Batchelder - Alvah Murch Allie Batchelder (1879-1961)


Batchelder - Alvah Murch Allie Batchelder (1879-1961)

“Alvah Murch Batchelder (1/18/1879-c.1961) was from Frankfort, Maine, possibly born in Prospect, Maine. He worked as a blacksmith at several establishments in Waldo County, such as the Stockton Springs Ship Yard, Granite Works, and the Genci & Ellis Stone Shed, and he made all of the tools he used to build his instruments. Alvah also worked for the granite quarry that provided stone for Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine.

Alvah was also a popular fiddler around New England. The fiddle tune known as "Atlanta Hornpipe" and "Quigley's Reel" is also known as "Batchelder's Reel." His 1936 arrangement of "Ross's Reel No. 1" was also popular. "Sioux City Sue" was always the last song of the night at Alvah's performances. As a bandleader, Alvah apparently had a good sense of humor. One night at a dance, only a few couples decided to cut the rug. Seeing the mostly empty dance floor, Alvah announced that it wasn't worth the band's time to play if everyone didn't dance. He then put his violin down and turned his back to the audience until they decided to see things his way.” - “The A.M. Batchelder Violin” by Bill Grass,, Accessed online 07/20/10;

Allie was a violin mentor to Ralph Warren Stanley.


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