Bemis - Lucy Ellis Bemis (1869-1958)


Bemis - Lucy Ellis Bemis (1869-1958)

Lucy Ellis Bemis was born to Dr. Jonathan Wheeler and Lucy Coolidge (Wyeth) Bemis on July 15, 1869 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Lucy married Robert Watson Pomeroy (1868-1935), son of the Honorable Theodore Medad and Elizabeth Leitch (Watson) Pomeroy, on June 24, 1895.

Robert Pomeroy graduated from Yale University and Harvard Law School. His father had been a close friend of William H. Seward, Secretary of State under President Lincoln. Robert had a successful career starting in Buffalo, New York serving as a director of several companies, a trustee of many others. The Pomeroys lived in New York and vacationed in Camden, South Carolina. Their two children were Lucy Pomeroy Deans and Robert W. Pomeroy Jr.

Lucy served as president of the Palmetto Garden Club in South Carolina, belonged to the Colony Club in New York and the Garden Club of Bedford, New York and led an active social life in New York and South Carolina.

Lucy Ellis (Bemis) Pomeroy died on April 18, 1958 at her home on Park Avenue in New York City.


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