Stanley - Alfred Gilley Stanley (1879-1950)


Stanley - Alfred Gilley Stanley (1879-1950)

Alfred Gilley Stanley (1879-1950) was born on June 10, 1879 to Robert S. Stanley and Phebe Jane (Gilley) Stanley at Islesford, Maine. He was Ralph Warren Stanley’s great uncle. Alfred married Mabel Florence Moore (1888-1939), daughter of William J. Moore and Jennie Moore, on October 19, 1910, but may have been married more than once. Alfred Gilley Stanley died on July 18, 1950 in Tacoma, Washington.

Alfred went to sea c. 1890 on schooner “C.B. Wood” whose master was Charles E. Stanley (1844-1928), brother of John Lenzey Stanley of Stanley Fisheries in Manset. It is typical of relationships in the Mt. Desert area that Charles E. Stanley was the son of the sister-in-law of Alfred Gilley Stanley’s great aunt.

In 1900 Alfred was living at Bakers Island with his mother, Phebe, and brother, Albert, in the home of his uncle, Charles Adelbert Gilley (1847-1914). Alfred is listed in the census that year as a longshoreman. Alfred got a job in Boston or New York and did some work as a carpenter on factory buildings in Biddiford, Maine. By the 1910 census, before he was married, he was boarding in Tacoma, Washington and working as a carpenter. He is listed as a driller's helper in a shipyard in Tacoma in the 1920 census. By 1930, still in Tacoma, he was listed as a building carpenter. Many of the photographs in the collection of Alfred and his family were taken during his marriage to Mabel Moore when they were living in Washington State.

Alfred and Mabel had seven children:

Alfred Gilley Stanley Jr – born on June 17, 1912 in Tacoma, Washington.
Marion E. Stanley – born on September 25, 1913 in Tacoma, Washington.
Mable Florence Stanley – born on April 13, 1915 in Tacoma, Washington.
Robert Stanley – probably a twin to Mable Florence – born in 1915 - died on June 20, 1915 in Tacoma, Washington.
Charles Warren Stanley – born on November 5, 1920 in Tacoma, Washington.
Jane E. Stanley – born on September 29, 1922 in Tacoma, Washington.
James A. Stanley – born in August 1928 in Tacoma, Washington.


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