John Melbourne Rich House III

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John Melbourne Rich House III

John Melbourne Rich took the design for his new house in Tremont from Design 24 in the 1888 version of Palliser's "New Cottage Homes and Details." The Pallisers had moved to New York by this time and advertised themselves as Palliser, Palliser & Co., Architects, 24 East 42nd Street, Second Block West of Grand Central Depot, New York. They offered to "Prepare Designs, Drawings and Specifications for Every Description of Buildings for Erection in any part of the World. Also give special attention to the Remodeling of Existing Structures and the designing of FURNITURE, INTERIOR DECORATIONS AND MONUMENTS - Consultations on all matters pertaining to Building, Drainage, Sanitary Works, Ventilation, Machinery, Valuations, Etc., Etc.

The Pallisers showed two versions of Design 24. One, a modest house without a tower, and one, a showpiece with tower that could be built for a "cost of $1,700." For this amount one received, "plans, elevations, details and perspective view of a comfortable, convenient cottage home of six rooms, with tower which is designed to command a view of the surrounding country where erected."

John Melbourne Rich chose the showy tower version with which to command a view of Tremont. He probably did not pay $1,700 for the plans, being an experienced builder, perfectly capable of building what he wanted by looking at the plans in the prospectus.

John Melbourne Rich built his house in 1896.

224 Tremont Road




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