Milliken - Gerrish Hill Milliken (1877-1947)


Milliken - Gerrish Hill Milliken (1877-1947)

Gerrish Hill Milliken born on August 17, 1877 to Seth Mellen and Margaret Leighton (Hill) Milliken in Dover, New Hampshire. Seth Mellen Milliken (1836-1920), a native of Maine, established the dry goods firm of Deering, Milliken & Co. in Portland, Maine and oversaw it until it became one of the countries major manufacturing enterprises. Milliken & Company, one of the world's largest privately held companies, manufactures thousands of products, among them finished fabrics for uniforms and spacesuits, as well as textiles for tennis balls, napery items, automotive fabrics, carpets and sails. At his death in 1920 Seth Milliken left a $10,260,308 estate to his three children, two fifths to each of his two sons and one-fifth to his daughter.

Gerrish Hill Milliken graduated from Yale and joined his father's firm in 1898 and was its president from its incorporation in 1922 until 1947; and was president and a director of his father's many mills. He was also a director of the National City Bank and the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company.

Gerrish married Agnes Malcolm Gayley, daughter of James and Julia Thurston (Gardiner) Gayley, on November 6, 1913.

In 1920 the Millikens bought "The Haven" originally "Ye Haven", built by James Terry Gardiner (1842-1912), Bishop Doane's son-in-law, just east of Sargent Head in Northeast Harbor. Beatrix Farrand designed a garden there for them about 1925. Their winter home was at 726 Park Avenue, New York.


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