Clark - Henry Higgins Clark (1811-1897) aka Deacon Clark


Clark - Henry Higgins Clark (1811-1897) aka Deacon Clark

For a fascinating description of Deacon Clark and the Island House, written by a man who knew him as a child, see “Recollections of Southwest Harbor, Maine 1885-1894” by Jesse L. Parker, p. 29-32, manuscript, 1955 - Jesse Lindon Parker (1881-1966) This valuable manuscript is a narrative of the early history of the town by an eyewitness. There are largely unknown or unreported facts on almost every page.

Deacon Clark was what has come to be called in the 21st Century an "Alpha Male." In 1871 in Southwest Harbor, Maine, he filled these functions: Insurance Agent, Steamboat Agent, Herring Dealer, Proprietor of the Island House Hotel, Owner of the Telegraph concession, Justice of the Peace. - Mount Desert Island and the Cranberry Isles, by Ezra A. Dodge, published by N.K. Sawyer, Printer in Ellsworth, p. 50-55 - 1871.

121-127 Clark Point Road




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