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1889 Bar Harbor Record Newspaper from March 14


Abner Pomroy House - Newel Post

Abner Pomroy House - Upstairs Bath

Acetylene Beacon Traffic Control Tower

Advertisement for Hartford Marine Engines

Alden Designs

American Legion and Auxiliary, Eugene M. Norwood Post 69

American Legion and Auxiliary, Eugene M. Norwood Post 69, Southwest Harbor

Annual Report - Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station, 1885

Art Kellam's Cartoon

Art Kellam's Valentine Cartoon

Austin 'Castle' in Maine Has Odd History

Austin's Castle


Bait for Sale

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Company and United States Post Office in the John Lawler Commercial Building

Bar Harbor Casino

Bar Harbor Record

Bass Harbor Post Office

Benjamin M. Robinson Ice Pond

Benjamin Ward House

Bennett Paint Shop

Bill Leading the Horses at Lawlor Ice Business

Boat Shop Selling Hartford Marine Gas Engines

Book Bound for the Southwest Harbor Public Library by Grace M. Simmons

Botanical Specimen Boxes

Business Card for Harborside Industries


Captain Franklin Leslie Stanley and Crew at the Cranberry Isles Life-Saving Station

Carroll Building

Castle in Maine Mournful Relic of Mining Boom

Centennial Hall as Originally Built on Seawall Road, Manset, Maine

Charles Morris Young Studio

Chelsea Fire Ruins (Bellingham Hill from Chester Avenue)

Children at Lawlor Ice Business

Children at the Lawlor Ice Business

China Mill in Suncook Village, Pembroke NH

Christopher Wendell Lawlor Driving His Ice Wagon

Christopher Wendell Lawlor Driving the Ice Wagon

Chronometer from the Rebecca R. Douglas Schooner

Clay Pits Pumping Station

Clock Given in Memory of Sarah Franklin Ripley Cutler - The Southwest Harbor Public Library

Clouds in Western Sky

Coal Storage Plant

Community Hall

Community House

Correspondence with Howe D. Higgins as Customs Officer

Cover and Brochure in a Box of One Dozen 4 x 5 Glass Stanley Dry Plates

Cranberry Isles Life Saving Station

Crayon Portraits

Customs House

Cutting Ice at Lawlor Ice Business (2)

Cutting Ice on Christopher Lawlor's Pond (2)

C.W. Lawler Ice Advertisement


Directory and Hand Book

Dirigo Hotel recipe for Queen Elizabeth Cake

Dockside Motel

Dory & Net Reel


Echo Lake Girl Scout Camp

Edmund Stevenson Burke Jr. House

Edward Lee Beal's House, Boat Shop and Trap Mill

Edward Lothrop Rand's Vasculum

Edwin L. Higgins Blacksmith Shop Site - Clark Point Gallery

Ellsworth City Hall (3)

Ellsworth City Hall - The New City Hall

Ellsworth Courthouse


Far Horizons

Fire at the First Masonic Hall, Southwest Harbor

Fire Station

First Flag Raising - Flag Going Up

First Odd Fellows Building - Southwest Harbor

First Odd Fellows Building, F.J. Higgins Company & Wagon, and Seth W. Norwood Law Office Sign

First Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor

First Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor, Maine - Showing Spanish Civil War Addition

Fish House with Barrel at Norwood's Cove

Fish House with Lobster Trap at Norwood's Cove

Fish Houses - Preble's Cove

Flag of the United States Customs Service

Four Men at the First Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor, Maine

"Fox" at Fox Dens

Fox Dens Gazebo

Frank Leslie Hodgdon's Horses Drinking from the Frog Pond Below the Old Center Meeting House

Franklin Dolliver Ward and Child in Front of his Machine Shop

Franklin Henry Ward

Franklin Ward Machine Shop

Franklin Ward's Children at the Franklin Ward Machine Shop, Manset

Freeman’s Store as Southwest Cycle Shop


Gazebo from the Shore

Gazebo on Ocean House Lawn and View to Clark Point

George Ripley Fuller Working in his Law Office

Gray Rocks at Barque Beach, Bernard, Maine - Bell from Barque William Carey

Gray Rocks at Barque Beach, Bernard, Maine - Chair from the Barque William Carey

Greetings from Bernard, Maine

Grounds and Buildings of the Great Pond Camp


Hancock County Jail and Court House

Hancock County Jail and Courthouse

Harborside Industries

Harmon Block

Hartford Marine Gas Engines

Harvesting Ice at Chris's Pond (2)

Henry C. Rand & Co.

Henry C. Rand & Co. - 45 Merchants Row, Boston, Massachusetts (2)

Henry E. Tracy Ice Pond

Hinckley Hardware Photographs

Hinckley Hardware Photographs Produced by Willis Ballard

Horse Trough Memorial in Acadia National Park - a Mystery

Howe D. Higgins' Documents Containing Information on Rum Running

Howe D. Higgins in His Workshop at Harborside Industries

Howe D. Higgins' Report of Mounted Inspector to Collector of Customs

Howe D. Higgins' Reports of Seizures and Related Documents

Howe D. Higgins' Work Logs as Customs Officer

H.R. Beal & Sons (2)


Ice Harvesting on the Kennebec

Icicles on Moore's Garage from the Edwin Albert Lawler House

Indigenous Wigwams at Bras d'Or Lake (2)

Interior of New Greenhouse at the Henry Harry Seaton Rand Estate, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Isaac H. Dupee's Photographic Tent at the Ocean House, Eden, Maine

Island House Tennis Court


Jackson Laboratory

J.N. Mills Storage Facility and Fuel Trucks on Clark Point (2)

John Caston and the Flagpole Topped with Byron Lewis Robinson's Ship Model

John Lawler Commercial Building


Knights of Pythias Hall, West Tremont, Maine


Lawler Ice Business, Harvesting Ice at Chris's Pond

Lawler Paint Co. Building

Lawlor Ice Business (5)

Lawlor Ice Business, Harvesting Ice

Lawton Block (2)

"Leopard" at Fox Dens

Letter from Jacob William Carroll to Mr. Clark

Llewellyn J. Norwood's Livery Stable, Bernard, Maine

Lobster Traps at Norwood's Cove

Longfellow Park


Magic Lanterns

Manset Marine

Marion Quincy Winslow Rand and Arnold Augustus Rand at "Fox Dens" Avenue Shelter

Marion Quincy Winslow Rand at Balsam Hut

Masonic Hall (2)

McKinley, Maine Postmark

Medical Fallacies Among The Laity

Men and Women at the First Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor, Maine

Meredith Adelle Rich - with Underwood Company Water Tower, McKinley, Maine

Mess Hall at Great Pond CCC Camp

Milk Bottle (Raw Milk) from Nelson Herrick's Farm, McKinley, Maine

Montelle D. Gott's Buildings at the Outer Pool on Great Gott Island

"Mr. Fox" at Fox Dens

Mt. Desert Oceanarium


Naval Coaling Station, Lamoine, Maine (2)

Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor

Nell and Seth Thornton at the U.S. Capitol

Net Reel at Preble's Cove

New Buildings at Jackson Memorial Laboratory


Objects of the Southwest Harbor Public Library

Odd Fellows Building Cellar Hole (4)

Odd Fellows Building Cellar Hole - Main Street

Odd Fellows Building Space & Old Masonic Hall (2)

Odd Fellows Hall

Old Center Meeting House (3)

Old Custom House in Annisquam

Old Fish House in Lobster Cove

Old Masonic Hall

Old Masonic Hall - Theater - School

Old Masonic Hall and J.T. Crippen Company

Old Masonic Hall and Odd Fellows Building

Old Primary School as Southwest Harbor Police Department

Old Primary School as Southwest Harbor Town Office

Old Ward House

Otter Cliff Radio Station


Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station

Peaked Hills Bar Life Saving Station, Cape Cod, Mass.

Pembroke Mill From Below

Pemetic High School Lawn - Site of the Old Primary School

Perry Ped L. Sargent at his Auto Livery

Photos from the the making of Stephen King's Storm of the Century

Plaque at the Site of the Arthur Millis and Leone Marie (Wemmert) Kellam Home

Postcard from Mary Ann Carroll to her Niece, Gertrude Whitmore Carroll

Potter’s Patent Paper Picture-Card Frame

Primary School building

Primary School of Southwest Harbor

Public Gets Rare Glimpse at Historic Acadia Gatekeeper’s Home

Pumping Station at the Clay Pits - Cambridge, Massachusetts


Raising the Flagpole With Byron Lewis Robinson Ship Model

Ralph W. Stanley, Inc. Boat Shop from the Water

Ralph Warren Stanley with his Spurling Violin

Raymond Whitmore & John Leman Mayo on the Roof of the Fox Dens Gazebo

Recipes from Lida Cousins, Librarian "Lida in the Kitchen"

Revenue Ensign - Flag of the United States Customs Service

Richardson Family Flintlock Musket

Robert Bobby Farnsworth Rich House and Boatshop, Bass Harbor Boat Shop

Robert Bobby Farnsworth Rich's Bass Harbor Boat Shop

Robert Lindsay Smallidge Sr.'s Workshop in Northeast Harbor (2)

Robert Smallidge's Hand Made Gun

Route of the Kaiser Wilhelm II to Europe


Sailor's Valentine Made for Amanda (Robinson) Richardson, Mrs. Abraham Richardson, by Captain E.H. Pray

Sardine Carrier Woiee and Dragger Ethel M. III at H.R. Beal & Sons - Beal

Sawin's Cambridge Express

Second Masonic Hall Building and Whitney's Electric Shop

Second Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor, Maine

Shelter at the Arnold Arboretum

Shore and Summer House

Silver Inlay - Hand Made Gun (11)

Silver Inlay - Hand Made Gun

Simeon Holden Mayo and the Martha M. on the wharf at his Boat Shop (2)

Simeon Holden Mayo on the Wharf at his Boat Shop

Simeon Holden Mayo's Boat Shop (3)

Simeon Holden Mayo's Boatshop

Soly Caruso House & Barber Shop

Southwest Harbor Fire Department

Southwest Harbor Motor Co. Building

Southwest Harbor Parking Ticket Form Used by Officer Woodrow Wilson Herrick

Southwest Harbor Schoolhouse Building

Southwest Harbor Town Offices

Southwest Harbor Water Company - First Freeman Ridge Pump & Windmill

Stanley Dry Plate Company

Stanley Fisheries Ice House

State Street, Ellsworth, Maine

Stephen King's Storm of the Century

Stove from the Arethusa III

Summer House & Two Women

Summer House from Ledge

Sunrise Heating & Coastline Construction


Telegraph House

Telegraph House Annex

The Boiler, Great Cranberry Island

The Causeway Club

The Causeway Club Wall

The Davis Agency and Art Gallery Building, Main Street, Southwest Harbor

The Douglas Coleman Family at TopGallant

The First Masonic Hall - And First Odd Fellows Building, Southwest Harbor, Maine

The First Masonic Hall and the First Odd Fellows Building

The Gazebo at Fox Dens

The Henry R. Hinckley Company - Army-Navy E Award Presentation to Southwest Boat Corp/Manset Boat Corporation

The Howe D. Higgins Collection of Documents

The Lyceum Building, Cambridge

The Lyceum, Cambridge

The Mill Race at Schooner Head

The New Greenhouse at the Henry Harry Seaton Rand Estate, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Ocean House, Eden

The Oceanarium

The Old Narraguagus House, Cherryfield, Maine (2)

The Remains of the First Masonic Hall - After the 1922 Fire (2)

The Second Masonic Hall and Jackson's Market, Southwest Harbor, after the 1939 Fire

The Snow Owl - Stuffed Owl in Collection of Wendell Holmes Gilley

The Southwest Harbor Congregational Church Parish House / Ladies Aid Society Building as Apartment and Office Building

The Southwest Harbor Public Library Tea Cup & Saucer

The Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst - Avenue Gate - Entrance to Fox Dens

The Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst - Gate

The Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst - Norwood Road Gate

The Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst - Summer House Overlooking Somes Sound

The Village Green and the First National Bank in 2015

The Village Wash Tub and Joey's Place in a Blizzard

The Whitmore Family and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Theodore P. Austin's Cottage - The Austin Castle

Town offices building

Tremont Congregational Church Decorated for Easter

Try House at Try House Point

Try House at Try House Point, Bernard


Union Station

United States Coast Guard Base in Southwest Harbor

United States Life-Saving Service - Cranberry Isles Station (3)

Unknown Building with 1911 Ford Model T

Unknown Businesses

Unknown Hen House

Unknown Structures

U.S. Coast Guard Station - Southwest Harbor

U.S. Life Saving Station, Islesford, Maine

US Naval Radio Station at Seawall

U.S. Naval Radio Station, Seawall, Maine

U.S. Naval Station at Otter Point



V.I.A. Hall

Village Improvement Association Hall (V.I.A. Hall)


Walter Eugene Higgins at the U.S. Naval Radio Station Gate, Seawall

Water Pitcher from the Island House

Waterfall at Schooner Head

W.H. Ballard House and Anchor Light Studio

W.H. Ballard, Maine Photographer - A Life of Ingenuity & Art

White Head Life Saving Station

White Head, Me. Life Saving Station

William E. Murphy's Livery Stable

Willis Humphries Ballard House and Studio

Winifred Carroll at the U.S. Capitol


XYZ Restaurant