Wakefield - Frank Mortimer Wakefield (1862-1932)


Wakefield - Frank Mortimer Wakefield (1862-1932)

Frank Mortimer Wakefield was born to Frances Anna Lathrop and Thomas Lafayette Wakefield on July 19, 1862. He was photographer Henry L. Rand and botanist Edward Lothrop Rand’s first cousin as his mother, Frances, was Henry and Edward’s mother, Jennie Lathrop’s sister.

Frank attended J.P. Hopkinson’s school in Boston and graduated from Harvard in 1884. He was a member of the Champlain Society and joined Camp Pemetic in at least 1881. Frank married Elizabeth Adams Hooper, daughter of George Kennard, a furniture manufacturer, and his second wife, Louisa Rebecca Adams Hooper, on January 16, 1895. (Louisa was the sister of George Kennard Hooper’s first wife, Elizabeth Adams Hooper.) They lived at 57 Chestnut Street, Dedham, Massachusetts in June of 1900.

After graduating from college Frank worked for Henry W. Peabody & Company, Boston commission merchants and ship owners for four years. He then went to Adamanta Manufacturing Company. By 1888 he was with the Stephen M. Welch & Co., cotton brokers, in Boston. He was treasurer of the Planters’ Compress Company of Boston from 1899 to 1906. During 1915-1916 he was Treasurer of the Grand Pacific Hotel in Chicago and became President and Manager there in 1916. He then became vice-president of the Zeigler Coal Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Frank Mortimer and Elizabeth Adams Hooper Wakefield had two children:

Lathrop Hooper Wakefield, born November 14, 1895, never married.

George Kennard Wakefield, born June 15, 1900 in Newton, Massachusetts. George married Julia Paine, daughter of John and Louise Paine, in 1909. George Kennard Wakefield died on August 29, 1988 in Milton, Massachusetts.

Frank Mortimer Wakefield died in Miami, Florida on April 10, 1932.


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