Widener - Emma Jane (Widener) Kite Cooper (1837-1901)


Widener - Emma Jane (Widener) Kite Cooper (1837-1901)

Emma Jane (Widener) Kite was the daughter of John and Susan (Fulmer) Widener. Emma's brother, Peter Arrell Brown Widener was a founder of the Continental Street Railway Company in Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Traction Company, which built the electric trolley system in that city. P.A.B. Widener used the great wealth accumulated from these businesses to become a founding organizer of U.S. Steel and the American Tobacco Company as well as having substantial holdings in Standard Oil. He is considered to have been one of the 100 wealthiest Americans of his time, having left an enormous fortune.

Emma married Thomas Mason Kite (1834-1870) with whom she had a daughter, Adele Annie Kite, later Mrs. John Lawrence Fitzgerald. Research has not shown whether Emma and Thomas were divorced or whether the dates given for her marriage to Samuel Champion Cooper are false.

Emma married Samuel Champion Cooper in 1873 in Camden. The Coopers are listed as living at 75 State Street in Camden, New Jersey. Researchers are looking for more information about their address.

Joseph Walter Cooper was born to Samuel Champion and Emma Jane (Widener) Kite Cooper on May 21, 1869.

Rebecca Fulmer Cooper was born to Samuel Champion and Emma Jane (Widener) Kite Cooper in February 1872.


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