Sawyer - Annie Maria (Sawyer) Downs (1836-1901)


Sawyer - Annie Maria (Sawyer) Downs (1836-1901)

Annie Maria Sawyer was born on March 24, 1836 to Dr. Benjamin Edward and Lucy Cordelia (Noyes) Sawyer in Manchester, New Hampshire. Annie married Samuel Morse Downs (1836-1909), son of Ephraim F. or K. and Irene S. (Morse) Downs, on August 15, 1860 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Annie Maria (Sawyer) Downs died on December 7 or 9, 1901 in Andover, Massachusetts. She was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts.

“The Southwest Harbor Public Library had its beginning in 1884 when Mrs. Annie Sawyer Downs gathered a number of discarded books from the hotels, mostly paper covered volumes, and placed them on a shelf in one corner of Dr. R.J. Lemont’s drug store...” - Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton, p. 114 - 1938.


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