Farnsworth - Alton E. Farnsworth (1866-1926)


Farnsworth - Alton E. Farnsworth (1866-1926)

“Hon. Alton E. Farnsworth was born at Beddington, Maine. As a boy Mr. Farnsworth went to Southwest Harbor, where he received employment. By the time he had reached maturity he was in business for himself as a sardine packer. His business widened and was incorporated, operating at several places. Mr. Farnsworth served in both branches of the Legislature., and was a member of Governor Millinken’s Council. He helped organize and was president of the Ellsworth Machine Company. He served as president of the Liberty National Bank at the time of his death, March 28, 1926.” - “History of Ellsworth, Maine” by Albert H. Davis, p. 202 – 1927

Genealogists tell us that Alton E. Farnsworth was born on June 29, 1866 to George Smith and Ann (Miller) Farnsworth in Addison, Maine, not far from Beddington. Alton married first Emily Robinson (1851-1905), daughter of Capt. James E. and Abigail “Argo” (Whitmore) Robinson. After Emily’s death Alton married second Edith Alletta Mayo (1874-1935), daughter of Josiah Stillman and Nancy Roundy (Allen) Mayo. Alton E. Farnsworth died on March 28, 1926 in Boston, Massachusetts.


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