Isaac Herrick House


Isaac Herrick House

William Horace Herrick and Asa Herrick House

William Edgar Herrick House

Bill Herrick's shack was on or near the Herrick property at 43 Clark Point Road. "The William Herrick house was built partly from lumber from the first Herrick house adjoining the Jacob Lurvey place to the west of the Main Road as one enters the village [of Southwest Harbor on Route 102.] This was the home of the Herrick family for many years and after the death of their parents [Isaac and Lavinia Harper Herrick], William and Asa Herrick tore down the old house and rebuilt it on its present site. The great syringa bush in the yard was brought from the old home. At the death of William [Horace] Herrick the place became the property of his nephew and namesake [William E. Herrick, son of William Horace Herrick's brother, Nelson] who now lives there." - Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine by Mrs. Seth S. Thornton, p. 159 - 1938.

The lot probably originally extended to around 47 Clark Point Road.

43 Clark Point Road





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