Cough - Bernard K. Cough (1927-2007) aka Sonny

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Cough - Bernard K. Cough (1927-2007) aka Sonny

Bernard K. Cough (1927-2007) was born on July 12, 1927 to Bernard Ezra Cough and Helen Irene (Norton) Cough in Danbury, Connecticut. Bernard married Sylvia L. Young (1925-), daughter of Dana H. Young and Lillian S. (Johnston) Young on November 5, 1948 in Bar Harbor, Maine. Bernard K. Cough died on March 24, 2007 in Bar Harbor at age of 79.

Bernard, a descendant of Daniel and Elvira Cough's son, Ezra Rafael Cough, was the great grandson of Daniel Cough of Bernard, first Chinese person to live in Maine. When Bernard died his obituary was headlined, "“Bernard 'Sonny' Cough Dies at 79 Bar Harbor 'Hotel Mogul' Helped Found Local Chamber, College of the Atlantic.




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