 24 date, added fifteen years later, contains the following: “Mr. William Lawler died 1892.”

Elizabeth wrote beautifully in a small hand no more than a few millimeters high and she kept in contact with her children and sisters with many letters over the years. Many of these survive.” - Robert Lindsay Smallidge, Jr. - 2008

William worked as a boot and shoe maker for Lewis Somes at Somesville and, later, from his home. During his life he worked at other jobs in Southwest Harbor, including at the lobster canning factory. William died on March 24, 1892 in Tremont, Maine at the age of seventy-five. Elizabeth Cook (Carroll) Lawler died on November 7, 1905 in Southwest Harbor, Maine, at the age of eighty-two.




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