Schuman - Eleanor E. (Schuman) Butler (1845-1933) aka Lena


Schuman - Eleanor E. (Schuman) Butler (1845-1933) aka Lena

Andrew and Lena had 10 children:

Alfred H. Butler (1865-) – married Josephine E. Harper
Flora Belle Butler (1867-1946) – married Isaac T. Murphy and Fred W. Lawton
Jacob L. Butler (1869-
Minnie C. Butler (1871-1963) – married Clarence W. Bennett and Isaac F. Stanley
George W. Butler (1874-1942) – married Caroline E. Hall and Myra Farrell
William Lawton Butler (1877-1943) – married Alice M. Campbell and Rose E. Campbell
Annie May Butler (1878-1966) – married Ansel Lyman Harper
Chester Arthur Butler (1881-1967) – married Jane Anne Ober
Herbert G. Butler (1883-1942) – married Kathrine A. Hooper
Mildred G. Butler (1887-1969) – married George H. Freeman and Merrill L. Seavey

“Andrew Butler also moved away [from Bartlett’s Island]. Things had not been easy for him since the Civil War. He had never completely regained his health and could not do hard labor the rest of his life. He and his German wife, Lena, had nine children to raise…”

“The health of Lena Butler had also failed and the doctor recommended she move south. So the family left the island they loved and moved to Florida where Andrew took up a Spanish land grant. It is recalled by his grandchildren that the trip took one week. In Florida the older boys found work. They did well; another child was born, and the oldest daughter was married. When Lena’s health had improved, all but the married daughter moved back to the place they loved – this time living in Center [Maine, on Mt. Desert Island.] Andrew and Lena Butler are fondly remembered. He was very good-natured, short little man with a beard. He is also remembered for his “good” sauerkraut, she for her hog’s head cheese.”

Lena “was especially accomplished at handiwork. “If a lady needed a new hat, she would come to help her make it.” She also crocheted and knitted bedspreads for “summer people.” Even the she was paid $75 for one of her handmade spreads”

- “A History of Bartlett’s Island, Mount Desert, Maine” by Esther Binnewies and Muriel Davisson, edited by Joel W. Eastman, published by Peggy and David Rockefeller, printed by Seavey Printers, Portland, Maine, 1981, p. 70, 72, 87, 89.

“Andrew J. Butler served in the Civil War in C Company, 31st Regiment Maine Infantry. He served 3 years from March 11. 1864. He “lost his speech” and was “generally weakened.” He had a wife and child at the time and was very poor and applied for aid.

According to his granddaughter, Mrs. Charles Rich, Andrew Butler came down with “Black” measles and was hospitalized. His wife and mother were summoned to Washington to obtain his release. He was never really well afterwards. He suffered “terrible” headaches. Under “An Act to Support Families of Volunteers” the Butlers received $1.25 per week from January 1 to March 31, 1865.” – Binnewies and Davisson p. 57.


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