Captain Joseph Whitmore House


Captain Joseph Whitmore House

Alton Billings House

Herbert M. Leighton Sr. & Frances J. Leighton House

"Elisha Crane built the small house near the shore in this locality [Main Street and Lawler Lane], which was owned by Capt. Joseph Whitmore who died before he was thirty years old. His widow sold the place to Capt. Sans Whitmore, brother of her husband, and with her two children, went to Rockland to live.

Capt. Sans lived there until the death of his wife and he then sold to Capt. Benjamin Robinson whose home it was for many years. His widow sold it to Alton Billings, who added another story to the house and made many changes and improvements. After the death of Mr. Billings it was sold to George Leighton who now occupies it (1938) and who built a small building on the Main Road which he uses as a blacksmith shop." - “Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine” by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton, 1938, p. 155-156.

9 Lawler Lane





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