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Pickett Mountain

The Larches

11 Apple Lane, Southwest Harbor

14 Clark Point Road

168 Clark Point Road, Southwest Harbor

17 Chris's Lane

172 Clark Point Road

184 Clark Point Road

1887 Scientific American Plans for a Residence in Kansas City, Missouri

1908 Chelsea, Massachusetts Fire

1914 Model Peerless Bicyle

1921 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

1922 Southwest Harbor Fire

1932 Criterion Theatre

1947 Bar Harbor Fire

1955 Southwest Harbor Lemont Building Fire

198 Aspinwall Ave. House

2013-11-01 Acadia National Park's Oceanfront Cottage

297 Main Street

345 Main Street, Southwest Harbor

363 Main Street, Southwest Harbor

37 Shore Road, Manset

400th Anniversary of MDI's First European Settlement

45 Clark Point Road

46 Clark Point Road

4th of July Celebration, Southwest Harbor, July 3, 1895

5 Ocean House Road

50 Clark Point Road


A. Bird Cough Store

A Memorial Walk - Bar Harbor to Sieur de Monts

A Pleasant Perambulation

A Saint in Bar Harbor

A Southwest Harbor Post Office as a Maud E. (Gooch) Phillips House on Phillips Lane

Abbott - John William Abbott (1834-1897)

Abby K. Bentley - Coasting Schooner

Abel - Henry Ransford Abel (1894-1980)

Abel's Lobster Pound


Abner Pomroy House

Abraham Richardson - Schooner

Abraham Somes III House

Abram Winegardner Harris Cottage

Abram Winegardner Harris House

Acadia Mountain - a Memorial Gift to Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, Founded on Inspiration, Perseverance and Generosity

Acadia National Park's Discarded Sweet Waters of Acadia Slab

Acadia National Park's Forsaken Lakes

Acadia National Park's Little-Known Mountain

Acadia National Park's Other Bar Island

Acadia Night Sky Festival

Acetylene Beacon Traffic Control Tower

Adaline W. Fisher and Laura Reeve Cottage - Lilac Cottage

Addison Packing Camps

Addison Packing Company

Adelbert Alden Gilley House

Adelia - Schooner

Adelita II - Steam Yacht

Adequate - Pleasure Boat

Adler - Peter Herman Adler (1899-1990)

Adoniram Judson Robinson House

A.E. Parker Wharf and Boat Shop

Agnes - Steam Passenger Launch

A.I. Holmes Stores

A.J. Huston, Rockland, Me.

A.J. Lawler Canning Factory

Ajax - Lobster Boat

A.L. Gilley Barber Shop

Albacore III - Power Cruiser

Albee - Harry Gilbert Albee (1887-1970)

Albert Bartlett House

Albert Bartlett's Sail Loft

Albert 'Bert' Robinson House

Albert Paris Torrey House

Albert Wilson Bee Cottage

Albert Wilson Bee's Stationery Store and Shop

Albion K.P. Lunt House

Alden - John Gale Alden (1884-1962)

Alden Designs

Aldrich - Abigail Greene (Aldrich) Rockefeller (1874-1948)

Alert - Sloop

Alexandra Cottage - Dr. Abigail Mary (Redman) Fulton Cottage

Alice Carpenter Allyn House

Alice E. (Gilley) Gilley House

Alice J. Dolliver House

Alice J. (Gilley) Morris House

Alice K. - Sport Fisherman

Alice M. Leland - Schooner

Alice S. Wentworth - Schooner

Aljava Celestine (Carver) Norwood (1844-1917)

Allen - Arthur Allen

Allen - Edward Lowe Allen (c. 1830-1914)

Allen - Joseph Allen (1870-1946)

Allen - Lorraine (Allen) Saunders

Allen - Richard E. Allen

Allen - Warren P. Allen (1843-1905)

Allen J. Lawler Canning Factory

Allen Jacob Lawler House

Allyn - Alice Carpenter Allyn (1849-1938)

Alma A. Newman Ward House

Alma E. Hallenborg House

Almira T. (Verrill) Dix and Captain Charles B. Dix Boat House

Almira T. (Verrill) Dix and Captain Charles B. Dix House

Almon Frank Ramsdell’s 2nd Garage

Aloha I - Brig Rigged Yacht

Alonzo Colt Yates Cottages

Alonzo Hodgdon Store

Alton Billings House

Alton Elwell Trundy House

Alvah Dalton Rich Blacksmith Shop

Alvah Dolliver House

Amberjack II - Schooner

Ambrose Alden Stanley House

America - Sardine Carrier

American Art Post Card Co., Boston and Brookline, Mass.

American Legion and Auxiliary, Eugene M. Norwood Post 69

Amity - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Amos B. Newman House

Amos Dolliver House

Amos Herrick Bracy House

Amos Sheldon Brown House

Amos Swan - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Anchorage I

Anderson - George W. Anderson (1859-1916)

Andrew Edward Parker House

Andrew Hopewell Hepburn Cottage

Andrew J. Butler House

Andrew Nebinger - Schooner

Andrew Tarr II House

Andrew Tarr Property

Andrew Tucker / Andrew H. Haynes House

Andrew Walter Bennett House

Andrews - Caroline (Andrews) Allen

Andrews - Joseph Andrews (1806-1873)

Andy's Little Store

Andy's Restaurant

Anemone Cave

Anna L. Sanborn - Coasting Schooner

Anne Brimley Gould Cottage

Annie T. - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Story Telling at the Southwest Harbor Public Library

Annual Lantern Walk and Story Telling at the Causeway

Ansel Lyman Harper House

Anson Irving Holmes House

Anthony & Josephine - Side Trawler

Appalachian Mountain Club Camp - Southwest Harbor

Aquarelle II - Pleasure Cruiser

Araho - Schooner

Archibald - Isaac Edson Archibald (1860-1949)

Arent Schuyler Crowninshield Cottage

Arethusa III - Pleasure Cruiseraka Waterbed

Arlt - Carl Theodore Arlt (1883-1958)

Army-Navy E Award Presentation to Southwest Boat Corporation / Manset Boat Corporation

Arnold - Benjamin Walworth Arnold Jr. (1865-1932)

Arnold Arboretum

Artemas Jean Haines Richardson House

Arthur B. Homer - Great Lakes Steam Freighter

Arthur Calvert Smith Cottage

Arthur L. Somes House

Arthur L. Somes Store

Arthur Millis and Leone Marie (Wemmert) Kellam Home

Arthur Osborne Willauer Cottage (2)

Arthur Pierce Butler House

Arthur R. & Dorothy J. Lurvey House

Arthur S. Woodward - Lobster Smack

Arthur T. Richardson House

Artists of Mount Desert Island

Ash - Ida Melinia (Ash) Richardson (1862-1923)

Ashmont Hotel

Asticou - Passenger Boat

Asticou Hill

Asticou Hotel

A.T. Haynes - Small Freighter

Atherton - Dorcas Foster (Atherton) Rich (1819-1898)

Atherton - George Delorin Atherton (1848-1935)

Atlanta - Auxiliary Sail Steamer

Atterbury - Grosvenor Atterbury (1869-1956)

Attrypa - Lobster Boat

Audubon Boy

Augustus Bowman Farnham Cottage

Augustus Clark House

Augustus Clark’s Store, Barn & Bowling Alley

Aunt Jennie Harding House

Austin - Calvin Austin (1855-1936)

Austin - Ethel V. (Austin) Rich (1900-1990)

Austin's Castle

A.W. Bee, Stationers

Ayer - Frederick Wellington Ayer (1855-1936)

Aylward - William James Aylward (1875-1956)


Babbidge - Frank Austin Babbidge (1880-1957)

Babbidge - Martin Van Buren Babbidge (1836-1916)

Babson - Julia Ann Haynes (Babson) Clark (1816-1895)

Baby Rose - Dragger

Back Beach

Bacon - George Edwin Bacon (1868-)

Bacon - Howard Nelson Bacon (1881-1948)

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Badenhausen - Captain Edmund Badenhausen (1840-1902)

Bailey - Thalia Rebecca Bailey Nutting (1893-1978)

Bairds Quarry, Swans Island

Baker - Loran Ellis Baker (1831-1899)

Baker - Marion L. (Baker) Mills (1893-1982)

Baker - William Avery Baker (1911-1981)

Baker Island

Baker Island Dance Floor

Baker Island Light

Balance Rock

Bald Mountain

Balla Cragga

Ballard - Diane Eleanor (Ballard) Michael (1932-2008)

Ballard - Willis Humphreys Ballard (1906-1980)

Baltz - Harry Rudolph Baltz (1860-aft 1937)

Bangor Mental Health Institute

Banks - Goodman Banks (1903-1973)

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor - Yarmouth Ferry Terminal

Bar Harbor Airport

Bar Harbor Casino

Bar Harbor Days

Bar Harbor Express

Bar Harbor Record

Bar Harbor Shore Path

Barbara Carol - Lobster Boat

Barbour - Samuel H. Barbour (1839-1896)



Barque Beach Inn

Barrett - Marion Whitney (Barrett) Stubing (1924-2011)

Barrett - Myra Ellen (Barrett) Lord Dresser (1846-?)

Bartlett - Albert Bartlett (1819-1895)

Bartlett - Emily Mayo (Bartlett) Dix (1838-1898)

Bartlett - Henry David Bartlett (1893-1962)

Barton Haxall Grundy Cottage, "Journey's End"

Bass Harbor Boat Shop

Bass Harbor Boulder on Marsh Creek

Bass Harbor Head Light

Bass Harbor Marsh

Bass Harbor Memorial Library

Bass Harbor Post Office

Batchelder - Alvah Murch Allie Batchelder (1879-1961)

Batchelder - George H. Batchelder (1898-1989)

Bates - Waldron Bates (1856-1909)

Bath Iron Works

Bay State - Sidewheel Steamer

Bay View

Bay View House

Beal - Barnabas Coffin Beal II (1804-1862)

Beal - Barnabas Coffin Beal III (1835-1899)

Beal - Beulah W. (Beal) Stevens (1904-1985)

Beal - Charles Henry Beal (1872-1951)

Beal - Douglas Emerson Beal Jr. (1952-2015)

Beal - Elmer Lawrence Beal (1920-2010)

Beal - Harold R. Beal (1925-)

Beal - Harvard Riley Beal (1897-1967)

Beal - Maurice Roosevelt Beal (1894-1965)

Beal - Nancy Jane (Beal) Mitchell

Beal - Samuel Wayne Beal (1945-2011)

Beal - Velora (Beal) Ellis (1915-2003)

Beal - Vinal Osmond Beal (1867-1944)

Beal Boat Yard

Beal's Bowling Alley at Southwest Harbor

Beal's Bowling Spa - 1951

Beal's Fish Wharf

Bean - Merit Walton Bean (1922-1987)

Bear Island

Bear Island Light

Beatrice M. Seavey Black House

Beatty - Robert Beatty Jr. (1850-1907)

Beaver Brook Reservation

Bee - Albert Wilson Bee I (1821-1863)

Bee - Albert Wilson Bee II (1854-1924)

Bee - Albert Wilson Bee III (1882-1949)

Bee - Charles Everett Bee (1884-1938)

Beech Hill

Beech Mountain and Beech Cliff

Belfast - Passenger Steamer

Bell - Mysie Black Bell (1883-1958)

Bemis - Jonathan Wheeler Bemis (1810-11-1895) aka Dr. Bemis

Bemis - Lucy Ellis Bemis (1869-1958)

Benj. F. Jones - Miniature Tugboat

Benjamin Barrett Hinckley House (2)

Benjamin Benson House

Benjamin Conley Worcester House

Benjamin Conley Worcester Store

Benjamin Dolliver House

Benjamin F. Dolliver House

Benjamin Franklin Joy Photography Studio

Benjamin M. Robinson Ice Pond

Benjamin M. Robinson Wharf

Benjamin Moore House

Benjamin Robinson Smokehouse

Benjamin Thomas Dolliver House

Benjamin Ward House (2)

Bennett - Charles H. Bennett (1922-1984)

Bennett - Edward Harold Bennett (1890-1965) aka Harry

Bennett - Ralph Clarence Bennett (1913-2000)

Bennett Paint Shop

Benson - Benjamin Benson (1772-1859)

Benson - David Brazer Benson

Benson - Estella (Benson) Stanley (1855-1940)

Benson - Frances Elizabeth (Benson) Bachman (1921-2014)

Benson - Jordan Bennett Benson (1887-1945)

Benson - Katharine Gertrude (Benson) Bjorndal (1929-1982)

Benson - Margery Ann (Benson) Emmott (1933-1989)

Benson - Peter Theodore Benson III

Benson - Peter Theodore Benson Jr. (1891-1963)

Benson - Peter Theodore Benson Sr. (1862-1910)

Benson - Prudence M. (Benson) Beal (1920-2012)

Benson - Ralph Gardener Benson (1893-1975)

Benson - Viola Helen (Benson) Watson (1859-1940)

Benson - William Benson

Benson - William H. Benson (1828-1877)

Benson - William Valentine Benson (1917-1997)

Benson Wharf

Benson's Laundromat

Bentley - Andrew Jackson Bentley (1827-1895)

Benzing - Joachim Clarence Benzing Jr. (1880-1970)

Bernard Mountain

Bernard Post Office

Bernard School

Bertha Herrfeldt House

Berzinis - Jeffrey Peter Berzinis (1944-)

Bessie L. - Sardine Carrier

Bette S. - Lobster Boat

Betty Lou - Lobster Boat

Bicknell - John Carleton Bicknell (1871-1956)

Billie XXX - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Billings - Alton M. Billings (1876-1922)

Billings - Edna S. (Billings) Sprague (1904-2001)

Billings - Kenneth E. Billings (1915-2002)

Billings - William Wescott Billings (1916-2000)

Bion B. Reynolds House

Birlem - Charles Wallace Birlem (1914-1976)

Birlem - Doris Spurling (Birlem) Rush Stubbs (1917-1990)

Birlem - E. Augustus Birlem (1841-1918)

Birlem - Fred Alberton Birlem (1876-1950) aka Bert

Birlem - Lynne Marie Birlem

Birlem Garage Apartment

Bishop Alexander Mackay-Smith Cottage

Black - Frederick M. Black (1926-1999)

Black - William Hiram Black (1883-1957)

Black Island

Black Pearl - Brigantine

Blanchard - Peter Parrott Blanchard III (1951-)

BLB - Traditional Dory

Blood - Ralph Farnham Blood (1905-1972)

Blood - Ruth Farnham (Blood) Ballard (1909-1990)

Blue Hill Bay Light

Blueberry - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Blueberry Ledge

Bluenose I - Passenger and Motor Vehicle Ferry

Bobill II - Sloop

Bonaventure - Dragger

Boston Floating Hospital - Steamer

Bouchard - Normand Joseph Bouchard (1912-1973) aka Norm

Boynton - Harriet Eliza Boynton (1862-1938)

B.R. Simmons Lobster Business

Bracy - Amos Herrick Bracy (1848-1928)

Bracy - Lester Charles Bracy (1936-1990)

Bracy - Thelma Gwendolyn (Bracy) Hinckley (1913-2005) aka Gwen

Bracy - Wesley Peterson Bracy Jr. (1938-) aka Junior

Bracy - Wesley Peterson Bracy Sr. (1906-2000)

Bradley - Bryant Bradley (1838-1890)

Bradley - Henry Lee Bradley (1875-1940)

Bragdon - Addie (Bragdon) Gilley (1905-1983)

Brainard Randall Simmons House

Brand - Edith Browning (Brand) Hannah (1875-1947)

Bras D'Or Lake

Brewer - Freelove (Brewer) Sawyer (1896-1971)

Brewster - Ralph Owen Brewster (1888-1961)

Briggs - John Hamilton Briggs (1906-1969)

Bristol - Eugene Stuart Bristol (1843-1910)

Bromley & Company, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

Brooklin, Maine

Brooks - Betty Lou (Brooks) Sprague (1931-2009)

Brooks, Maine

Brown - Antoinette (Brown) Harmon (1840-1921)

Brown - Charles Moulson Brown (1794-1871)

Brown - Eleanor Mary (Brown) White (1917-2002)

Brown - Mary Caroline (Brown ) Robinson (1904-1997)

Brown - Sylvester B. Brown (1868-1944)

Brown - William Sheldon Brown

Brown Mountain Gate Lodge

Browne - Eleanor Webster (Browne) Gallishaw (1891-1983)

Browne - George Henry Browne (1857-1931)

Brunnow - Rudolph Ernest Brunnow (1858-1917)

Bryan - James McCall Ward Bryan (1848-1922)

Bryant Bradley Studio, Bar Harbor

Bryant Bradley Studio, Southwest Harbor

Bryon Heman Mayo House

Bucephalus - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Buck - Lucy Knowlton (Buck) Ellsberg (1893-1978)

Buckboard Riding

Buckman - Emma Johns Buckman (1881-1968)

Buckman - James Buckman (1846-1924)

Buckman - Mary Knight Buckman (1876-1961)

Budahn - Frances Louise (Budahn) Hitchcock (1905-2000)

Building of Arts, Eden

Bulger - Ella Florence (Bulger) Joy Spurling (1867-1938)

Bulger - Emma Frances (Bulger) Spurling (1860-1934)

Bulger - Hilda A. (Bulger) Spurling (1902-1987)

Bulger - Marjorie Emma (Bulger) Phippen (1905-2002)

Bulger - Michael Bulger (1799-1859)

Bulger - Oscar Spurling Bulger (1872-1943)

Bulger - Samuel Newman Bulger (1835-1919) aka Capt. Samuel Newman Bulger

Bullen - Alcyone Rogers Bullen

Bullen - Susan Lane Bullen

Bunker - Allison Sylvester Bunker

Bunker - Emma Beatrice (Bunker) Stanley (1895-1937)

Bunker - Francis Winfield Bunker (1880-1943)

Bunker - Hannah B. (Bunker) Woodworth Gilley (1835-1921)

Bunker - Henry Alton Bunker (1872-1941)

Bunker - Lyndon Henry Tud Bunker (1909-2000)

Bunker - Nellie Augusta (Bunker) Spurling (1875-1958)

Bunker - Percy Edgar Bunker (1887-1980)

Bunker - Raymond Adelbert Bunker (1906-1994)

Bunker & Savage Architects

Bunker - Susan Margaret (Bunker) Newman (1941- )

Bunker - Wilfred Allison Bunker (1920-2012)

Bunker - William Gleason Bunker (1872-1957)

Bunker and Ellis Boat Company

Burke - Charles R. Burke (1850-)

Burke - Edmund Stevenson Burke Jr. (1879-1962)

Burnham - Ella Maria (Burnham) Cousins (1854-?)

Burnt Coat Harbor Light

Burt - Charles Kennedy Burt (1823-1892)

Butler - Alfred H. Butler (1865-?)

Butler - Andrew Jackson Butler (1838-1922)

Butler - Annie May (Butler) Harper (1878-1966)

Butler - Arthur Pierce Butler Jr. (1908-2000)

Butler - Arthur Pierce Butler Sr. (1866-1953)

Butler - Chester Arthur Butler (1881-1967)

Butler - Edwin Farnham Butler (1909-2006)

Butler - Flora Belle (Butler) Murphy Lawton (1867-1946)

Butler - Fred Eugene Butler (1896-1956)

Butler - George W. Butler (1846-1919)

Butler - George W. Butler (1874-1942)

Butler - Herbert G. Butler (1883-1942)

Butler - Jacob Butler (1803-1860)

Butler - Jacob L. Butler (1869-?)

Butler - Luella C. (Butler) Farrell Kelley (1898-1979)

Butler - Mildred G. (Butler) Freeman Seavey (1887-1969)

Butler - Minnie C. (Butler) Bennett Stanley (1871-1963)

Butler - William Lawton Butler (1877-1943) aka Bill

Byron Lewis Robinson House

Byron's Model Ships

By-Water Cottage


Cadillac - Antoine Laumet dit La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac (1658-1730)

Cadillac, Kinney and Fish Sticks

Caldwell - Rebecca Appleton Caldwell (1859-1952)

Camden - Passenger Steamer

Camp Aim-Al

Campbell - Alice M. (Campbell) Butler (1889-1925)

Canada Cliffs

Cape Cod - Dragger

Capen - Milton Sanders Capen (1873-1941)

Capitol Corner Filling Station

Capt. and Mrs. O.L. Mills House

Capt. Henry Everett Stanley Cottage

Capt. Joseph Bassett Norwood House

Capt. M. Nicholas Tucker Jr. House

Capt. Nathan Clark House

Capt. Nichols House

Capt. Robert B. Dix House

Capt. Robert B. Dix Store

Capt. W. Stanley House

Captain Jacob Schoppy Mayo House

Captain James Long House

Captain Joseph Whitmore House

Captain Levi Robinson House

Captain Nathan Adam Reed House

Carl Colson Lawson Jr. House

Carl Edward Kelley House

Carl Fulton Dolliver House

Carlton Bridge, Bath, Maine

Carmarette - Motor Yacht

Carnes Coffin Moulson-Brown

Carol Anne - Cruiser

Caroline C - Schooner

Caroline Gray - Coasting Schooner

Caroline Prescott Zelie Cottage

Caroline VanCott Burch Cottage

Carpenter - Byron Sabine Carpenter (1867-1956)

Carrie F. Dix - Brig

Carrie M. Moore Cottage

Carrie M. Richardson - Coasting Schooner

Carrie V. Davis Torrey House

Carroll - Alice (Carroll) Young (1879-1964)

Carroll - Anna Beatrice (Carroll) Kelley (1887-1974)

Carroll - Charles Bradley Carroll (1902-1983)

Carroll - Elizabeth Cook (Carroll) Lawler (1823-1905) aka Lizzie

Carroll - Fannie Edith Carroll (1874-1890) aka Fan

Carroll - Gertrude Whitmore Carroll (1873-1917)

Carroll - Grace Clark (Carroll) Clark (1882-1949)

Carroll - Hannah (Carroll) Lurvey (1825-1888)

Carroll - Helena Thornton (Carroll) Beal (1921-1993) aka Nellie

Carroll - Isabel Rose Carroll (1918-1993)

Carroll - Jacob William Carroll (1830-1899) and his Family

Carroll - James Francis Carroll (1930-1968) aka Frank

Carroll - John Carroll (1790-1867)

Carroll - John Carroll (1875-1964)

Carroll - John Carroll II (1875-1964)

Carroll - Katherine (Carroll) Bacon (1877-1949) aka Kate

Carroll - Marilyn (Carroll) La Haye (1930-1995)

Carroll - Mary Ann Carroll (1835-1926)

Carroll - Nellie Rebecca (Carroll) Thornton (1871-1958)

Carroll - Philip Tracy Carroll (1904-1966)

Carroll - Rachel (Carroll) Phalen (1913-1999)

Carroll - Richard Thornton Carroll (1908-1993)

Carroll - Sarah Tenney (Carroll) Kittredge (1880-1960)

Carroll - Wesley Boynton Carroll (1899-1962)

Carroll - William Lloyd Carroll (1884-1971)

Carroll - Winfred Russell (Carroll) Pottle (1898-1988)

Carroll Building

Carroll Drug Store

Carroll Hill Cemetery

Carroll S. Tyson, Jr. "Camp" Cottage

Carry All II - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Carter - Almon B. Carter (1902-1964)

Carter - Robert Malcom Carter (1905-1975) aka Bob

Caruso - Soly Edward Caruso (1896-1994)

Cary - Constance (Cary) Harrison (1843-1920)

Casco Bay Steamship Company

Casey - John Andrew Casey (1880-1945)

Cathedral Rock

Catherine - Schooner

Catherine M. Butler - Sardine Carrier

Cathrine K. Johnson Cottage

C.B. Clark - Schooner

C.E. Clement’s Boat Shop

C.E. Cook, Bangor, Maine

Cecilia Catherine Kennedy Johnson Cottage


Centennial Hall (2)

Center School

Central Filling Station - Tydol Service Station on Clark Point Road

Central House

C.H. Rich & Co.


Chalmers - Daniel O. Chalmers (1946-) aka Dan

Chamberlain - Samuel Vance Chamberlain (1895-1975)

Champlain - Samuel de Champlain (1574-1635)

Champlain Monument

Champlain Society's Camp Pemetic

Champlain's Patache

Champlain's Shallop

Chance - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Chandler - Thirza Helena (Chandler) Wass (1917-2009)

Chapin - Chester William Chapin, Jr. (1842-1922)

Charder - Mary (Charder) Stanley (1706-1748)

Charles A. Townsend House

Charles B. Hazeltine House

Charles Barrett Morrill House

Charles Drummond Rea Cottage

Charles E. Cook House

Charles E. Haynes House

Charles E. Stanley House

Charles Eaton Spurling House

Charles Eaton Spurling Store

Charles F. Carter House

Charles Fletcher Dole Cottage - The Ledge

Charles Goddard Weld Cottage

Charles Goddard Weld House, Boston

Charles L. Stanley House

Charles Morris Young Studio

Charles Moulton Brown

Charles P. Torrey House

Charles Rudd Burke Cottage

Charles Wallace Birlem House

Charles Walter Marion House

Charles William Eliot House in Northeast Harbor

Chester Calvin Robbins House

Chester Eben Clement House

Chester Harvard Clement House

Chester T. Marshall - Lobster Smack

Chester Warren Stanley House

Chesuncook Lake, Maine

Chicago - Auxiliary Sail Steamer

Chicken of the Sea - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat

Children's Book Week

Childs - Agnes Chamberlin (Childs) Hinckley (1877-1941)

Chisholm Brothers, Portland, Maine

Chisholms Mount Desert Guide Book

Chris's Pond

Christ Church, Cambridge Massachusetts

Christian Carson Febiger Cottage

Christopher - Sardine Carrier

Christopher Gerath House

Christopher Wendell Lawler House

Chromo - Schooner

Church of the Messiah

Cimbria - Passenger Steamer

Cinchona - Yawl

Circumstance - Sloop

City of Bangor, Maine

City of Belfast, Maine

City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

City of Ellsworth, Maine

City of Richmond - Sidewheel Walking Beam Steamer

City of Rockland - Sidewheel Steamer

Civilian Conservation Corps - Company 154

Civilian Conservation Corps Commander's Cottage

Clapp - Frederick Gardner Clapp (1879-1944)

Clapp - Sophronia Louisa (Clapp) Bee (1830-1925)

Clara A. Richardson House

Clara Louise Rust Brigham Cottage

Claremont Croquet Company

Clarence and Mary Zantzinger House

Clarence Elmer Wallace House

Clarence Freeman Joy House

Clarence Mortimer Gott / Eva Colson Dorr Reed House

Clark - Ada Eldora (Clark) Parker (1850-1917)

Clark - Amelia Mary (Clark) Holmes (1831-1905)

Clark - Annie Downs Clark (1888-1976)

Clark - Augustus Clark (1846-1938)

Clark - Bessie Stanley Clark (1891-1974)

Clark - Clarence Clark (1852-1940)

Clark - Eben Babson Clark (1851-1922)

Clark - Edwin A. Clark (1871-1939)

Clark - Eleanor Lucille (Clark) Gessner (1907-1998) aka El

Clark - Ella Marie (Clark) Kittredge (1845-1896)

Clark - George Freeman Clark (1889-)

Clark - Grace Darling (Clark) Pease (1848-1917)

Clark - Henrietta (Clark) Robinson (1840-1908)

Clark - Henry Clark (1841-1919)

Clark - Henry Higgins Clark (1811-1897) aka Deacon Clark

Clark - John Clark (1804-1831)

Clark - Lida Ellen (Clark) Cousins (1864-1951)

Clark - Marion F. Clark (1896-1973)

Clark - Nathan Clark II (1780-1848)

Clark - Nathan Clark III (1843-1907)

Clark - Rebecca Carroll (Clark) Foote (1912-1993)

Clark - Roderick Pepper Clark (1880-1965)

Clark - Sara A. (Clark) Reed (1835-1917)

Clark - Schuyler Randall Clark (1872-1953)

Clark - Seth Eaton Clark (1814-1874)

Clark - Seth Higgins Clark (1816-1896)

Clark - Thomas Clark (1840-1916)

Clark and Parker 2nd Store

Clark and Parker Original Store

Clark and Parker Small Wharf

Clark Family Burying Ground

Clark Hopkins House

Clark Point in Southwest Harbor

Clark Point Road

Clarke - Samuel Fessenden Clarke (1851-1928)

Clark's Cove, Southwest Harbor

Clay Pits in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Clay Pits Pumping Station

Cleaves - Charles Poole Cleaves (1869-1932)

Clement - Cecile Edna (Clement) Rich (1916-2010)

Clement - Chester Eben Clement (1881-1937)

Clement - Chester Harvard Clement (1911-1984)

Clement - Diane Ruth (Clement) White Martin

Clifton Dock

Clifton House Hotel

Clifton Melbourne Rich House

Closson - Lillian (Closson) Cox (1904-?)

Clytie - Schooner Yacht

C.M. Rich Boat Shop

Coal Storage Plant in McKinley

Coasting Schooner Model Made by Roger Clifton Rich

Cobbossee Lake Lighthouse

Coburn - Nellie May Coburn McIntire (1870-1952)

Coffey - Anne (Coffey) Lawlor (1894-1964)

Coffin's Beach

Coggins - Arvilla W. (Coggins) Clark (1938-1920)

Coggins - Emma J. (Coggins) Norwood (1872-1951)

Cogswell - Margaret Elizabeth Cogswell (1869-1949)

Coleman - Eugene Leslie Coleman (1888-1966)

Collista F. (Mullen) Gott's House

Colquhoun - James Robert Colquhoun (1945-)

Colton Boater’s Shed

Colton Estate Boat House

Colton Estate Guest House

Colvin - Mabel duPont Colvin (1877-1957)

Comeau - Margaret C. (Comeau) Trask (1847-1924) aka Maggie

Comerest Lobster Pound

Community Hall

Community Sailing Center

Conant - Charlotte Howard Conant (1862-1931)

Conant - Martha Pike Conant (1869-1931)

Condon - Harriet (Condon) Hinton (1904-1984)

Congregational Church Parsonage

Connecticut - Dragger

Continental - Sardine Carrier

Cook - Charles Edward Cook Sr. (1840-1927)

Cook - Mary Amory (Cook) Zantzinger (1910-2008) aka Polly

Cook - Nancy Clyde Cook (1884-1962)

Cooksey - George Borwick Cooksey (1851-1922)

Cooksey Drive

Cooper - Joseph Walter Cooper II (1869-1933)

Cooper - Joseph Walter Cooper III (1899-1972))

Cooper - Mary (Cooper) Kaighn (1845-1905)

Cooper - Rebecca Fulmer (Cooper) Morton (1872-1915)

Cooper - Samuel Champion Cooper (1840-1904)

Cooper - Samuel Inman Cooper (1894-1974)

Cope - Eleanor Tyson (Cope) Foote (1879-1973)

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cough - Adoniram Bird Cough (1872-1949)

Cough - Bernard K. Cough (1927-2007) aka Sonny

Cough - Daniel Cough (1840-1906)

Coulter - Charles H. Coulter (1870-1916)

Coulter - Ethel May (Coulter) Wheeler (1893-1928)

Cousins - Edgar Fuller Cousins (1888-1983)

Cousins - Edgar Millard Cousins (1850-1928)

Cousins - Herbert Burnham Cousins (1894-1921)

Cousins - Ida Caroline (Cousins) Clark (1854-1930)

Cousins - Irene Cousins (1887-1973)

Cousins - Mary Longfellow Cousins (1892-1974)

Cousins - Nehemiah Higgins Cousins (1816-1858)

Cove's End - The John C. Harmon House - The Grace M. Simmons House

Crabtree Ledge Light

Crafts - Amanda E. (Crafts) Bowen

Cram - Robert Jackson Cram (1881-1961)

Cram - William Sampson Brooks Cram (1872-1933)

Cranberry Isles Life Saving Station

Crane - Clinton H. Crane (1873-1958)

Crayon Portraits

CR&M - Sardine Dragger

Crocker - Alvah Crocker III (1910-1973)

Crocker Park

Crockett - James T Crockett (1864-1941)

Crockett Cove, Bernard

Cromwell Harbor Road

Crozier - Annie Matilda (Crozier) Rand (1856-1921)


Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois

Customs House, Eastport

Cutler - Charles Herrick Cutler (1859-1946)

Cutter - Mary Todd (Cutter) Parker (1807-1859)

Cuz' Cafe

Cygnet II - Ketch

Cyndy - Auxiliary Sloop


D. L. Mayo's Cash Store

Danforth Marcyes House

Daniel Cough House and Store

Daniel Leland Jr. House

Darley - Felix Octavius Carr Darley (1822-1888)

Dave's Dairy Delight

David King House

David M. Robbins House

Davie - Charles Nelson Davie (1860-1943)

Davis - Elizabeth Emma (Davis) Moore Young (1875-1920) aka Lizzie

Davis - Ernest Richard Davis (1933-)

Davis - Grandville W. Davis (1897-1979) aka Sim

Davis - Mary Lou (Davis) Mayo

Davis - Sarah Ann (Davis) Butler (1816-?)

Day - Henry Edmond Day (1819-)

Day - Holman Francis Day (1865-1935)

Day - Thomas Wesley Day (1843-1918)

Deacon Henry Higgins Clark Brickyard

Deacon Henry Higgins Clark Shipyard

Deacon's Cove, Southwest Harbor

Deep Cove

Delano - William Adams Delano (1874-1960)

Dennis Driscoll House

Dennison - Bertha Luella (Dennison) Howell (1896-1993)

DePass - Alice Witherspoon (DePass) Hinckley (1914-2002)

Derby Stanley House (2)

Dexter - Helen Ruthven (Dexter) Faber (1869-?)

Dickey - Virginia Louise (Dickey) Strickland (1868-1962)

Dickey - William Patch Dickey (1838-1917)

Dictator - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Dirigo Hotel

Dix - Carrie Frances (Dix) Phillips (1863-1892)

Dix - Celestia Gertrude (Dix) Robinson (1875-1961) aka Lessie

Dix - Charles B. Dix (1836-1906)

Dix - Etherlinda Bartlett (Dix) Ralph (1867-)

Dix - Frederick William Dix (1861-1886)

Dix - John Dix (1829-1910)

Dix - Robert B. Dix (1837-1901)

Dix - Vienna Sophia (Dix) Lawler (1871-1955)

Dix Family Stable

Dobbins - Harry Brown Dobbins (1887-1966)

Dobbs - Jefferson Grant Dobbs

Dockside Motel

Dodge - Abigail (Dodge) Lurvey (1795-1887)

Dodge - Caira Caroline (Dodge) Leffingwell (1832-1912)

Dodge - Ezra Herrick Dodge III (1848-1882)

Dodge - Thomas Ellison Oliver Dodge (1841-1934)

Dog Mountain

Dole - Charles Fletcher Dole (1845-1927)

Dole - Winifred S. (Dole) Mann (1882-1978)

Dolliver - Adeline (Dolliver) Gilley (1821-1876)

Dolliver - Alice W. (Dolliver) Robinson (1914-2002)

Dolliver - Audrey Emeline Dolliver (1897-1985)

Dolliver - Benjamin Thomas Dolliver (1860-1941)

Dolliver - Blanche Dolliver (1892-1909)

Dolliver - Carl Fulton Dolliver (1903-1979)

Dolliver - Clifford Harding Dolliver (1876-1957)

Dolliver - Dudley B. Dolliver (1829-1885) aka Captain Dolliver

Dolliver - Dudley Bunker Dolliver II (1875-1966)

Dolliver - Edward T. Dolliver (1831-1911)

Dolliver - Eldora Flye (Dolliver) Ward (1868-1938)

Dolliver - Ethel Johnson (Dolliver) Robbins Closson Albee (1886-1974)

Dolliver - Fannie (Dolliver) Mayo (1854-1924)

Dolliver - Ferdinand Moore Dolliver (1905-1984)

Dolliver - George Benjamin Dolliver (1889-1963)

Dolliver - Harold W. Dolliver (1917-1998)

Dolliver - Henry Calvin Dolliver (1884-1945)

Dolliver - John Stanley Dolliver (1800-1864)

Dolliver - Louise Estelle (Dolliver) Maynard (1931- )

Dolliver - Marilyn Eva Dolliver (1938-2004)

Dolliver - Milton Haynes Dolliver (1901-1996)

Dolliver - Morris Augustus Dolliver (1902-1997)

Dolliver - Peter Dolliver IV (1798-1871)

Dolliver - Peter Dolliver Jr. (1755-1828)

Dolliver - Robert Henry Dolliver (1911-1973)

Dolliver - Rudolph Eugene Dolliver (1899-1975)

Dolliver - Ruth Dolliver (1906-1910)

Dolliver - Sarah Newman (Dolliver) Mayo (1827-1898)

Dolliver - Stillman Stanley Dolliver (1862-1942)

Dolliver - Wilder Hilton Dolliver (1898-1994)

Dolliver - William H. Dolliver (1838-1923)

Dolliver - Willis H. Dolliver (1850-1941)

Dolphin - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Donald Colton Esty Cottage

Donnell - Orrin A. Donnell (1859-1947)

Dora E. Torrey House

Doris Fielding Reid Cottage

Dorothea and Jeremiah Mead Cottage

Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center

Dorothy & Edith - Fishing Vessel

Dorothy Elder Marcus Cottage

Dorothy R. Stanley & Merritt P. Fitch House

Dorr - George Bucknam Dorr (1855-1944)

Dorris E. (Mrs. Howard E.) Robinson House

Dorr's Oldfarm Estate - Volunteer Cleanup

Dougherty - Marion Elizabeth Dougherty (1887-1975)

Dovekie - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Dow - Addie Celestia (Dow) Farrell (1873-1948)

Dow - Bessie Clara (Dow) Billings Wheelden (1883-1931)

Dow - George Bradford Dow (1894-1967)

Dow - Zelinda Josephine (Dow) Cook (1856-1954)

Downs - Samuel Morse Downs (1836-1909)

Doyle - Lucinda (Doyle) Beal

Dr. Elias Craig Neal House

Dr. John Johnston Cottage

Dr. Jonathan Wheeler Bemis House

Dr. Willis Watson's Automobile

Dr. Willis Watson's Store

Dresser - Franklin Perry Dresser (1862-1928)

Dried Cod, and Fish Flakes

Driftwood - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat

Driscoll - Clara Adelaide (Driscoll) Phillips (1872-1964)

Driscoll - Dennis Driscoll (1843-1928)

Driscoll - Sara L. (Driscoll) Capen (1880-1955)

Duck Brook

Duck Brook Carriage Road Bridge

Duck Brook Motor Bridge

Dudley B. Dolliver I House

Dudley Luther Mayo House

Dudman - Richard Beebe Dudman (1918-2017)

Dunbar - Charles Russell Dunbar (1925-1991)

Dunbar - Henry E. Dunbar (1914-1982)

Dunbar - John Edwin Dunbar (1911-1991)

Dunbar - Lewis Girrard Dunbar (1885-1951)

Dunbar - Linwood N. Dunbar (1904-1942)

Dunbar - Nancy (Dunbar) Bulger (1935-2004)

Dunbar - Robert M. Dunbar (1922-2005)

Dunn - Gano Sillick Dunn (1870-1953)

Dupee - Isaac H. Dupee (1826-1875)

Durgain Wharf, Manset

Dwight Morrow Cottage

Dwinell - Frank Thomas Dwinell (1834-1910)

Dyer - Robert A. Dyer (1942-1992)


E. Augustus Birlem House

E. T. Hamor - Schooner

E. Webster French

E.A. Lawler Paint Company

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake Camp

Eagle Lake Camp - Civilian Conservation Corp

Eagle's Perch

Earll Williams Gott House

Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company

Eastern Maine Conference Seminary

Eastern Maine Insane Hospital

Eastern Point Light Station, Gloucester

Eastern State Normal School

Eastern Steamship Company and Wharf at Belfast

Eastern Steamship Company, Boston

Eastern Yacht Club Pier

Eaton - Ebenezer Eaton (1756-1841)

Ebed Wilder House

Eben and Daniel Fernald Double House

Eben B. Clark House

Eben M. Hamor House and Store

Echo Lake

Echo Lake Girl Scout Camp

Echo Vista Restaurant

Eckford - Josephine Eugenia (Eckford) Rhoads (1901-1995)

Eden Hall

Edgar Bunker's Tractor, Great Cranberry Island

Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. Cottage

Edgar Millard Cousins Cottage

Edgar Newman House

Edith Bowdoin and Her Horse Troughs

Edith Hamilton Lanman House

Edith S. Cushing House

Edith Stanley Cottage

Edmund Blanchard Reed II House

Edmund Stevenson Burke Jr. House

Edna M. Jellison House

Edward and Lucy Buck Ellsberg House

Edward C. & Harriet C. Hawes Cottage

Edward Johnson House

Edward L. Beal Mill Building

Edward Lothrop Rand Memorial

Edward M. - Sardine Carrier

Edward McKay House and Property

Edward Northwood Kenway House

Edward Reid McLean House

Edward S. Macomber Cottage

Edward Sprague Rand III Estate

Edward Wyatt Evans Cottage (2)

Edwin A. Clark House

Edwin Albert and Vienna Dix Lawler House

Edwin Albert Lawler Rental House

Edwin Lemuel Higgins House

Edwin Leon Higgins House

Edwin Lucius Watson Cottage

Edwin Lucius Watson House

Egg Rock Light

Eggemoggin Light

El Placita - Schooner Steam Yacht

Eldering Cottage

Eldora Flye Ward House

Eleanor J. Schieffelin House

Eleazer B. Homer House in Providence, Rhode Island

Eleazer Bartlett Homer Cottage

Eleazer Bartlett Homer House in Belmont, Massachusetts

Electron II - Yawl

Elias H. Ginn House

Eliot - Charles William Eliot (1834-1926)

Eliot - Charles William Eliot Jr. (1859-1897)

Eliot - Samuel Atkins Eliot I (1798-1862)

Eliot - Samuel Atkins Eliot II (1862-1950)

Eliot Mountain

Elisha Crane House

Elisha Gilley House - Gilley - Elisha Bunker Gilley (1807-1901)

Eliza H. Robinson House

Eliza S. Robbins House

Elizabeth Rae Cogswell & Jean H. Smalley Cottage

Elizabeth S. Talcott Site

Ellen Marie - Lobster Boat

Ellis - Ralph Fulton Ellis Jr. (1910-1994)

Ellsberg - Edward W. Ellsberg (1891-1983)

Ellsworth City Hall

Ellsworth Public Library

Elmer A. Stanley House

Elmer Billings House

Elmer Ellsworth Smallidge House

Elmwood Café

Elsie - Lobster Style Fishing Boat

Elva L. Beal - Purse Seiner - Dragger

Emerson - William Ralph Emerson (1833-1917)

Emery - Ernest E. Emery (1849-1933)

Emery - Osmond Emery (1856-1932)

Emily Herrick Higgins and William Higgins House

Emily S. Rogers Cottage

Emily Staples House

Emita - Passenger Steamer

Emma - Mackerel Schooner

Emma Joyce Gott's Camp

Emma R. Harvey - Coasting Schooner

Endeavor - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Enoch Arno Stanley House

Enoch Boynton Stanley Property

Enoch Boynton Stanley Sr. House, Boat House, and Wharf

Epps L. Hadlock House

Equinox - Shoal Draft Schooner

Ernest Emery Photography Studio

Ernest T. Richardson's Maplewood Lunch and Tourist Camps

Estella Benson Stanley

Estella Benson Stanley Cottage

Esther I - Lobster Boat

Esther II - Lobster Boat

Ethel M. III - Stop Seiner

Ethel Mae James House

Eugene M. Norwood Square

Eugene S. Thurston House

Eugene Stuart Bristol Cottage

Euryale - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Eva Anita - Lobster Boat

Eva Grace - Sardine Carrier

Evans - Edward Wyatt Evans (1882-1976)

Evans - Grace (Evans) Rhoads (1874-1958)

Evans - Jonathan Evans (1842-1911)

Evans Islander Heeling

Everett E. and Fannie S. Truette Cottage

Everett George Stanley House

Evergreen Cemetery

Everton Livingston Gott House

Ezekial Moore House

Ezra Herrick Dodge I House

Ezra R. Norwood - Octavia Fifield House

Ezra Robinson House


Fagans - Lester Fagans (-1964)

Fahey - Frances E. Fahey (1907-1985) aka Micky

Fahey - Myrna Elisabeth Fahey (1933-1973)

Fairhaven Queen - Sardine Carrier

Fairlee - Pleasure Cruiser

Falvey - Ethel (Falvey) Rich (1888-1972)

Fannie Earl - Schooner

Far Horizons


Farley - Giles Horey Farley (1878-1962)

Farley - Herman Farley (1867-1959) aka Herm

Farley - Susie M. (Farley) Reed (1882-1972)

Farnham - Augustus Bowman Farnham (1839-1918)

Farnham - Lydia Raguet (Farnham) Butler (1869-1954)

Farnsworth - Alton E. Farnsworth (1866-1926)

Farnsworth - Elizabeth (Farnsworth) Rich (1887-1969)

Farnsworth - Lucile Arline (Farnsworth) Rich (1911-1989)

Farnsworth Fish Factory

Farnsworth's Millinery Shop and Post Office

Farrand - Beatrix Jones Farrand (1872-1959)

Farrell - Albion H. Farrell (1870-1968)

Farrell - Atwood Robbins Farrell (1899-1977)

Farrell - Beulah Adelia (Farrrell) Ingalls (1905-1945)

Farrell - Madelene Edna (Farrell) Moore (1903-1975)

F.C. Weston Photography Studio

Febiger - Christian Carson Febiger (1845-1930)

Federal of Mt. Desert - Schooner

Felton - Samuel Morse Felton (1926-2015)

Fenn - Harry Fenn (1837-1911)

Fernald - Fred Fernald (1875-1931)

Fernald - Louise Lawton (Fernald) Goulding (1873-1963)

Fernald - Rosamond P. (Fernald) Apte (1906-1984)

Fernald Farm

Fernald Point

Fernald's Store

Filmer - John Filmer (1836-1929)

Finlay - Walter Stevenson Finlay Jr. (1882-1953)

Fire Station

First Congregational Church Bangor, ME

Fish Hawk - Sardine Carrier

Flewelling - Julia A. (Flewelling) Lemont (1849-1917)

Flora Belle (Butler) Murphy Lawton House

Florence - Passenger Launch

Florence - Steamer

Florence C. Parritt Young House

Flye - Hiram Flye (1811-1892)

Flying Mountain

Foggy Dew - Pleasure Cruiser

Foote - Arthur C. Foote II (1911-1999)

Foote - Henry Wilder Foote II (1875-1964)

Forbes - Mary Ann Forbes (1832-1915)

Forbes - Peter Forbes (1942-)

Forest City - Sidewheel Walking Beam Passenger Steamer

Foss - Eliza (Foss) Dickey (1839-1920)

Foss - Robert Parsons Foss (1897-1975)

Foster - Anne B. (Foster) Benson (1934-)

Foster - Francis Charles Foster (1829-1915)

Fosters Wharf, Boston

Fox - DeGrasse Fox (1838-1904)

Fox Dens

Fox Island Thoroughfare

Frances & D. Bradford Wetherell Cottage

Frances Inez - Lobster Boat

Frances Parsons - Schooner

Frances (Pepper) Scott Cottage

Francis B. Gilman House

Francis Charles Foster Cottage

Francis Hamabe Mural

Francis McMullin Sr. House

Francis Thompson Chalmers Jr. House

Frank Benjamin Smith House

Frank Jones - Sidewheel Steamer

Frank L. and Janette Jennie M. (Trask) Manchester House

Frank Leslie Smith House

Frank Louis Black House

Frank Mortimer Wakefield House

Frank Spurling House

Frank Wells Ramseyer Cottage

Franklin Ward Machine Shop

Fred Alberton Birlem House

Fred Albertson Birlem House

Fred C. Holden - Schooner

Fred Eaton Young House

Fred Fernald House

Fred Fernald Lobster Business

Fred James Higgins Store

Fred M. Robbins House

Fred Mayo's Carpenter Shop - 1st Location

Fred Mayo's Carpenter Shop - 2nd Location

Fred Mayo's Ice Cream Parlor

Fred Sidney Mayo House

Fred Sydney Mayo House

Frederick A. Farrar Cottage

Frederick J. Lovatt - Schooner

Frederick M. Black House

Freedom - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Freeman - James Albert Freeman (1844-1916)

Freeman - James Richardson Freeman (1810-1896)

Freeman - John T.R. Freeman (1834-1916)

Freeman - May W. (Freeman) Brown aka Mamie (1864-1939)

Freeman Annex

Freeman Cottage

Freeman Grammar School

Freeman House at Pretty Marsh

Freeman House Hotel

Freeman Store

Freeman's Wharf

French - Apphia Kezar (French) Stanley (1819-1874)

French - Eliphalet Webster French (1836-1902)

Frenchman's Bay - Passenger Vessel

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Frolic - Passenger Launch

Fuller - David Wilbur Fuller (1907-2001)

Fuller - George Ripley Fuller (1857-1937)

Fulton - Dr. Alexander Fulton (1812-1888)


Gamecock - Coasting Schooner

Gardiner - Julia Thurston (Gardiner) Gayley Dunn (1864-1937)

Gary Alan - Sardine Carrier

Gatcomb - Gertrude Katherine (Gatcomb) Benson aka Kath (1889-1982)

Gatcomb - James Y. Gatcomb (1861-1936)

Gates - Katherine Curtis (Gates) McCoy

Gates - Millicent Anne (Gates) Ponce

Gates - Patricia Sovereign (Gates) Norris

Gates - Thomas Sovereign Gates Jr (1906-1983)

Gayley - Agnes Malcolm (Gayley) Milliken (1887-1970)

Gelouba - Custom 41’ Cutter

Geology and Topography of Mount Desert Island

George A. and Francis T. Rhoads Cottage

George A. Neal House

George B. Reed House

George Benjamin Dolliver House

George Billings House

George Borwick Cooksey Cottage

George Cameron Cottage

George Delorin Atherton House

George E. Klinck - Schooner

George Edward Sanford House

George H. Kirkpatrick House

George Henry Browne House

George Kennard Hooper House

George R. Fuller Law Office

George Ripley Fuller House

George S. and Lillian B. (Walls) Hodgdon House

George W. Anderson House and Dental Office

George W. Billings Blacksmith Shop

Gerath - Christopher Gerath (1955-)

Gesner - Clark Gesner (1938-2002)

Gesner - Herbert Mortimer Gesner Jr. (1905-1966)

Geyelin - Patricia Agnes (Geyelin) Godfrey Drexel (1921-2000)

Gifford - Sanford Robinson Gifford (1823-1880)

Gilchrist - Edmund Beaman Gilchrist (1885-1953)

Gilley - Adelbert Alden Gilley (1851-1906)

Gilley - Alice E. (Gilley) Gilley (1856-1938)

Gilley - Arthur Alonzo Gilley (1886-1947)

Gilley - Charles Adelbert Gilley (1847-1914)

Gilley - Frank Leslie Gilley (1879-1920)

Gilley - Harriet (Gilley) Coulter Taylor (1838-1930)

Gilley - Irene R. (Gilley) Dunbar (1911-1940)

Gilley - John Gilley (1822-1896)

Gilley - Joseph Warren Gilley Jr. (1859-1918) aka Skip

Gilley - Joseph Warren Gilley Sr. (1813-1894)

Gilley - Matilda (Gilley) Allen (1817-1909)

Gilley - Montriville Clark Gilley (1862-1930)

Gilley - Nancy (Gilley) Stanley (1854-1932)

Gilley - Phoebe Jane (Gilley) Stanley (1842-1929)

Gilley - Wendell Holmes Gilley (1904-1983)

Gilley - William Gilley III (1805-1894)

Gilley - William Gilley Jr. (1782-1872)

Gilley - William Lancaster Gilley (1835-1912)

Gilman - Edith (Gilman) Thacher (1876-1944)

Gilpatrick - Abram Gilpatrick (1863-1943)

Gilpatrick - Hannah Richardson (Gilpatrick) Smallidge (1822-1910)

Ginn - Linwood A. Ginn (1932-2012)

Gladiator - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Gladys Ella Whitmore's Cabin at Echo Lake

Glen Ridge


Glenn Geary - Sardine Carrier

Glennie E. (Mrs. Fred) Knowles House


Godfrey - Peter Godfrey

Golden Rod - Steamer

Gooch - Maud E. (Gooch) Phillips (1902-1987)

Goodman - Sue Goodman

Goodwin - Henry Sage Goodwin (1904-2002)

Goodwin - Timothy Wayne Goodwin (1954-)

Gordon - Earl W. Gordon (1893-1964)

Gordon & White Garage

Gott - Almira or Elmira C. Gott (1849-?) aka Myra

Gott - Andrew J. Gott (1838-1914)

Gott - Anna Maria Gott (1871-1944) aka Nan

Gott - Berlin Austin Gott (1877-1955)

Gott - Bertha Maud (Gott) Sprague (1909-1998)

Gott - Caroline L. (Gott) Morrill (1872-1894)

Gott - Charles W. Gott (1897-1987)

Gott - Clarence Mortimer Gott (1887-1966)

Gott - Earll Williams Gott (1889-1950)

Gott - Elmer E. Gott (1862-1899)

Gott - Erastus Littlefield Gott (1843-1922)

Gott - Esther Eleanor Gott (1892-?)

Gott - Evelyn Rachel (Gott) Reed (1902-1970)

Gott - Everton Livingston Gott (1875-1954)

Gott - Flavilla Margaret (Gott) Reed (1904-1992)

Gott - Frank Wilbur Gott (1881-1951)

Gott - George Montelle Dorr Gott (1881-1963)

Gott - Harry H. Gott (1890-1909)

Gott - Hollis Melvin Gott (1916-1994)

Gott - Irma Josephine (Gott) Reed Silver Symonds (1916-2003)

Gott - Lewis Freeman Gott (1857-1926)

Gott - Mabel Louise (Gott) Brown (1892-1990)

Gott - Marion (Gott) Sprague (1912-1989)

Gott - Mercy Jane (Gott) Mason (1825-1903)

Gott - Montelle D. Gott (1882-1963)

Gott - Nellie Hannah (Gott) Joyce (1853-1930)

Gott - Rachel W. (Milliken) Gott (1845-1901)

Gott - Robert Gott II

Gott - Rose Standish (Gott) Driscoll (1845-1924)

Gott - Samuel M. Gott (1813-1895)

Gott - Shirley L. (Gott) Berry (1900-1976)

Gott - William Erastus Gott (1874-1939) aka Will

Gott's Island

Gotts Island

Gotts Island Methodist Church

Goudy's Point, Grand Lake Stream

Gould - Alice Julia Hall (Gould) Dwinell (1831-after 1915)

Gould - Anne Brimley Gould (1928-)

Gould - Dr. Daniel Gould (1789-1856)

Grace Clark Pease House

Grace M. Cribby - Lobster Smack

Grace M. Lurvey House

Grady - Ann Magdalene (Grady) Seavey

Graham - Daniel J. Graham (1943-2011)

Graham - Margaret Dawes (Graham) Kranking (1930-2013)

Gramps - Lobster Boat

Granite Quarries of Mount Desert Island

Grapevine Cove

Gray - Howard Robert Gray Sr. (1903-1994) aka Bob

Gray - Joseph M. Gray (1866-1944)

Gray - Kathelyn E. Gray (1905-1934)

Gray - Mildred W. (Gray) Dow

Gray Rock Cottage

Gray Rocks


Great Cranberry Island

Great Duck Island

Great Duck Island Lighthouse

Great Duck Light Station

Great Gott Island

Great Head

Great Head, Sand Beach and J. P. Morgan

Great Pond Camp, Company 158 - Civilian Conservation Corp

Green - Isaac Henry Green Jr. (1858-1937)

Green Mountain House

Green Mountain, later Cadillac Mountain

Green Mountain Railway

Greening - Jeanett May (Greening) Mills (1862-1939)

Greening Island

Gretchen and Prentice Strong House

Grey Rock

Griffin - Joy May (Griffin) Mayo (1929-2016)

Grindle - Augusta M. (Grindle) Gilley (1879-1931)

Grindle - Ralph Merrill Grindle (1915-2005)

Grindle - Ruthann (Grindle) Ellis Fenton (1942-)

Guptill - Caroline Hall (Guptill) Stanley (1822-1907)

G.W. Morris, Portland, Maine


Hadlock - Agnes M. (Hadlock) Spurling (1862-1945)

Hadlock - Gilbert Theodore Hadlock (1837-1917)

Hall - Alice Julia (Hall) Gould (1805-after 1880)

Hall - Inza (Hall) Gile (1904-2004)

Hall Quarry

Hall Quarry School

Hallenborg - Alma E. Hallenborg (1899-1982)

Hamabe - Francis Emeritz Hamabe (1917-2002)

Hamblen - Cora Myrtle (Hamblen) Hancock Ward (1908-2007)

Hamblen - John E. Hamblen (1906-1981)

Hamblen - Leslie Elroy Hamblen (1878-1924)

Hamlin - Cyrus N. Hamlin (1918-2017)

Hamor - Eben M. Hamor (1822-1910)

Hamor - Elihu T. Hamor (1844-1908)

Hamor - Emma Elvira (Hamor) Birlem (1856-1947) aka Memmie

Hamor - John Henry Hamor (1866-1947)

Hamor Tea House

Hamor Wharf

Hancock County Jail and Court House

Hanna - William F. Hanna (1859-1936)

Hannah Bunker Gilley’s Millinery and Fancy Goods

Hannah C. Lawrence and Thomas C. & Hannah L. Schuller Cottage

Hannah M. Cleveland House

Hansen - Gunnar Milton Hansen (1947-2015)

Harbor House

Harbor View Motel

Harbor Woods

Harborside Industries

Hard Wood Factory, Ellsworth, Maine

Harding - Clarence E. Harding (1895-1993)

Harding - Horace William Harding (1894-1965)

Harding - William R. Harding (1920-1981) aka Bill

Harding's Wharf

Hardwick - Katharine Davis Hardwick (1886-1974)

Hardwood Island

Hardy - Amory Nelson Hardy (1835-1911)

Harkins - Mary A. (Harkins) Sargent (1927-)

Harmon - Fannie Carnes (Harmon) Herrick (1871-1962)

Harmon - George Lewis Harmon (1766-1855)

Harmon - John Cummins Harmon (1827-1894)

Harmon Block

Harper - Ansel Lyman Harper (1876-1952)

Harper - Archie Eugene Harper (1905-1969) aka Eugene

Harper - Ermine Townley (Harper) Emery aka Mina (1864-1937)

Harper - Osmond Emery Harper (1887-1972) aka Ozzie

Harriman - Mary (Harriman) Carroll (1910-2003)

Harris - Abram Winegardner Harris (1858-1935)

Harris - Genevieve Marie Harris (1927-2010) aka Mimi

Harris - Paul A. Harris (1893-1971)

Harrison - Burton Norvell Harrison (1838-1904)

Harrison - Harold Holmes Harrison aka Hal (1906-1999)

Harry Edward Newman House

Harry Iskin Cottage B

Harry Iskin House A

Harry L. Koopman Cottage

Harry Miller Cottage

Hartford Marine Gas Engines

Harvard Beal's Boat Shed

Harvard Beal's Workshop

Harvard R. Beal's Bait Scow

Harvard Riley Beal House

Harvard University

Haskell - Harry Garner Haskell Jr. (1921-)

Haskell - Harry Garner Haskell Sr. (1870-1951)

Haskins - Sturgis Robin Haskins (1940-2012)

Hatfield - Marjorie Alice (Hatfield) Craig (1904-1991)

Hattie J. Allen - Schooner

Haynes - Lura Belle (Haynes) Dolliver (1880-1966)

HCTPR - Acadia National Park's Newest Memorial

Head of the Harbor School

Heath - Katherine L. (Heath) Pray (1862-1941)

Heath - William Webster Allen Heath (1834-1912)

Helen McColl - Sardine Carrier

Helen Ruthven Dexter House

Henrietta Gardiner Cottage

Henry A. and Linnie Trundy House

Henry Arthur Inman Cottage - Sutherlands

Henry Bucknam Wass House

Henry C. Moore House

Henry C. Rand & Co.

Henry Clark House

Henry Clay Rand House

Henry E. Tracy Ice Pond

Henry Edmund Day House

Henry Edwin Newman House

Henry Harry Seaton Rand Estate

Henry James Sr. Cottage

Henry Lathrop Rand Cottage

Henry Lathrop Rand House, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Henry Lathrop Rand House in Southwest Harbor

Henry Lathrop Rand's European Trip in 1896

Henry O. Underwood - Sardine Carrier

Henry R. Abel & Co.

Henry R. Hinckley Company

Henry R. Hinckley Company - Office and Sheds

Henry Rose Hinckley II House

Henry Tracy House

Henry Wilder Foote II Cottage - House of Four Winds

Hepburn - Andrew Hopewell Hepburn Sr. (1880-1967)

Herbert C. Moore House

Herbert M. Leighton Sr. & Frances J. Leighton House

Herman Farley's Barn

Heron Neck Light

Herreshoff - Lewis Francis Herreshoff (1890-1972)

Herrick - Andrew Harmon Herrick (1897-1992)

Herrick - Anne Woster (Herrick) Phippen (1933-)

Herrick - Kenneth Louis Herrick (1907-1996)

Herrick - Millard Joseph Herrick (1905-1969)

Herrick - Nelson Herrick (1900-2001)

Herrick - Richard Wilbur Herrick (1937-1999)

Herrick - Samuel Watson Herrick (1828-1916)

Herrick - Steven Linwood Herrick (1942-)

Herrick - William Edgar Herrick (1868-1949)

Herrick - William Horace Herrick (1827-1909)

Herrick - Woodrow Wilson Herrick (1913-2002)

Hesper - Pilot Schooner

H.G. Reed Store

Hichborn - Edward Everett Hichborn (1913-2004)

Hickman - Robert Henry Hickman (1897-1939)

Hieronymus - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Higgins - Belle M. (Higgins) Trask (1882-1944)

Higgins - Edwin Lemuel Higgins (1849-1938)

Higgins - Edwin Leon Higgins (1867-1939)

Higgins - Edwin Melville Higgins (1841-1922)

Higgins - Fred James Higgins (1881-1961)

Higgins - Howe Dwain Higgins (1894-1974)

Higgins - John Cheever Higgins (1845-1895)

Higgins - Katherine Gertrude (Higgins) Gatcomb (1861-1933)

Higgins - Mercy (Higgins) Clark (1787-1868)

Higgins - Milton Wallace Higgins aka Bub (1944-2015)

Higgins - Seth H. Higgins (1823-1877)

Higgins - Walter E. Higgins (1918-2010)

Higgins - Walter Eugene Higgins Jr. (1942-2008) aka Gene

Higgins Blacksmith Shop

Higgins Sawmill

Higgins Wharf

High Head

High Tide

Hiking the Trails of Acadia NP's Schoodic Peninsula

Hinckely Company

Hinckley - Ann Chamberlin (Hinckley) Levy (1939-)

Hinckley - Benjamin Barrett Hinckley (1875-1940)

Hinckley - Benjamin Barrett Hinckley Jr. (1913-2004)

Hinckley - Donald Rose Hinckley (1869-1901)

Hinckley - Edward Barrett Hinckley (1868-1949)

Hinckley - Edward Wright Hinckley (1937-2010)

Hinckley - Frances (Hinckley) Morriss Templeton (1909-1973)

Hinckley - George Lyman Hinckley (1879-1936)

Hinckley - George Lyman Hinckley (1921-2000)

Hinckley - Henry Barrett Hinckley (1871-1940)

Hinckley - Henry Rose Hinckley (1838-1918)

Hinckley - Henry Rose Hinckley II (1907-1980)

Hinckley - Henry Rose Hinckley III (1949-)

Hinckley - Jane Williams (Hinckley) Hosack (1942-)

Hinckley - Robert Lyman Hinckley (1935-)

Hinckley - Rose Hinckley (1874-1963)

Hinckley Hardware Photographs Produced by Willis Ballard

Hinckley Islander Sloop

Hinckley Yachts

Hinton's Antique Shop

Hobo - Lobster Boat

Hockomock Head Light

Hodgdon - Alonzo Atherton Hodgdon (1863-1926)

Hodgdon - Edgar W. Hodgdon (1893-1912)

Hodgdon - Frank Leslie Hodgdon (1869-1941)

Hodgdon - George S. Hodgdon (1871-1905)

Hodgdon - Georgia B. (Hodgdon) Stanley Sr. (1895-1923)

Hodgdon - Hosea Wardwell Hodgdon (1856-1910)

Holden - Abbie May (Holden) Lawton (1854-1929)

Holden - Cummings Milliken Holden (1837-1895)

Holden - Frederick Clark Holden (1868-1944)

Holden - Simeon Amasa Holden (1844-1901)

Holley - Jenny Wood (Holley) Wilkinson (1866-1947)

Holmes - Annie S. (Holmes) Rice (1888-1964)

Holmes - Anson Irving Holmes (1855-1929) aka Ans

Holmes - Harold Leonard Holmes (1886-1954)

Holmes - Josephine M. Holmes (1894-1960)

Holmes - Maud F. (Holmes) Gilley (1884-1954)

Holmes - Presley Dixon Holmes (1899-1964)

Holmes - William Herbert Holmes (1860-1930)

Holmes - William Thomas Holmes II (1851-1925)

Homand - Mary Guild Leighton (Homand) Jones (1937-2014)

Homer - Arthur Bartlett Homer (1896-1972)

Homer - Constance (Homer) Goldstein Rawls (1923-2005)

Homer - Eleazer Bartlett Homer (1864-1929)

Homer - Richard Wellington Homer (1927-2013)

Hooper - Kathrine A. (Hooper) Butler (1906-1936)

Hopkins - Dorothy Menalaus (Hopkins) Johnston (1885-1953)

Hopkins - Ernest Martin Hopkins (1877-1964)

Horace Durgain Wharf site

Horace Mann II House

Hornet - Sardine Carrier

Horse Trough Memorial in Acadia National Park - a Mystery

Hosea Wardwell Hodgdon House

Hot Flash Anny

Hotel Florence

Hotel Holmes

Howard A. & Janet I. Vine House

Howard Cooper Johnson Cottage

Howard E. Robinson Garage

Howard Ernest Robinson House

Howard N. Bacon Cottage

Howard Nelson Bacon Cottages

Howard Wesley Reed House

Howe - Lois Lilley Howe (1864-1911)

Howe D. Higgins House

Howell - Jacqueline (Howell) Lazareth (1927-2013)

Howell - William L. Howell (1896-1968)

H.R. Beal & Sons (2)

H.S. Crocker Co. Publishing, San Francisco, CA.

Hugh L. & Margarita L. Stanley House

Huguenot Head

Hulbert - Charles Stephen Hulbert (1918-1970) aka Junior

Hunnewell - Popham Beaches

Hunters Beach and Hunters Beach Head

Hurricane Edna - 1954

Huston - Clair Aubrey Huston (1857-1938)

Hutchins - Abbie (Hutchins) McEachern Herrick (1902-1984)

Hutchins - Anne Elizabeth (Hutchins) Richards

Hutchins - Frank Hutchins (1863-1941)

Hutchins - Jasper Chamberlin Hutchins (1897-1972)

Hutchins - Kenneth Urban Hutchins

Hutchins - Kristin Rebecca Hutchins

Hutchins - Laura Claire (Hutchins) Brookes

Hutchins - Urban Kenneth Hutchins (1903-1957)

Hyde - William Henry Hyde (1858-1943)

Hyman D. Millstein House


Ike Stanley's Antique Shop

I.L. Hammond and Co., Lewiston, Maine

Ilex - Steam Powered Buoy Tender

Indian Camp at Bar Harbor, Second Location

Indian Lot

Indian Lot Cottage

Indian Villages - Bar Harbor

Inman - Nellie Sue (Inman) Cooper - (1870-1947)

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Irona II - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat

Isaac F. and Minne C. Stanley House

Isaac Herrick House

Isaac Marshall Lurvey House

Isaac Stanley Whitmore House

Isaac T. Murphy House

Isabel Dolliver Harper House

Island House Dock and Slip

Island House Hotel

Island House Tennis Court

Island Telephone Company


Islesford Historial Museum

I.T. Moore's Photography Studio


J. J. OBrien and His Jesuit Settlement Memorial

J. T. R. Freeman House

J.A. Thompson, Ellsworth, Me.

Jaan - Bermuda 40 Yawl

Jack Tar - R-Class Racing Sloop

Jackson - Nevin C. Jackson

Jackson - Richard Benson Jackson (1893-1959)

Jackson - Thomas W. Jackson (1848-1919)

Jackson Laboratory

Jackson Market

Jacob Pike - Sardine Carrier

Jacqueline - Dragger

Jamaica Pond

James Albert Freeman Post Office

James Baldwin House

James Crockett House

James E. Robinson House

James Francis Ross House

James H. Rich Boatyard

James Lawton House

James M. Parker G.A.R. Post #105

James North Stanley - 2nd Cottage

James P & Frances Theodora Kennedy Cottage

James Parker's Wharf

James Ross Store on Pemetic Hotel Site

James S. Fernald House

James W. Bryan Garland, Nebraska House

James Whitmore House

Jane Augusta Jennie (Lathrop) Rand House

Janet May - Schooner

Janie C

Jaques - Herbert Jaques (1857-1916)

Jarvis - Eleanor (Jarvis) Newman (1909-2006)

Jarvis Newman Boat Yard

Jasper C. Hutchinson House on Robinson Hill Road

Jasper Chamberlin Hutchins House

J.C. Ralph Studio and Store

Jefferson Torrey House

Jennie A. (and Oscar) Morrison House

Jerry and Karen Craig House

Jerry Wallace Tapley House

Jesse Newell Mills House

Jessie Rea Cottage

Jessie Sellers Colton Cottage

Jesup Memorial Library

Jimmy’s Lunch Room, Lobster Pound and Gas Station

Jimmy's Point

J.L. Stanley & Sons

J.L. Stanley Fisheries Ice Pond

J.L Stanley Fishery

J.N. Mills & Co. Cash Store

J.N. Mills Oil Company and Storage Facility

John & Jean Desjardin House

John Allen Somes House

John and Mary Lawson Stoddard Cottage

John Andrew Walls House

John Billings House

John C. Ralph House

John Carroll House

John Clark House - Freeman House Hotel - Dr. Joseph Dana Phillips House

John Cummins Harmon House

John Cummins Harmon House II

John D. Rockefeller, Jr’s Memorial

John Dodge Lurvey House

John E. Hamblen House

John G. Trufry House

John G. Wilson House

John Gilley House on Sutton

John H. & Mary Shepley Briggs House

John Henry Hamor House

John Lathrop Wakefield House

John Latty House

John Lawler Commercial Building

John Lenzey Stanley House

John Lindsay Newman House

John M. Williams Cottage

John Melbourne Rich House I

John Melbourne Rich House III

John Morgan Gott Sr. House

John R. Tinker House

John Reynolds I House

John Robinson House at Center

John S. Moore House

John Somes - Coasting Schooner

John T. Finney House

John T.R. Freeman House

Johns Island in Bass Harbor

Johnson - Nellie P. (Johnson) Benson (1855-1925)

Johnson - Edward Johnson (1840-1906)

Johnson - Judge Alfred Johnson (1789-1852)

Johnson - Loren Bascom Taber Johnson (1875-1941)

Johnson - Loren Bascom Taber Johnson Rental

Johnson - Louise Miller (Johnson ) Pratt (1876-1963)

Johnson - Rita (Johnson) Kenway (1931-2011)

Johnston - John Johnston (1881-1950)

Johnston - William Valentine Johnston (1919-1965)

Jonah Corson House

Jonah Corson House, Northeast Harbor

Jonathan Stewart House - 2nd House

Jonathan Stewart House I

Jonathan Stewart's Neighborhood - Aberdeen, Scotland.

Jones - Frances Eleanor (Jones) Musgrave (1841-1918) aka Fannie

Jones - Roxanne (Jones) Homer (1932-2011) aka Rocky

Jordan - Dr. Valdemar Mandell Jordan (1910-1995)

Jordan Mountain

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond Gate Lodge

Jordan Pond House

Joseph Allen Cottage

Joseph B. Mason House

Joseph Dana Phillips House

Joseph E. Brown and Janet Booth Brown Cottage

Joseph Epes Brown Jr. Cottage

Joseph Gilbert Thorp Summer Cottage

Joseph Gilley House

Joseph Gilman Parker Jr. House

Joseph King House

Joshua Moore House

Joy - Benjamin Franklin Joy (1848-1912)

Joy - Clarence Freeman Joy (1893-1988)

Joy - Constance Irene Joy (1917-2004)

Joyce - Elsie Maude (Joyce) Twining (1892-1975)

Joyce - Emma Lillian (Joyce) Gott (1877-1954)

Joyce - Lovina E. (Joyce) Moore aka Vina (1878-1956)

Joyce Marie - Sardine Carrier

J.T. Morse - Side-Wheel Steamer

J.T.R. Freeman Coal Company

Judge Smith's Cottage

Judkins - David Roby Judkins (1836-1909)

Judkins - Etta Hazle (Judkins) Weaver (1891-1974)

Julia Child House

Julia Russell Long Whittier Cottage

J.W. Stinson and Son


Kada II

Kaelber - Edward Graham Kaelber (1924-)

Kaighn - Robert Kaighn (1837-1918)

Kaign - Ellen Cooper (Kaighn) McInnes (1874-1958)

Kane - Athol M. (Kane) Higgins (1897-1995)

Karban - Otmar Franz Karban (1909-1996) aka Otto

Karst - John C. Karst (1836-1922)

Katahdin - Side-wheel Steamer

Kate L. Pray - Schooner

Katherine Febiger Spahr Cottage

Katherine Noble

Katherine Walls House

Keene - William R. Keene (1851-1878) aka Daredevil Keene

Keigher - Donald C. Keigher (c.1900-1960)

Kellam - Arthur Millis Kellam (1911-1985) aka Art

Kelley - Abbie Hannah (Kelley) Robinson (1851-1918)

Kelley - Anna Rebecca (Kelley) Lopaus (1844-1920)

Kelley - Carl Edward Kelley Sr. (1889-1976)

Kelley - Carlton Carroll Kelley (1919-1971)

Kelley - Charlotte Baldwin (Kelley) Norwood (1888-1970)

Kelley - Charlotte Baldwin (Kelley) Rich (1856-1925)

Kelley - Elizabeth Foster (Kelley) Barrows (1893-1976)

Kelley - Hattie S. (Kelley) Farley (1876-1961)

Kelley - James K. Kelley III (1815-1894)

Kelley - James K. Kelley IV (1859-1939)

Kelley - James Templeton Kelley (1855-1929)

Kelley - Lester Albert Kelley (1921-1987)

Kelley - William Harland Kelley (1935-2014)

Kempton - Elizabeth Ryers (Kempton) Winslow (1844-)

Kennedy - Cecilia Catherine (Kennedy) Johnson (1884-1955)

Kennedy Cottage - Kenarden

Kenneth & Ruth Amiro House

Kent - Arthur Atwater Kent Sr. (1873-1949)

Kenway - Edward Northwood Kenway (1924-2017)

Kenway - Nancy Hilda (Kenway) Rigdon

Kenyon - Janice Lorraine (Kenyon) Soules (1957-)

Kidston - Ernest Archibald Kidston (1877-1955)

Kilburn - Benjamin West Kilburn (1827-1909)

Kimball - Clarence Abraham Kimball (1852-1935)

Kimball - Daniel Kimball (1802-1887)

Kimball - Hannah Elizabeth (Kimball) Mayo (1848-1914) aka Lizzie

Kimball - Loren Eugene Kimball (1855-1931)

Kimball - Sarah Elizabeth (Kimball) Mayo (1852-1937)

Kimball House Hotel

King - Lottie Rea (King) Reed (1890-1957)

King - Marguerite S. King (1882-1981)

King - Maxine (King) Rankin (1908-1983)

King - Stanwood Hart King (1905-1996)

King - Stanwood Leslie King (1930-2004)

King Fisher - Sardine Carrier

Kings Point

Kingsleigh Inn

Kinney - Abby (Kinney) Bentley (1828-1874)

Kipper - A-boat

Kittiwake II - Pleasure Cruiser

Kittredge - Arthur Kittredge (1920-2005)

Kittredge - Charmian (Kittredge) London (1871-1955)

Kittredge - Evelyn (Kittredge) Jordan (1912-1986)

Kittredge - Milton Donald Kittredge (1905-1986)

Kittredge - Osborne Milton Kittredge (1844-1928)

Kittredge - Ruth Carroll (Kittredge) Dolliver (1907-2004)

Kittredge - Wilford Howard Kittredge (1881-1960)

Klotz - Avon Roberts Klotz (1914-1985)

Knaut - Paul A. Knaut Jr. (1917-2008)

Knights of Pythias Hall

Kona - Yawl

Krantz - Arvid Emery Krantz (1920-1997)

Krantz - Francis (Krantz) Johnson (1946-)

Krantz - Oscar Ove Krantz (1888-1968)

Kronprinzessin Cecilie - Steamship


L & G Stanley

L. Sterling Newell Jr. Cottage

La Mothe - Marie Therese (La Mothe) Cadillac de Gregoire (1733 - 1811)

La Rochelle

Ladd - Lewis E. Ladd (1854-1942) aka Lew

Lady Lurene - Sardine Carrier

Lake Champlain

Lake George

Lamb - Aimée Lamb (1893-1989)

Landing of the Pilgrims Stamp

Lane - Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865)

Langdon W. Wood and Russell G. Manchester House

Lanita - Catboat

Lanman - Charles Rockwell Lanman (1850-1941)

Lanman - Edith Hamilton Lanman (1892-1992)

Lansing - Gerrit Livingston Lansing (1942-2010)

Lathrop - Anna Maria Margaretta (Lathrop) Hall (1834-1880) aka Aunt Mary

Lathrop - Frances Anna (Lathrop) Wakefield (1828-1908) aka Fanny

Lathrop - Jane Augusta (Lathrop) Rand (1837-1918)

Lathrop - John Pierce Lathrop (1796-1843)

Latrobe - Elise (Latrobe) Felton (1926-2013)

Latty - Drexel Madison Latty (1913-1999)

Latty - Hannah E. (Latty) Murphy (1863-1902)

Latty - Harry E. Latty (1887-1926)

Latty - John Latty (1880-1961) - Captain John Latty

Latty - Madeline A. (Latty) Spriggs (1915-1988)

Latty - Mertie (Latty) Murphy (1912-1996)

Latty - Richmond L. Latty (1848-1930)

Latty - Roger Leslie Latty (1913-1971)

Latty - Wavie A. (Latty) Murphy (1882-1961)

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Pennsylvania

Lauren T.

Laurence Saunders Newman House

Laurence Saunders Newman's Lobster Boat

Lawler - Allen Jacob Lawler (1863-1933)

Lawler - Edwin Albert Lawler (1856-1930)

Lawler - Elizabeth Lawler (1903-1975)

Lawler - James Whitmore Lawler (1847-1877)

Lawler - John Carroll Lawler (1852-1872)

Lawler - John Dix Lawler (1906-1997)

Lawler - Lucy Ella (Lawler) Whitmore (1849-1934)

Lawler - Mark Robinson Lawler (1897-1977)

Lawler - Mary Elizabeth (Lawler) Smallidge (1851-1928)

Lawler - Sarah Louise (Lawler) Smallidge (1859-1940)

Lawler - William Lawler (1817-1892)

Lawler Paint Co. Building

Lawley - George S. Lawley Sr. (1823-1915)

Lawlor - Christopher Wendell Lawlor (1893-1956) aka Chris

Lawlor - Dennison Josiah Lawlor (1824-1892) aka Dennis

Lawlor - Joseph Christopher Lawlor (1925-2002)

Lawlor - Rosemary (Lawlor) Theriault (1921-1999)

Lawlor - William Joseph Lawlor (1924-2017) aka Bill

Lawlor Ice Business

Lawrence - Ruth Eleanor Lawrence (1905-1992)

Lawrence Dana Phillips House

Lawrence Wayne - Seiner

Lawson - Carl Colson Lawson Jr. (1921-2005)

Lawson - Charles Leon Lawson (1863-1943)

Lawson - George Lawson (1825-1870)

Lawson - Lizabeth H. (Lawson) Rich (1912-1978)

Lawson - Perry L. Lawson (1905-1990)

Lawson - Rhoda M. (Lawson) Watson (1861-c.1938)

Lawton - Fred Warren Lawton (1863-1947)

Lawton - Jessie C. (Lawton) Gordon (1888-1972)

Lawton - John Thomas Lawton (1854-1954)

Lawton - Melissa C. (Lawton) Pettigrove Gaudet (1883-1945) aka Mildred

Lawton - William Lawton Jr. (1850-1940)

Lawton - William Lawton Sr. (1824-1881)

Lawton Block

Le Croix - Marguerite (Milly dit Le Croix) Stanley (1733-c.1833)

Leach - Helen Knox (Leach) Stanley (1906-2009)

Leader - Passenger Launch

Leader - Schooner

Ledge End


Leffingwell - Lucia Dodge Leffingwell (1866-1944)

Leffingwell Cottage

Leighton - Adam Philips Leighton (1851-1922)

Leighton - Hugh Chisholm Leighton (1878-1943)

Leland - Sylvia Bessie Leland (1906-1981)

Lemont - Robert James Lemont (1842-1926)

Lenahan - Donald Patrick Lenahan

Lenhard - Mary Emma Wamsley (Lenhard) Coates (1900-1983)

Lennox "Bink" Sargent House

Lennox Sargent ("Spec") House (2)

Leonard - Sylvanus G. Leonard (1844-)

Leonard Y. Stanley's House

Leslie C. Ober House

Leslie Frank White House

Leslie William Morrill House

Leta Murphy Burnside House

Levi Woodbury - U.S. Revenue Cutter

Levy - Harry Levy (1865-1942)

Lewis Freeman Gott House / Trask House

Lewis Freeman House

Lewis Gilley Stanley House and Wharf

Lewis Holmes House

Lewis Kennison Robinson House I

Lewis Kennison Robinson House II

Lewiston - Sidewheel Walking Beam Steamer

Liberty - Sightseeing Boat

Lida Mae II - Lobster Boat

Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations of Mount Desert Island

Ligure - Schooner

Lilla Dimock Cope Cottage

Lilla Dimock Cope House

Lillian - Schooner

Lily Lake House

Linda G. - Lobster Boat

Linda Maria (Landenberger) Carter House

Linda W. Perkins Cottage

Lindenwood Inn

Linscott - Henry Lewis Linscott (1907-1992)

Linscott - Marion Louise (Linscott) Stanley (1933- )

Linton - William James Linton (1812-1897)

Lippincott - William D'olier Lippincott (1919-2000)

Little Abner - Scow

Little Cranberry Island

Little Duck Island

Little Long Pond

Lively Lady

Lizzie A. Tolles - Schooner

Llewellyn Cleveland House

Llewellyn J. Norwood's Livery Stable

Lobster Boat Built for Merit Walton Bean

Lobster Traps - History and Development

Lobster Yacht

Lobsterland Restaurant

London - John Griffith London (1876-1916)

Long - James Long (1814-1895)

Long - Maria Margarette (Long) Lathrop (1805-1876)

Long - Ralph H. Long, Jr. (1932-1992) aka Bud

Long Cove, Maine

Long Pond

Longfellow - Anne Allegra (Longfellow) Thorp (1855-1934)

Longfellow Park

Lopaus - Roscoe G. Lopaus (1845-1912)

Lord - Seth R. Lord (1845-1873)

Loren and Catherine Johnson Cottage

Loren Bascom Taber Johnson Rental (2)

Lorenzo S. Trask House

Loring - Phoebe Francis (Loring) Francis (1889-1964)

Loring L. Marshall Cottage

Loring Studios Inc.

Lou Ann - Sardine Carrier

Louise (Fernald) Goulding Cottage

Lovejoy - George A. Lovejoy Jr. (1901-1964)

Lovering - Ernest Lovering (1859-1932)

Lovering - Pansy B. (Lovering) Robbins (1881-1967)

Lower Town Dock, Southwest Harbor

Lucia Dodge Leffingwell Cottage

Lunt - Abner W. Lunt (1908-1975)

Lunt - Arnold Watson Lunt (1904-1954)

Lunt - Blanche Helen (Lunt) Gott (1890-1980)

Lunt - Cary Burton Lunt (1947-)

Lunt - Clarence LeForest Lunt (1922-1989)

Lunt - Grace Louise (Lunt) Clement (1890-1987)

Lunt - Harold Raymond Lunt (1906-1979) aka Jake

Lunt - Harriet Gertrude (Lunt) Latty (1880-1958)

Lunt - Lester E. Lunt (1903-1984)

Lunt's Harbor, Frenchboro

Lurvey - Cyrus H. Lurvey (1830-1901)

Lurvey - Enoch Boynton Lurvey Jr. (1835-1868)

Lurvey - Enoch Edwin Lurvey (1868-1929) aka Ene

Lurvey - John Dodge Lurvey (1823-1893)

Lurvey - Lawrence Enoch Lurvey (1895-1968)

Lurvey - Rachel Foster (Lurvey) Carroll (1791-1881)

Lurvey - Samuel J. Lurvey Jr. (1817-1893)

Lurvey - Seth W. Lurvey (1848-1922)

Lurvey Brook

Lurvey Family Lands

Luther S. Phillips, Bangor, Maine

Luyster - Caroline Susan (Luyster) Underwood (1828-1915)

Lyford - Philip Lyford (1887-1950)

Lyle Arlington Reed House

Lyle Arlington Reed Store

Lyman Harper House

Lyman Leverett Stanley House


MacDuffie - John MacDuffie III (1861-1941)

MacDuffie - Malcolm Angus MacDuffie (1902-1976)

MacDuffie School for Girls

Machiasport Canning Company

Mack McMillan Pinckly House

Mackay-Smith - Bishop Alexander Mackay-Smith (1850-1911)

Mackerel Cove, Swans Island

MacKinnon - Marcella Katherine (MacKinnon) Stanley (1904-1986)

Maddy Sue - Pleasure Boat

Madeira house

Maggie A. Fernald House

Magic Lanterns

Magnolia, Massachusetts

Mai Tai

Main Street, Southwest Harbor

Maine Central Institute

Maine Central RR Wharf and Ferry Landing

Maine Central Steamboat Wharf, Hancock

Maine Seacoast Mission

Malvern Hotel

Manchester - Frank L. Manchester (1873-1957)

Manchester - Russell Gordon Manchester (1927-2007)

Manchester Point

Mandy Turner House

Mansell - Sir Robert Mansell (1573-1652)

Manset Boat Yard

Manset Library

Manset Marine Supply Company

Manset School

Manset Union Cemetery

Manset Union Church

Manzer - Gladys (Manzer) Muir (1886-1977)

Marcus - Dorothy Elder Marcus (1889-1944)

Marcus - Eleanor Chapin Marcus (1882-1894)

Marcus - Linda Chapin (Marcus) Ramseyer (1909-1975)

Marcus - William Elder Marcus Jr. (1883-1970)

Marcus - William Elder Marcus Sr. (1857-1925)

Margaret Rand's "Maine Fisherman" Painting

Margarita Safford Cottage

Marilyn E. Dolliver House

Marion - Charles Walter Marion (1865-1954)

Marion C. and Samuel W. Mead Cottage

Marion E. Turner - Schooner

Marmac - Cruiser

Marshall - Maurice C. Marshall (1883-1956)

Marshall - Roscoe Clinton Marshall (1911-1968)

Martha Brown Fincke House

Martin & Dorothy Green House

Mary A. Morris, Mrs. Stillman Stanley Dolliver House

Mary A. Ramsdell House

Mary A. Sargent House

Mary C. Kaighn House

Mary Elizabeth Dreier House

Mary Ellen Chase House

Mary Frances Birlem House

Mary Guild Leighton (Homand) Jones House

Mary Rose - Dragger

Mary S. Snow Cottage

Mason - Joseph B. Mason (1842-1915)

Mason - Mary Jane (Mason) Mason (1848-1932) aka Jennie

Mason - Maud E. (Mason) Trask (1870-1937)

Mason - William Emerson Mason (1859-1937)

Mason - William Thomas Mason (1821-1863)

Masonic Hall

Mathews - Albert Mathews (1820-1903)

Mattie I. (Mrs. Franklin S.) Dolliver House

Maud Holmes (Mrs. Frank) Gilley House

Maurice Richardson Rich House

Maurice Roosevelt Beal House

Mayflower - Passenger Steamer

Mayo - Barbara Elaine Mayo (1928-2002)

Mayo - Bryon Heman Mayo (1856-1918)

Mayo - Chana Sherwood (Mayo) Trenholm (1881-c.1965)

Mayo - Donald King Mayo (1893-1924)

Mayo - Dudley Luther Mayo (1855-1924)

Mayo - Edward Dolliver Mayo

Mayo - Eleanor Ruth Mayo (1920-1981)

Mayo - Elizabeth Belle (Mayo) Holmes (1861-1934) aka Lizzie

Mayo - Emma (Mayo) Casey (1880-1960)

Mayo - Florence Gladys (Mayo) Crocker (1884-1974)

Mayo - Fred Sidney Mayo (1877-1949)

Mayo - Gideon Joseph Mayo (1768-1858)

Mayo - Isaac Pepper Mayo (1774-1866)

Mayo - Jacob Schoppy Mayo (1818-1912)

Mayo - Joanna (Mayo) Lurvey (1815-1907)

Mayo - Lawrence Dudley Mayo (1926-2004)

Mayo - Leonard Neal Mayo (1927-1998)

Mayo - Lisa Caroline (Mayo) Wilkinson (1887-1965)

Mayo - Michael Lawrence Mayo

Mayo - Simeon Holden Mayo (1867-1933) aka Sim

Mayo - William Irving Mayo (1859-1939)

Mayo Picture Theater

McCandlish Cottage

McCaslin - Mary Louise (McCaslin) Mitchell (1884-1975) aka Mae

McEachern - Archie F. McEachern (1924-2000)

McEachern & Hutchins Hardware Store

McFarland - Lewis A. McFarland (1895-1972)

McInnes - Walter Scot McInnes (1871-1940)

McIntire - Thomas Andrew McIntire II (1930-)

McIntire - Thomas Andrew McIntire (1869-1954) aka T.A.

McKenna - Peggy McKenna (1947-)

McKinley Canning Company

McKinley Fish & Freezer Co.

McKinley Post Office

McKinley School

McLean - Edward Reid McLean (1852-1884)

McManus - Margaret Ellen (McManus) Carroll (1888-1967)

McMullen Quarry

McMullin - Frances McMullin Sr. (1822-1906)

McMullin - Frank McMullin Jr. (1856-1917)

McMullin Store

McWilliams - Julia Carolyn (McWilliams) Child (1912-2004)

Mears - Edward Bley Mears (1854-1947)

Medric - Sardine Carrier

Meltiah Jordan House

Melville Freeman Mitchell Sr. House

Melville Moore House and Store

Memorial Maintenance

Meredith I - Lobster Boat

Meredith II - Lobster Boat

Merrill Baxter King House

Merry Wings - Maine Sloop Boat

Merryconeag - Passenger Steamer

Mert's Gift Shop, Southwest Harbor

Methodist Church - Northeast Harbor

Methodist Church - Southwest Harbor

Metropolitan News Company, Boston, MA.

Miantonomah - Schooner

Mildred Colton Esty Cottage

Mildred G. (Butler) Freeman House

Mildred M. Smith Cottage

Miles W. Weaver House

Miller - Georgianna Parker (Miller) Johnson (1842-1907)

Milliken - Anne (Milliken) Franchetti (1919-)

Milliken - Gerrish Hill Milliken (1877-1947)

Milliken - Susannah (Milliken) Gott (1781-1859)

Mills - Cora Enola Mills (1888-1975)

Mills - Crosby Greening Mills (1920-2007)

Mills - Dalen Crosby Mills (1946-)

Mills - Jesse Newell Mills (1894-1972)

Mills - Olaus L. Mills (1856-1939)

Millstein - Hyman D. Millstein (1910-1960)

Milner - Craig Milner

Milton H. and Elsie M. Dolliver House

Mineola - Passenger Steamer

Minister at the Manset Baptist Church

Minnie Estelle Barker & Edith Barker (Mrs. J. Howard) Rogers House

Minnie Estelle Barker and Edith I. Barker Cottage

Minturn Quarry

Miss Julie - Lobster Boat

Miss Mildred Everett Cottage

Mitchell - Austin Malvery Mitchell (1892-1954)

Mitchell - Emma Almira (Mitchell) Reed (1858-1932)

Mitchell - Henry Stanley Mitchell (1860-1953) aka Stan

Mitchell - Julius Edgar Mitchell (1902-1982) aka Johnie or Judy

Mitchell - Minerva Louise (Mitchell) Reed (1906-1983)

Mitchell - Minnie Marie (Mitchell) Dolliver (1897-1979)

Mitchell - Nathaniel Pinkham Mitchell (1875-1948)

Mitchell - Nathaniel Pinkham Mitchell Jr. (1875-1948)

Mitchell's Cove

Monument Cove

Moon - Thomas C. Moon (1851-1933)

Moore - Albert D. Moore (1870-1944)

Moore - Ann M. (Moore) Rich (1932-1984)

Moore - Arthur E. Moore (1884-1959)

Moore - Esther (Moore) Trask (1909-2002)

Moore - Fanny (Moore) Dolliver (1802-1875)

Moore - Harvey A. Moore (1900-1971)

Moore - Isaac Thomas Moore (1872-1963)

Moore - John Stanley Moore (1827-1914)

Moore - Julia Iva (Moore) Gilley Marson (1863-1922)

Moore - Mabel Florence (Moore) Stanley (1888-1939)

Moore - Mattie (Moore) Dolliver (1863-1945))

Moore - Philip Moore (1871-1937)

Moore - Ruth Moore (1903-1989)

Moore's Garage

Moosehead - Passenger Steamer

Mor Glaz

Morning Star - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Morrill - Bertha M. (Morrill) Judkins Jones (1893-1920)

Morrill - Charles Barrett Morrill

Morrill - Henry Sumner Morrill (1855-?) aka Teddy

Morrill - Leslie William Morrill (1894-1980) aka Les

Morris - George W. Morris

Morris Augustus Dolliver House

Morris Yacht Company

Morse - Frederick Wesley Morse (1870-1929)

Morse - Wilbur A. Morse (1853-1949)

Morsman - Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. (1873-1951)

Morton - Marian Cooper (Morton) Rogers (1892-1971)

Motenko - Howie Motenko

Motley's Pond, Dedham, Massachusetts

Moulden - Elizabeth Ellen (Moulden) Thurston (1858-1953)

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Desert - Sidewheel Steamer

Mount Desert Congregational Church of Southwest Harbor

Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Rock and Light Station

Mount Desert Yacht Yard Inc.

Mount Katahdin

M.P. Rich - Brig

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Malvery Mitchell House

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Schoff Cottage

Mrs. Frank E. Torrey House

Mrs. Lawton's Tea Room and Candy Shop

Mrs. Melvin Freeman Mitchell Jr. - Lewis E. Closson House

M.T. Sheahan Publisher, Boston, Mass.

Muffin the Rand family cat

Mulholland - Margaret (Mulholland) Birlem (1910-1989)

Mullen - Collista F. (Mullen) Gott

Mullins - Lillian E. (Mullins) Mayo (1889-1979)

Mulroney - Sarah Margaret (Mulroney) Nice (1917-2008)

Mum's Mink

Murphy - Albion Murphy (1850-1910)

Murphy - Bertha C. (Murphy) Neal (1887-1968)

Murphy - Isaac T. Murphy (1860-1938)

Murphy - John Tyler Murphy (1870-1957)

Murphy - Kathlyn L. (Murphy) Reed (1882-1965) aka Katie

Murphy - Leta H. (Murphy) Burnside (1906-?)

Murphy - Lida M. Murphy (1899-1969)

Murphy - Velma Arlene (Murphy) Pomroy (1901-1984)

Murphy - Viola A. (Marshall) Murphy

Murphy - William E. Murphy (c.1880-)

Musgrave - Thomas Bateson Musgrave (1831-1903)

Musgrave Tea Tower

My Share - Lobster Boat

My Shepard - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Myra J. Wooster - Freighter


Nancy & Ricky - Lobster Boat

Nancy B - Mackerel Seiner

Nancy S. Newman Sawyer House

Natalie Todd - Schooner

Nathan Carlton Smallidge House

Nathan Clark II House

Nathan Clark III and Philena C. Clark Homestead

Nathan H. Stanley House

Nathaniel - Lobster Style Powerboat

Nathaniel Gott Jr. House

Nathaniel Southgate Shaler Cottage

Naval Coaling Station, Lamoine, Maine

Neal - Elias Craig Neal (1833-1897)

Neal - George Arthur Neal (1872-1939)


Nehemiah H. Cousins Cottage

Neighborhood House, Northeast Harbor

Neil Stanley Peterson House

Neilson - Albert Pancoast Neilson aka Albie

Neilson - Harry Rosengarten Neilson (1893-1949)

Neilson - Harry Rosengarten Neilson Jr. (1928-1994)

Nell and Seth Thornton's Travels Between Southwest Harbor and Houlton, Maine

Nell Rebecca (Carroll) Thornton and Seth Sprague Thornton's House in Ashland, Maine

Nell Rebecca Carroll Thornton House

Nellie B. (Mrs. Leon E.) Higgins House

Nellie D. Hicks Mitchell House

Nellie O. (Mrs. Thomas R.) Savage House

Nellie O. Savage House

Nelson Curtis House

Nelson Herrick Farm

Neptune - Transportation Barge

New Facts Concerning the Cross on Flying Mountain

Newell - Lyne Sterling Newell Jr. (1884-1954)

Newkirk - Eliza Jacobus (Newkirk) Rogers (1877-1966)

Newman - Agnes Maude (Newman) Robinson (1875-1916)

Newman - Dorothy (Newman) Bulger (1808-1894) aka Dolly

Newman - Henry Edwin Newman (1818-1894)

Newman - Jarvis Ward Newman (1935-2019)

Newman - Laurence Saunders Newman (1905-2002)

Newman - Ora E. (Newman) Seavey (1900-1975)

Newman - William Spurling Newman (1825-1901)

Newport House

Newport Mountain, later Champlain Mountain

Nice - Frederick Millard Nice (1911-1985)

Nick's Cove

Niliraga - Schooner

Nirvana - Yawl

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Bracy - Wesley Peterson Bracy

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Harvard Riley Beal

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built For Howard Lester Power

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for John Frank Closson

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Joseph Elwood Spurling

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Louise (Webber) Jackson O'Brien

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Oscar Ove Krantz

No-Name - Lobster Boat - Built for Russell Edgar Pettigrove

Noonan - Lucy Ann (Noonan) Benson (1830-1905)

Nordgren - Tyler Nordgren

North Haven and Vinal Haven, Maine

Northeast Harbor's Schoolhouse Ledge - a Place for a Peaceful Hike

Northern Light - Schooner

Norton Estate

Norumbega - Passenger Steamer

Norumbega Mountain

Norwood - Daniel Fairfield Norwood (1861-1924)

Norwood - Eugene Millard Norwood (1896-1918)

Norwood - Frances E. (Norwood) Linnenbuerge (1904-1976)

Norwood - Julia Booth (Norwood) Gott (1875-1924)

Norwood - Lena G. (Norwood) Mitchell (1897-1992)

Norwood - Mary Melissa (Norwood) Davis Carter (1901-1956) aka May

Norwood - Robie Melvin Norwood Jr. (1873-1955))

Norwood - Robie Melvin Norwood Sr. (1838-1909)

Norwood - Seth Wademere Norwood (1878-1966)

Norwood Cove School

Norwood Road

Norwood's Cove

Notes on the Origins of Some American Tractors

Novelty - Sardine Carrier

Noyes - Bessie M. Noyes (1897-1981)

Noyes - George A. Noyes (1916-1991)

Nubble Quarry

Nutter - Abbie Lucinda (Nutter) Ober (1869-1947)

Nutting - Otto Clyde Nutting (1875-1972)

Nyberg - Helen (Nyberg) Lawson (1876-)


O. Crosby Bean Souvenir Goods, Bangor, Maine

Oak Point

Ober - Aram Tilden Ober (1835-1919)

Ober - Leslie C. Ober (1845-1928)

O'Brien - Mary L. (O'Brien) Worcester (1922-2016)

Ocean Drive - Acadia National Park

Ocean House Hotel

Ocean View Hotel

Octavia Fifield Millinery

Odd Fellows Hall

O.K. - Utility Boat

Old Burying Ground - Southwest Harbor

Old Center Meeting House

Old Marsh School

Old Ward House

Oliver H. Fernald House - Valour House

Olivette - Auxiliary Sail Steamer

Olsen Memorial Chapel

Open Streamlined Boat Built for Carroll Sargent Tyson, Jr.

Order of the Eastern Star

Orr - Alice M. (Orr) Thurston (1882-1944)

Orr - Alonzo Albert Orr (c. 1842-1895)

Osborne Milton Kittridge House and Store

Oscar - Mooring Maintenance Barge

Oscar and Ora Seavey House

Osgood - Irving Osgood (1845-1914)

Osmond Emery Harper House

Otter Cliff Radio Station

Otter Cove

Otter Point and Otter Cliff

Otto Clyde Nutting House

Owls Head Harbor

Owls Head Light

Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Paine - Richard Cushing Paine Sr. (1893-1966)

Paine - Walter Cabot Paine II (1923-)

Painting of Clark's Wharf by Charles Morris Young

Palestine - Schooner

Pará, Brazil

Park Theater, Southwest Harbor

Parker - Andrew Edward Parker (1875-1957)

Parker - Dora Lucinda Parker (1875-1973)

Parker - Fred Cutter Parker (1876-1903)

Parker - George Henry Parker (1873-1927)

Parker - Jack Cutter Parker (1887-1980)

Parker - Jesse Lindon Parker (1881-1966)

Parker - Joseph Gilman Parker Jr. (1842-1908)

Parker - Joseph Gilman Parker Sr. (1805-1843)

Parker - Mabel H. (Parker) Keene (1862-1937)

Parker - Mary Cutter Parker (1869-1948)

Parker - William Edwin Parker (1890-1962)

Parker - William Gilman Parker (1832-1890)

Parker Wharf

Parritt- Florence C. (Parritt) Young (1918-2002)

Parsons - Abby (Parsons) MacDuffie (1860-1937)

Parsons - Gary A. Parsons (1941-2006)

Pathmaker -- The Tragic Death of Waldron Bates

Patsy S. - Cruiser

Pawlus - Evelyn Mae (Pawlus) Sarns (1937-)

Payson - Anna Holden (Payson) Bee (1854-1939 )

Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station

Peak's Island, Portland Harbor

Peapod - Skiff

Pearson - Dorothy (Pearson) Rand (1889-1973)

Pease - Captain Jesse H. Pease (1836-1901)

Pemaquid Light

Pemetic High School

Pemetic Hotel - The Castle

Pendleton Sisters - Schooner

Penobscot - Sidewheel Walking Beam Steamer

Penobscot Mountain

Penury Hall (2)

Pepper - Captain B.N. Pepper

Pepper - Charles H. Pepper Jr. (1866-1889)

Pepper - Frances Wharton (Pepper) Scott (1869-1942)

Perkins - Elizabeth (Perkins) Lawton (1826-1910)

Perkins - Jean Falconer (Perkins) Finlay (1884-1951)

Perry Warrington Richardson House

Perry Warrington Richardson Store

Peter Dolliver IV House

Peter S. Moore House

Peter Stanley House

Peter Theodore Benson Jr. House

Peterson - Dorothy Ruth (Peterson) Stanley Fitch (1925-2016)

Peterson - Eleanor D. Peterson

Peterson - Elizabeth Safford Peterson (1855-1925)

Peterson - Neil Stanley Peterson (1917-1979) aka Doc

Peterson - Peter Warren Peterson (1949-2010) aka Pete

Peterson - Philmore M. Peterson (1916-1992)

Petit Plaisants Cottage at The Head

Philip & Miriam C. Wallis House

Philip Clifton Rich Desk

Phillip Moore House on Gotts Island

Phillips - Augustus Dewey Phillips (1898-1975)

Phillips - Dr. Joseph Dana Phillips (1857-1942)

Phillips - Elsie May (Phillips) Marshall (1905-1988)

Phillips - Lawrence Dana Phillips (1903-1971)

Phillips - Luther Savage Phillips (1891-1960)

Phippen - Leslie Raymond Phippen (1899-1986)

Phippen - Ralph Ober Phippen (1900-1980)

Phippen - Shirley Moore Phippen (1922-1999)

Photographers of Mount Desert Island

Pickering Square

Pier One - Dock End

Pierce Head

Pilgrim - Steamer

Pilgrim Shallop

Pilgrim Shallop II

Pinckly - Mack McMillan Pinckly (1854-1929)

Placentia Island

Placida - Motor Yacht

Pleasure Boat - Built for Lloyd Deming Yates

Plimpton - Mary Elizabeth Plimpton (1871-1943)

Pollock - Charles Pollock (1828-1900)

Pomroy - Abner Pomroy (1820-1906)

Pomroy - Alton Abner Pomroy (1922-2002)

Pomroy - Cretia Viola Pomroy (1930-1949)

Pomroy - Gaynell Francks Pomroy (1927-1997)

Pomroy - Hilda Arlene (Pomroy) Merchant (1925-2016)

Pomroy - Irene Celia Pomroy (1931-1949)

Pomroy - John Milton Pomroy (1934-1998)

Pomroy - Leola M. (Pomroy) Higgins (1924-2012)

Pomroy - Milton Lee Pomroy (1898-1968)

Pomroy - Roger Lee Pomroy

Poor Richard - Passenger Boat

Porcupine Hotel

Porcupine Islands

Portland - Passenger Steamer

Portland Head Light

Postcard Publishers

Potter’s Patent Paper Picture-Card Frame

Pottle - Albanus Moulton Pottle (1899-1970)

Pottle - Jane Carroll Pottle (1927-2008)

Pottle - Kemp Moulton Pottle (1930-1999)

Power - Howard Lester Power (1937-)

Power & Robinson Machine and Repair Shop

Pratt - William Veazie Pratt (1869-1957)

Pray - Ruth (Pray) Lyford (1895-1977)

Preble's Cove

Precipice Trail

Price - Benjamin Detwiler Price (1845-1922)

Primary School building


Princess Anne - Power Cruiser

Privateer - Yawl

Professor Frank William Taussig House, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Pug the Rand family dog

Pulpit Rock

Puritan - Schooner

Pusheen Gra - Catboat

P.W. Richardson & Son Wharf


Quarterly - Frederick William Quarterly (1808-1866)


R. Max Camp

Race Point

Rachel - Cruiser

Rachel Ann - Lobster Boat

Raimondo Montecuccoli - Cruiser

Ralph & Helen Green House

Ralph - John C. Ralph (1868-1949)

Ralph Fulton Ellis / Robert Henry Dolliver House

Ralph Merrill Grindle House

Ralph Ober Phippen House

Ralph Richardson Sawyer House

Ralph Stanley Inc.

Ralph Stanley's Albino Violin

Ralph Stanley's Secundo Violin

Ralph Stanley's Underwood Violin

Ralph Warren Stanley House

Ram Island Lighthouse

Rambler - Pleasure Boat

Rambler III - Pleasure Boat

Ramseyer - Frank Wells Ramseyer (1905-1974)

Rand - Arnold Augustus Rand (1837-1917)

Rand - Edward Lothrop Rand (1859-1924)

Rand - Edward Sprague Rand II (1809-1884)

Rand - Edward Sprague Rand III - Horticultural Background

Rand - Edward Sprague Rand III (1834-1897)

Rand - Henry Clay Rand (1831-1910)

Rand - Henry Lathrop Rand (1862-1945)

Rand - Henry Seaton Rand (1856-1946)

Rand - Jean Tewksbury (Rand) Droppers (1864-1939)

Rand - Margaret Arnold Rand (1868-1930)

Rangeley - Passenger Steamer

Ransom B. Fuller - Passenger Steamer

Raven - Custom Open Launch

Raven’s Point


Raymond Adelbert Bunker House

Raymond D. & Frances M. Billings House

Raymond Whitmore House

Raynor G. Wellington House

Raynor Greenleaf Wellington Cottage

Reath - Alberta Pancoast (Reath) Neilson (1903-1938)

Rebecca - Sailing Yacht

Rebecca H. C. Reeve Cottage

Rebecca R. Douglas - Schooner

Rebecca Whitmore Lurvey Carroll House

Rebecca's Dolls

Rebel - Lobster Boat

Redman - Abigail Mary (Redman) Fulton (1827-1911)

Reed - Benjamin B. Reed (1832-1893)

Reed - Bessie Bernice Reed (1898-1980)

Reed - Edmund Blanchard Reed II (1880-1970)

Reed - Edmund Blanchard Reed III (1902-1964)

Reed - Eleanor E. (Reed) Van Horn (1895-1960)

Reed - Elmer Staples Reed (1873-1958)

Reed - Elsie Virginia (Reed) Lunt (1925-2017)

Reed - Emma Almira (Reed) Smith (1898-1961)

Reed - Eugene Hale Reed (1881-1937)

Reed - Eva M. (Reed) Farley (1880-1903)

Reed - Florence Marie (Reed) Jude (1907-1991)

Reed - Gardner Adam Reed (1912-1976)

Reed - Genevieve Rosetta (Reed) Fickett (1913-2003)

Reed - George B. Reed (1834-1893)

Reed - H.G. Reed House

Reed - Hollis Gardner Reed (1888-1967)

Reed - Howard Milton Reed (1876-1958)

Reed - Howard Wesley Reed (1906-1968)

Reed - Lyle Arlington Reed (1905-1991)

Reed - Mildred E. (Reed) Carver (1864-1910)

Reed - Nathan Adam Reed (1857-1912)

Reed - Ralph Douglas Reed (1915-1997)

Reed - Ralph Eugene Reed (1901-1974)

Reed - Wesley Eugene Reed (1925-1978)

Reed - Wilda Verona (Reed) Hamblen (1886-1953)

Reinhart - Charles Stanley Reinhart (1844-1896)

Reliance - Maine Sloop Boat

Removal of Original Trees at Southwest Harbor Library

Requirements for a National Park Memorial

Restless - Ferry

Restoration of The Cedars

Rev. Charles Brown

Rev. Charles Herrick Cutler Cottage

Rev. Charles Moulson Brown House

Rev. Frank Judson Goodwin Cottage

Revenue Ensign - Flag of the United States Customs Service

Reynolds - John Reynolds I (1880-1961)

Rhoads - George Ashbridge Rhoads (1860-1935)

Rhoads - Grace B. (Evans) Rhoads (1874-1959)

Rhoads - Judith Jameson (Rhoads) Obbard (1936-2014)

Rhoads - Philip Garrett Rhoads (1902-1993)

Rhoads - William Evans Rhoads (1870-1945)

Rhode Island - Dragger

Rice - Betty F. (Rice) King (1934-)

Rice - Betty Florence (Rice) King

Rice - Harry Freeman Rice (1882-1963)

Rice - Harry Freeman Rice Jr. (1916-1994)

Rice - Julia Avelia (Rice) Speakman (1915-2004)

Rich - Alvah Dalton Rich, Sr. (1872-1908)

Rich - Charles Henry Rich (1892-1967)

Rich - Clifton Melbourne Rich (1882-1971)

Rich - Elias Rich (1779-1867) aka Heavenly Crown Rich

Rich - Emily Maria (Rich) Trask (1884-1981)

Rich - Everett Randall Rich (1902-1920)

Rich - Frank Bernard Rich (1882-1976)

Rich - Frank Pettigrove Rich (1887-1923)

Rich & Grindle Boatbuilders

Rich - James Harold Rich (1932-2010)

Rich - Jasper Eugene Rich (1905-1996)

Rich - John Melbourne Rich (1853-1919) aka Talking John

Rich - Jonathan Rich (1836-1907)

Rich - Leslie James Rich (1874-1948)

Rich - Lillian May (Rich) Reed (1889-1973)

Rich - Maurice Peters Rich Sr. (1805-1879)

Rich - Maurice Stanley Rich (1913-1988)

Rich - Melbourne Cecil Rich (1926-1941)

Rich - Meredith Adelle (Rich) Hutchins (1939-2016)

Rich - Merton E. Rich (1927-2010)

Rich - Mildred Etta (Rich) Clement (1908-1962)

Rich - Philip Clifton Rich

Rich - Robert Colson Rich (1940-) aka Chummy

Rich - Robert Farnsworth Rich (1915-1981) aka Bobby

Rich - Roger Clifton Rich (1913-1996)

Rich - Ronald Dean Rich (1913-1997)

Rich - Samuel G. Rich (c. 1808-1871)

Rich - Sidney S. (Rich) Rich (1849-1914)

Rich - Sylvia M. (Rich) Latty (1886-1962)

Richard Edson Rowse Sr. Cottage

Richard Wellington Homer House - The Birches

Richardson - Charles Emery Boynton Richardson (1885-1971) aka Peter

Richardson - Amanda E. (Richardson) Norwood (1872-1918)

Richardson - Artemas Jean Haines Richardson (1893-1958)

Richardson - Arthur T. Richardson (1857-1916)

Richardson - Caroline W. (Richardson) Clark (1813-1898)

Richardson - Ernest T. Richardson (1880-1955)

Richardson - Flora M. (Richardson) Latty Thurston (1891-1983)

Richardson - Hannah H. (Richardson) Gott (1817-1899)

Richardson - Herbert Perry Richardson (1863-1938)

Richardson - Margaret Wormell (Richardson) Clark Freeman (1805-1888)

Richardson - Meltiah Jordan Richardson (1828-1901)

Richardson - Nellie Octavia (Richardson) Savage (1854-1935)

Richardson - Perry Warrington Richardson (1839-1918)

Richardson - Stephen B. Richardson (1791-1877)

Richardson - Sylvia (Richardson) Grindle Stanley (1893-1970)

Richardson Family Flintlock Musket

Ricker Classical Institute (2)

Riebel - Charlotte Helen (Riebel) Morrill

R.J. Lemont's Drug Store

R.M. Norwood Company

Roamer - Sardine Carrier

Robbins - Annabell E. Robbins (1928-2008)

Robbins - Clifford M. Robbins (1880-1967)

Robbins - Colson Henry Robbins (1858-1935)

Robbins - Edgar H. Robbins (1883-1920)

Robbins - Howard P. Robbins (1837-1918)

Robbins - Raymond Eugene Robbins (1895-1977)

Robbins - Raymond Eugene Robbins Jr. (1928-2013)

Robbins - Wilder Blanchard Robbins (1852-1926)

Robbins - William H. Robbins (1860-?)

Robert Ash Jr. House and Shop

Robert Beatty Jr. House

Robert C. Cornell Cottage

Robert Gott House

Robert Gott II House

Robert Kaighn Cottage

Robert Kaighn House in Philadelphia

Robert Lindsay Smallidge Sr. House

Robert Malcom Carter House

Robert McGaunn - A Solemn Memorial on a Mountain Top

Robert S. Stanley House

Robert Smallidge's Hand Made Gun

Roberts House Hotel

Robertson - Mildred I. (Robertson) Gilley (1888-1979

Robie M. Norwood Jr. - 1st House

Robie Melvin Norwood Jr. - 2nd House

Robie Norwood Sr. House

Robin Hood Park

Robinson - Abbie Ellen (Robinson) Gott (1855-1946)

Robinson - Adoniram Judson Robinson (1834-1912)

Robinson - Anna S. (Robinson) Hopkins (1901-1967)

Robinson - Benjamin M. Robinson (1826-1901)

Robinson - Bertha Emily Robinson (1862-1894)

Robinson - Bertha Emily (Robinson) Stanley (1901-1968)

Robinson - Byron Lewis Robinson (1899-1971) aka Bide

Robinson - Dorinda Robinson (184-1905)

Robinson - Dorothy A. (Robinson) Worcester (1925-2017 )

Robinson - Elsie May (Robinson) Dolliver (1903-1984)

Robinson - Elvira Jane (Robinson) Mayo (1867-1960)

Robinson - Emily (Robinson) Farnsworth (1851-1905)

Robinson - Frances A.( Robinson) Richardson (1843-1929)

Robinson - Harold Newman Robinson (1909-1987)

Robinson - Howard Ernest Robinson (1896-1972)

Robinson - Ina Caroline (Robinson) Lawler (1865-1959) aka Cad

Robinson - James E. Robinson (1824-1881)

Robinson - Levi Robinson (1808-1862)

Robinson - Lewis Kennison Robinson (1874-1958)

Robinson - Louise Abigail (Robinson) Dunbar (1886-1971)

Robinson - Lucy C. (Robinson) Somes (1863-1936)

Robinson - Rachel (Robinson) Whitmore (1828-1903)

Robinson - Ralph Judson Robinson (1870-1923)

Robinson - Sarah Edith (Robinson) Black (1875-1932)

Robinson - Thomas Smith Robinson (1850-1916)

Robinson - Vera Abby (Robinson) Mitchell (1898-1964)

Robinson Mountain, later Acadia Mountain

Rock End Dock

Rock End Hotel - aka Rock Inn

Rockefeller - John Davison Rockefeller Jr. (1874-1960)

Rockefeller - Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (1908-1979)

Rockland - Sidewheel Steamer

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse


Roderick P. Clark House

Rodick House Hotel

Roger Clifton Rich House

Rogers - Anne Fuller (Rogers) Rand (1876-1963)

Rogers - Charles Crosby Rogers (1894-1965)

Rogers - Marian Alcyone (Rogers) Bullen (1918-1957)

Rogers - Mildred Cooper (Rogers) Rivinius (1922-2004)

Ronald Dean Rich House

Ronald Rich Boat Shop

Roosevelt - Anna Eleanor (Roosevelt) Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Rose - Ketch

Rose Marie - Dragger

Rose Standish - Sidewheel Walking Beam Steamer

Rosemont - Schooner Barge

Rosengarten - Clara Augusta (Rosengarten) Neilson (1871-1955)

Ross House and Store as Cedarcroft

Route of Steamers of the Eastern Railroad Company

Rowse - Richard Edson Rowse (1898-1981)

Rudolph Brunnow and the Myths about Him

Rudolph E. & Minnie M. Dolliver House

Rufsvold - Mildred Priscilla (Rufsvold) Holmes (1898-1958)

Rufus Whitman McKay House

Rugosa - Yawl

Rumill - Lurlene Barbara (Rumill) Walls Murphy (1904-1992)

Rumill - Theolyn Eliza (Rumill) Erskine (1909-2001)

Rumills Hub

Rumills Island

Russell L. Gott's Camp

Ruth Eno Howe Wilder and Milo W. Wilder, Jr. Cottage

Ruth Moore / Eleanor Mayo House

Ruthyeolyn - Lobster Boat


Sabin Woolworth Colton Jr. Cottage

Saint John River - Saint John to Fredericton

Salacia - Passenger Steamer

Salvage II

Salvage III

Samuel Champion Cooper Cottage

Samuel Champion Cooper House - Pyne Point

Samuel de Champlain's Map of the Coast of North America from Western Nova Scotia to Cape Cod - 1607

Samuel Fessenden Clarke Cottage

Samuel G. Rich House

Samuel Langdorf & Co., New York, New York

Samuel Lurvey Jr. House

Samuel M. Hamill House

Samuel Morse Downs Cottage - Edgecliff

Samuel Osgood Richardson (1842-1910)

Samuel Spurling Newman House

Samuel Torrey House

Samuel Watson Herrick House

Samuel Watson Herrick Store & Customs House

Sand Beach

Sand Island Light

Sanderson - Virginia Somes Sanderson (1896-1990)

Sandra & Jean - Dragger

Sappho - Steamer

Sarah A. Brewer House

Sarah Edith (Robinson) Black House

Sarah E.K. Mayo House

Sarah Holloway - Lobster Yacht

Saranac Lake

Sargeant Drive

Sargent - Lennox Ledyard Sargent (1916-1989) aka Bink

Satterlee - Herbert Penny Livingston Satterlee (1863-1947)

Satterlee Tea House

Savage - Frederick Lincoln Savage (1861-1924)

Savage - Richard Manchester Savage II

Savage - Smith R. Savage (1850-1929)

Savage - Thomas Riley Savage (1852-1225)

Saw Mill on the Mill Pond

Sawin - Moses Morse Sawin (1835-1917)

Sawin's Cambridge Express

Sawtelle - William Otis Sawtelle (1874-1939)

Sawyer - Annie Maria (Sawyer) Downs (1836-1901)

Sawyer - Frances H. (Sawyer) Young (1921-2002)

Sawyer - Henry W. Sawyer (1890-1971)

Sawyer - Herbert Lee Sawyer (1870-1952)

Sawyer - Ralph Richardson Sawyer (1900-1968)

Sawyer - Ruth M. (Sawyer) Stanley (1916-1999)

Sawyer's Market

Scenic Gems

Schoff - Hannah Kent Schoff (1853-1940)

Schoodic Point

Schooner Head


Schuman - Eleanor E. (Schuman) Butler (1845-1933) aka Lena

Scott - Joseph Alison Scott (1865-1909)

Sea Cliff Drive

Sea Fox - Dragger

Sea Fox - Seiner

Sea Wall House Hotel

Sea Wind - Sardine Carrier

Seabiscuit - Lobster Boat

Seal - Excursion Boat Seal

Seal Cove, Maine

Seal Harbor

Seal Harbor Congregational Church

Seavey - Oscar Randall Seavey (1895-1974)

Seavey - Wendell Sherbon Seavey


Seawall Campground

Seawall Dining Room

Seawall Farm

Seawall Hotel

Seawall Motel

Seawall (Town of Tremont) Schoolhouse

Seth H. Higgins House

Seth Hamilton Rice House

Seth Higgins Clark House

Seth Sprague Thornton House

Seth W. Lurvey House

Seth W. Norwood Law Office

Seven Gates on Martha’s Vineyard

Seven Girls - Lobster Boat

Shaler - Nathaniel Southgate Shaler (1841-1906)

Sheldon Leroy Damon (1933-1995) aka Snicker

Sheliak Too - Pleasure Boat

Shelton - Katherine (Shelton) Bindloss (1902-1979)

Shepley S. Stanley House

Sieur de Monts - Passenger Steamer

Sieur de Monts Spring

Silsby - William Schoppee Silsby (1902-1987)

Silva - Eldora Ada Silva aka Dora (1926 - 2012)

Silva - Ethel A. (Silva) Conners

Silva - Manuel do Monte da Silva (1900 - 1976)

Silva- Nettie L. (Silva) Norwood (1903-1980)

Silver Spray

Sim Mayo's Garage

Simeon Amasa Holden Boat House

Simeon Amasa Holden House

Simeon Holden Mayo House

Simeon Holden Mayo's Blacksmith and Bicycle Shop

Simeon Holden Mayo's Boatshop and Wharf

Simmons - Brainard Randall Simmons (1872-1938)

Simmons - Grace Marian Simmons (1877-1953)

Simmons - John Simmons (1835-1900)

Simmons - Joseph Irving Simmons (1883-1940)

Sinking of the Sloop Endeavor

Sinkler - William Lukens Elkins Sinkler (1919-1964)

Skal Corners

Skiing on Mount Desert Island - a Look Back

Skipper - Lobster Style Cabin Launch

Sklaroff - William Sklaroff (1882-1967) aka “Bill”

Slade - Marshall Perry Slade (1861-1950)

Sleepy Hollow By-the-Sound

Sloane - Helen R. (Sloane) Dudman (1918-)

Smallidge - Avelia (Smallidge) Holmes (1851-1916)

Smallidge - Elmer Ellsworth Smallidge (1861-1915)

Smallidge - Emma Louise Smallidge (1884-1956))

Smallidge - Grace Adelma Smallidge (1889-1973)

Smallidge - Nathan Carlton Smallidge (1846-1906)

Smallidge - Nathan Smallidge (1817-1874)

Smallidge - Robert Lindsay Smallidge Jr. (1936-2010)

Smallidge - Robert Lindsay Smallidge Sr. (1896-1982)

Smallidge Farm

Smillie - George Frederick Cumming Smillie (1854-1924)

Smith - Liston F. Smith (1851-1925))

Smith R. Savage's Store

Smuggler’s Den Campground

Snell - Dr. George Davis Snell (1903-1996)

Snow - Mary Sophia Snow (1861-1924)

Solace - Steam Launch

Soldiers Monument, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Soly Caruso Gas Station and Take Out

Soly Edward Caruso House

Somes - Abraham Somes (1732-1819)

Somes - Abraham Somes III (1801-1868)

Somes - Arthur L. Somes (1869-1941)

Somes - Barbara Irene (Somes) Ball (1925-2010 )

Somes - Raymond Percival Somes (1893-1983) aka Pete

Somes - Thaddeus Somes (1839-1913)

Somes Harbor

Somes House Hotel

Somes Sound

Somesville Library

Somesville School

Sorrento, Maine

Soules - George John Soules

Soulis - James H. Soulis (1842-1918)

South Seal Cove School

Southwest Boat Corporation

Southwest Harbor Boy Scout Troop 99

Southwest Harbor Congregational Church

Southwest Harbor Fire Department

Southwest Harbor Flamingo Festival

Southwest Harbor High School

Southwest Harbor, Maine, 1921 Sanborn Map

Southwest Harbor Maps for Research

Southwest Harbor Motor Company

Southwest Harbor Motor Company Garage

Southwest Harbor Police Department

Southwest Harbor Post Office

Southwest Harbor Post Office at 30 Clark Point Road

Southwest Harbor Post Office at 340 Main Street

Southwest Harbor Primary School

Southwest Harbor Public Library

Southwest Harbor Public Library Auction

Southwest Harbor Schoolhouse

Southwest Harbor Schoolhouse Building

Southwest Harbor Then & Now 2015 Exhibit

Southwest Harbor Union Church

Southwest Harbor Water Company

Southwest Motor Inn

Sou'wester - Cruiser

Spear - Vesta E. (Spear) McRae (1842-1916)

Spouting Horn

Sprague - Roland James Sprague (1929-1959)

Springer - Eva M. (Springer) Tolman (1892-1975)

Spruce Bough

Spurling - Alta Irva (Spurling) Bunker (1876-1969)

Spurling - Archie Stinson Spurling (1862-1950)

Spurling - Charles Eaton Spurling (1850-1925)

Spurling - Charles Samuel Spurling (1880-1911)

Spurling - Elmer Adelbert Spurling (1901-1984)

Spurling - Elva Leone (Spurling) Beal (1898-1980)

Spurling - Emerson Forbes Spurling Jr. (1935-) aka Tucker

Spurling - Francis G. Spurling (1854-1944)

Spurling - Francis Milton Spurling (1896-1958)

Spurling - George W. Spurling (1869-1933)

Spurling - Hervey Merton Spurling (1899-1971)

Spurling - Louise Hatfield (Spurling) Sorenson (1907-1976)

Spurling - Mary Frances (Spurling) Birlem (1877-1965) aka Mamie

Spurling - Millard Scott Spurling (1877-1967)

Spurling - Steven Stanley Spurling (1921-)

Spurling - Theodore Lemont Spurling Sr. (1921-2004)

Spurling - Warren Adelbert Spurling (1871-1965) aka Bert

Spurling Violin

Squid Cove

Squirrelhurst Stable

S.S. Canopic - Passenger Steamer

S.S. Cimbria - Steamship

S.S. Columbia - Auxiliary Sail Passenger Steamship

St. Columba's Episcopal Chapel

St. James Chapel, Sound, Mount Desert Island

St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

St. Johns Episcopal Church

St. John's Memorial Chapel

St. Mary's - Sloop

St. Mary's-by-the-Sea - Northeast Harbor aka The Slab Church

St. Peter's Catholic Church

St. Sauveur Hotel

St. Sauveur Mountain

St. Saviour's Episcopal Church

Standley - Sans Standley (1702-1748)

Standley - Sans Standley III (1729-1791)

Stanley - Albert Ernest Stanley (1871-1949) aka Bert

Stanley - Alfred Gilley Stanley (1879-1950)

Stanley - Arno Preston Stanley (1865-1937)

Stanley - Chansonetta (Stanley) Emmons (1858-1937)

Stanley - Charles E. Stanley (1844-1928)

Stanley - Charles L. Stanley (1862-1924)

Stanley - Charles Warren Stanley (1920-?)

Stanley - Chester Warren Stanley (1900-1971)

Stanley - Clara Winifred (Stanley) Rich (1877-1960) aka Winnie

Stanley - Derby Stanley (1886-1947)

Stanley - Durmont Neal Stanley (1931-1995)

Stanley - Edward Warren Stanley

Stanley - Emma M. (Stanley) Spurling (1856-1950)

Stanley - Enoch Arno Stanley (1897-1977)

Stanley - Enoch Boynton Stanley Sr. (1820-1903)

Stanley - Ernest Gilman Stanley (1890-1979)

Stanley - Esther LaVerne (Stanley) Willis (1936-1984)

Stanley - Esther Mabelle (Stanley) Spurling (1895-1984)

Stanley - Eugene Parker Stanley (1858-1904)

Stanley - Everett George Stanley (1874-1951)

Stanley - Fannie Stanley

Stanley - Florence N. (Stanley) Clark (1861-1941)

Stanley - Francis Edgar Stanley (1849-1918)

Stanley - Franklin Leslie Stanley (1865-1945)

Stanley - Freelan Oscar Stanley (1849-1940)

Stanley - Irene Mabel (Stanley) Murphy (1933-2015)

Stanley - Isaac Foster Stanley (1870-1953)

Stanley - James North Stanley (1862-1941)

Stanley - John Lenzey Stanley (1841-1922)

Stanley - John Stanley (1735-1783)

Stanley - John Theodore Stanley (1905-1979)

Stanley - Joshua Warren Stanley (1863-1921)

Stanley - Leslie Victor Stanley (1902-1995)

Stanley - Leverett Sherman Stanley (1894-1968)

Stanley - Lewis Gilley Stanley (1869-1957)

Stanley - Lyman Leverett Stanley (1862-1937)

Stanley - Mabel Florence Stanley (1915-1997)

Stanley - Mabelle Estelle (Stanley) Stanley (1868-1955)

Stanley - Malcolm Wayne Stanley (1917-1982)

Stanley - Margery Ann (Stanley) Rankin

Stanley - Marion Estelle Stanley (1913-1989)

Stanley - Mary Catherine (Stanley) Richardson (1847-1920) aka Carrie, aka Caz

Stanley - Mary Lurvey (Stanley) Bulger (1834-1925) aka Mae Sam

Stanley - Mary Rowena (Stanley) Abbott

Stanley - Merrill Elmer Stanley Sr. (1894-1970)

Stanley - Myrna Lorraine (Stanley) Ritterskamp

Stanley - Nadine Marie (Stanley) Goodwin

Stanley - Nancy Eleanor (Stanley) Robbins Stone

Stanley - Nathan H. Stanley (1823-1887)

Stanley - Phoebe Rose (Stanley) Collins

Stanley - Ralph Warren Stanley (1929-)

Stanley - Rebecca (Stanley) Whitmore (1789-1872)

Stanley - Richard Lewis Stanley

Stanley - Robert Elliot Stanley (1898-1976)

Stanley - Robert S. Stanley (1827-1890)

Stanley - Robert Stanley (1915-1915)

Stanley - Ruth Celestia (Stanley) Holmes (1931-2014)

Stanley - Shepley S. Stanley (1859-1918)

Stanley - Solomon Stanley (1813-1899)

Stanley - Thomas Cobb Stanley Jr. (1784-1876) aka Skipper Tom

Stanley - Walter Fisher Stanley (1871-1930)

Stanley - Warren Derby Stanley (1920-1948)

Stanley - William Doane Stanley (1855-1950) aka Jimmy

Stanley - William F. Stanley (1854-1909)

Stanley - William Frederick Stanley (1866-1950)

Stanley Dry Plate Company

Stanley House Hotel

Stanwood - Phebe Ann (Stanwood) Beal (1840-1917)

Start of FOA-Acadia NP's 2013 Volunteer Season

State of Massachusetts

Steamboat Wharf at Southwest Harbor

Steamship Wharf at Bernard

Stedman Wright Hanks House

Steenstra - Mary F. Steenstra (1874-1953))

Stembridge - Polly (Stembridge) Weaver (1921-2014)

Stephen Bartlett Homer Cottage

Stephen King's Storm of the Century

Stephen Mather - Founder and First Director of the National Park Service

Stephen Mather - Further Memorial Locations


Steven Bartlett Homer House

Stevens - Robert P. Stevens (1933-)

Stewart - Jonathan Stewart (1886-1966)

Stewart - Shirley Doyle Stewart (1899-1967)

Stratton - Charles S. Stratton (1838-1883) aka General Tom Thumb

Stratton - Purbot Hill Stratton (1851-1921)

Street - George Edward Street (1835-1903)

Strout - Alice E. (Strout) Higgins (1852-1941)

Stuart - Frederick Lawrence Stuart (1909-2002)

Stubing - Paul Timothy Stubing (1927-2011)

Stuffed Snow Owl

Sunbeam I

Sunbeam II


Sunrise Heating & Coastline Construction

Sunshine - Sloop Yacht

Surfman - Sardine Carrier

Sutton Island

S.W. Newman Store

Swans Island

Swans Island / McKinley Bass Harbor Ferry

Swans Island Ferry William S. Silsby

Swazey - Helen Clark (Swazey) Sears (1860-1944)

Sweet Pea - Gaff-rigged Sailboat

Swift - Agnes Swift (1908-2004)

Swimming Club Pool

Sylvanus G. Leonard House

Sylvester W. Dorr Carpenter Shop

Sylvina W. Beal - Fishing Schooner


Tagg - Ann Clarbour (Tagg) Buckman (1849-1938)


Tall Barney

Tall Barney Beal

Tapley - Wasson Tapley (1900-1976)

Tarr - Eliza Susan (Tarr) Robbins (1848-1928)

Tatum - Frances Canby (Tatum) Rhoads (1861-1931)

Teague - Edward Fisher Teague (1873-1932)

Tender for Motor Yacht Placida

Thalia B - Motor Cruiser

The A. G. Bain Co., Northeast Harbor, Me.

The Albertype Company, Brooklyn, NY

The Alexander H. Norwood House

The American House Hotel - Ellsworth

The Ancestral

The A&P - The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

The Barque of Barque Beach in Bernard

The Birches (2)

The BoatHouse, Manset, Maine

The Boiler, Great Cranberry Island

The Book Room, Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Boyd Lee Spahr Cottage, Sea Ledges

The Bubbles and Bubble Rock

The Bungalow

The Cabin

The Captain's Walk

The Carroll Sargent Tyson Jr. Building and Cottage

The Causeway Club

The Causeway, Norwood's Cove

The CCC in Acadia

The Cedars

The Champlain Society

The Cheese House

The Civilian Conservation Corps

The Claremont Hotel

The Clark Cottage

The Cold Storage

The Colonel John Stoddard House, The Manse

The Country Strummers

The Cross on Flying Mountain, Acadia National Park - a Mystery Unraveled

The Curran Path - a Once Long and Lovely Walk

The Dane Trail and Wildwood Stables

The Dole Trail

The Dollar Social at Southwest Harbor

The Ellen Cooper (Kaighn) McInnes, Mrs. Walter Scot McInnes Cottage

The Emery Path - Another Historic Gem in Acadia National Park

The Exchange Hotel

The Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts

The Farrington Studio

The Fire Lookouts of Acadia National Park

The Frances (Pepper) Scott Bungalow - Petit Chalet Guest House

The Gangplank

The George Lewis Harmon House

The Gilley Plumbing Company

The Glencove Hotel

The Gurnee Path - Built, Endowed and Abandoned

The Hancock House

The House of Generations

The House of Many Steps

The Hugh C. Leighton Company, Portland, Maine

The J. Austin Gott House

The J.J. Heath Store - The Old Heath Store

The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Cottage - The Eyrie

The Lindens

The Little One

The Live Yankee

The Lyceum, Cambridge

The Magnificent and Mysterious Homans Path

The Maine Coast

The Mary Elizabeth Robinson Obituary Collection

The Medical Office of Dr. Abigail Fulton and Dr. Alexander Fulton

The Memorials of Acadia

The Misses Martha P. and Charlotte H. Conant Cottage

The Misses Underwood Cottage

The Moorings (2)

The Mount Desert House

The Mountain House - Carroll Homestead

The Narrows at Somes Sound

The Ocean House Boat House

The Ocean House, Eden

The Old Cambridge Photographic Club

The Old Harmon House

The Old House

The Old Narraguagus House, Cherryfield, Maine

The Oscar Arey Tolman House

The Ovens

The "Pemetic" school yearbooks 1921 - 1968

The Pool, Great Cranberry Island

The Pulpits of Acadia

The Resurrection of the Sloop Endeavor

The Return of a Restored Beloved Memorial

The Rev. George E. Street House

The Road Cottage

The Robbins Bros. Co., Boston, Mass. and Germany

The Saranac Inn

The Satterlee Window

The Sea and the Hills

The Sea and The Hills

The Seal Harbor Shore Path

The Seaside Inn

The Shielin

The Shore Path - Bar Harbor

The Sylvester B. Brown House

The Toll Bridge on Thompson Island

The Tweed Shop

The Van Santvoord Trail - a Hiking Enigma

The Washington Elm

The Watson Wharf

The Whitmore Family and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The Woods Cottage

The Works Progress Administration (WPA)

The Wyanoak Publishing Co., New York City

Theara Hilton & Co., Portland, Me.

Thelma Rosalind Lurvey

Theodore - James Theodore (1894-1977) aka James Thodore Chekolares

Theoline - Schooner

Thomas Clark House

Thomas Clark Store

Thomas H. Newman & Constance A. Newman House

Thomas Lafayette Wakefield House

Thomas Newman House

Thomas R. Milan House

Thomas Smith Robinson House

Thomas Wesley Day House

Thompson - Edna May (Thompson) Whitmore (1890-1978)

Thorndike - Ebenezer Thorndike (1785-1877) aka Tarbox

Thornton - Seth Sprague Thornton (1862-1920)

Thorp - Anne Longfellow Thorp (1894-1977)

Thorp - Joseph Gilbert Thorp Jr. (1852-1931)

Three Brothers - Lobster Boat

Three Chimneys

Three Sisters - Passenger Launch - Fishing Boat

Thunder Hole

Thurstaon - Fred V. Thurston (1894-1960)

Thurston - Charles Dix Thurston (1855-1919)

Thurston - Elizabeth M. (Thurston) King (1905-2009)

Thurston - Esther A. (Thurston) Williams (1907-2005)

Thurston - Eugene Shubal Thurston (1881-1961)

Thurston - Eugene Shubal Thurston Jr. (1920-1992)

Thurston - Eva M. (Thurston) Reed (1919-2006)

Thurston - Mary E. (Thurston) Fleming (1912-1979)

Thurston - Ruth Mae (Thurston) Grindle (1915-2008)

Thurston's Wharf

Ticonderoga - Bermuda Ketch

Tinker - Louise Almeda (Tinker) Gott (1870-1948)

Tobias and Comfort Fernald House

Tolman - Oscar Arey Tolman (1875-1967)


Torrey - Clyde M. Torrey (1898-1974)

Torrey - Everett S. Torrey (1895-1969)

Torrey - Jefferson Torrey (1846-1914)

Torrey - Julia Estella (Torrey) Dolliver (1866-1950)

Tower - William Joseph Tower (1869-1950)

Town of Northeast Harbor

Town of Southwest Harbor

Town of Tremont

Town of Tremont - 1854 Tax Collector Sureties

Town offices building

Townsend - Charles A. Townsend (1871-1932)

Tracy - Henry E. Tracy Jr. (1849-1925)

Tracy - Jones Watson Tracy (1856-1939)

Tracy - Merle Elliot Tracy (1879-)

Tracy - Viola Benson (Tracy) Carroll (1881-1940)

Tracy Cove, Southwest Harbor

Trafton - Joseph Calvin Trafton (1913-2006)

Tragedy at Great Head

Trailaway - Lobster Boat

Trask - Charles Orville Trask (1908-1961)

Trask - Charles A. Trask (1875-1903)

Trask - George Washington Trask (1877-1958)

Trask - Janette M. (Trask) Manchester (1879-1932) aka Jennie

Trask - Lorenzo S. Trask (1849-1909)

Trask - Millicent Flavilla Trask (1903-1981)

Trask - Muriel (Trask) Davisson-Fahey

Trask - William S. Trask (1873-1927)

Trenholm - Douglas E. Trenholm (1878-c.1966)

Trundy - Alton Elwell Trundy (1903-1973)

Trundy's Market

Try House at Try House Point, Bernard

Try House Point

Turnbull - Helen E. (Turnbull) Kelley (1918-1985)

Turner - Clarence A. Turner (1864-1946)

Turner - Frank E. Turner (1863-?)

Turner - Helen Nathalie (Turner) Smallidge (1896-1987)

Tuttle - William Cain Tuttle (1835-1901)

T.W. Jackson & Son

Twa Hames

Twisden Bowden House

Tyson - Carroll Sargent Tyson Jr. (1877-1956)


U and I - Dragger

Ulish - Eunice Elizabeth (Ulish) Fahey (1913-1992)

Uncle Jimmy's 1924 Essex Coach Automobile


Underwood - William Lyman Underwood (1864-1929)

Underwood - Charles James Underwood (1826-1895)

Underwood - Henry Oliver Underwood (1858-1921)

Underwood - Loring Grant Underwood (1874-1930)

Underwood - Mabel Whitney Underwood (1866-1947)

Underwood - Mary Robinson Underwood (1868-1960)

Underwood - Sophia Amelia Underwood (1851-1942)

Underwood - William James Underwood (1830-1897)

Underwood - William Lawrence Underwood (1856-1919)

Underwood Boston House

Underwood's Squirrelhust Garden Shed

Unexpected Finds in a National Park

Union Church at Tremont, Tremont Congregational Church

Union Station, Bangor, Maine

United States Coast Guard Base in Southwest Harbor

Unknown Businesses

Unknown Events

Unknown Organizations

Unknown Other Items

Unknown People

Unknown Places

Unknown Structures

Unknown Vessels

Unnamed Boats Built by Rich & Grindle

Upper Hadlock Pond and Lower Hadlock Pond

Upper Town Dock, Southwest Harbor

Urban Kenneth Hutchins House

U.S. Coast Guard Station - Southwest Harbor

U.S. Customs House

US Life-Saving Service

US Naval Radio Station at Seawall

USS Concord

USS Constitution - Frigate

USS Dolphin

USS Philadelphia

USS Vesuvius


Vagabond - Passenger Boat

Valentine & Sons Publishing Co.

Valhalla - Yawl

Valley Cove and Valley Cove Path

Vanguard - Schooner


Venture - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Venturer - Yawl

Verrill - Almira T. (Verrill) Dix (1838-1918)

Verrill - Hannah Augusta Gott (Verrill) Holden (1850-1920)

Verrill - Harriete Jane (Verrill) Norwood (1865-1949)

Vesta E. (Spear) McRae House and Original Bass Harbor Library

Village Green, Southwest Harbor

Village Improvement Association Hall (V.I.A. Hall)

Village of Bass Harbor

Village of Bernard

Village of Blue Hill

Village of Frenchboro

Village of Manset and Manset Shore

Village of McKinley

Village of Pretty Marsh

Village of Somesville

Village Wash Tub

Vinal Haven - Steamer

Vinalhaven II - Ferry

Vingris - Susan M. Vingris

Virginia - Schooner

Virginia Krebs House

Visions Show 2016


W. H. Ward Jr. Store - Manset

W. Norton & Jennie S. Harper House

W. P. Dickey & Co., Bangor

Wakefield - Anna Margaretta Wakefield (1870-1900)

Wakefield - Frank Mortimer Wakefield (1862-1932)

Wakefield - Jane Maria Perry (Wakefield) Baker (1853-1908) aka Jennie

Wakefield - John Lathrop Wakefield (1859-1924)

Wakefield - Julius Ross Wakefield (1866-1933) aka Jule

Wakefield - Thomas Lafayette Wakefield (1817-1888)

Waldo-Hancock Suspension Bridge

Waldron Bates - The Pathmaker

Walls - Alvin Alonzo Walls (1892-1988)

Walls - Frances Newell (Walls) Wasgatt Leighton Greening Savage (1833-1893) aka Fannie

Walls - Franze Earl Walls (1890-1964)

Walls - John Clement Walls (1833-1899) aka Clem

Walls - Lillian B. (Walls) Hodgdon (1872-1899)

Walls - Mildred Helen (Walls) Rich Dodge (1917-2003)

Walls - Nellie (Walls) Rich (1919-2000)

Walsh - Elizabeth Cantrell (Walsh) Colquhoun aka Leza

Wandabob - Lobster Boat

Ward - Franklin Dolliver Ward (1900-1963)

Ward - Lucy (Ward) Clark (1817-1899)

Ward - William Henry Ward Jr. (1831-1902)

Ward - William Henry Ward Sr. (1831-1902)

Warren A. Dorr House

Warren Andrew Locke House

Warren D. & Dorothy R. Stanley House

Warren G. Rice House

Wass - Helen (Wass) Worcester (1902-1996)

Wass - Henry Bucknam Wass (1906-1986)

Wass - Jones Everett Wass (1881-1956)

Wass - Lester Leighton Wass (1905-1987)

Water's Edge

Watson - Edwin Lucius Watson (1841-1922)

Watson - Helen Ruth Watson (1887-1968)

Watson - Marjorie Beatrice Watson (1893-1913)

Watson - Willis Watson (1859-1928) aka Dr. Watson

Wauwinet - Excursion Steamer

Way Bak - Gay Nineties Balls

Weaver - Miles Waverly Weaver (1923-2014)

Webber - Louise (Webber) Jackson O’Brien (1883-1960)

Webster- Sanford Webster (1873-1940) aka Sandy

Wedge - Harold L. Wedge (1912-1986)

Welch - Caroline Lucy (Welch) Gott (1848-1930) aka Caddie

Weld - Charles Goddard Weld (1857-1911)

Wellington - Raynor Greenleaf Wellington (1880-1965)

Wemmert - Leone Marie (Wemmert) Kellam (1911-2001) aka Nan

Wendell Gilley House

Wendell Gilley Museum

West Bass Harbor School

West Branch No. 2 - Steamer

West End Hotel

West Peak

West Point Cottage

West Quoddy Head Light

West Tremont

West Tremont Brick Company

West Tremont Methodist Church

West Tremont School

Western Mountain

Weston - Frank Corydon Weston (1852-1936)

Westport - Passenger Steamer


W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio

W.H. Thurston Store

Wheelwright - Andrew Cunningham Wheelwright (1827-1908)

Whelpley - Florence (Whelpley) Ober (1864-1938)

Whistler - A-Boat

White - Edwin D. White (1817-1877)

White - Leslie Frank White Sr. (1891-1967)

White - Russell B. White (1915-2009)

White Head Life Saving Station

White Winger - Picnic Boat

Whitecap - Power Ketch

Whitehead Island

Whitehead Light Station

Whitmore - Abigail (Whitmore) Robinson (1829-1906) aka Argo

Whitmore - Elizabeth Rebecca (Whitmore) Stanley (1878-1949)

Whitmore - George C. Whitmore (1864-1940)

Whitmore - Gladys Edna (Whitmore) Butler (1918-2006)

Whitmore - Gladys Ella Whitmore (1887-1977)

Whitmore - Isaac Stanley Whitmore (1820-1906)

Whitmore - James F. Whitmore (1875-1951)

Whitmore - James Tyler Whitmore (1840-1924)

Whitmore - James Whitmore (1796-1882)

Whitmore - Janet Lucy (Whitmore) Earl (1915-2004) aka Jane

Whitmore - Joanna (Whitmore) Whittaker Bean (1825-1851)

Whitmore - John Lawler Whitmore (1879-1933)

Whitmore - Lucy (Whitmore) Stanley (1867-1949)

Whitmore - Mary Elizabeth (Whitmore) Stanley (1853-1924)

Whitmore - Mary S. Whitmore (1888-1925)

Whitmore - Raymond Charles Whitmore (1889-1971)

Whitmore - Rebecca (Whitmore) Lurvey Carroll (1844-1916)

Whitmore - Tyler Allen Whitmore (1911-1947) aka Ty

Whitmore - William Holden Whitmore (1847-1914)

Whitney Electrical Store

Whittaker - Charles Luther Whittaker (1820-1847)

Whittaker - Philena C. (Whittaker) Clark (1846-1921)

Widener - Emma Jane (Widener) Kite Cooper (1837-1901)

Wiggins - James Russell Wiggins (1903-2000)

Wilbur - Mina Vennetta (Wilbur) Gott (1879-1959)

Wilcox - John Angell James Wilcox (1835-1914)

Wild Cliff

Wilder - Ebed Wilder (1806-1877)

Wilder - Milo West Wilder Jr. (1879-1955)

Wilder - Thornton Niven Wilder (1897-1975)

Wilder Blanchard Robbins House


Wilderedge II - Power Cruiser

Wildnauer - Max George Wildnauer (1858-1922)

Wildwood Farm

Wilkinson - Holley Albert Wilkinson (1886-1970)

Wilkinson - Joan (Wilkinson) Morehouse (1915-2004)

Wilkinson - Mary Jane (Wilkinson) Gilley (1836-1917)

William C. Moore House

William Carey - Barque

William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Company

William Dix House

William Doane Stanley House

William E. Murphy's Livery Stable

William Edgar Herrick House

William F. & Blanche E. Spurling House

William F. Dreer Cottage

William Gilley House

William Gilman Parker House

William H. Benson House

William H. Clinkard House

William Henry Winslow House

William Holden Whitmore

William Horace Herrick and Asa Herrick House

William I. Mayo and Annie E. Mayo House

William Joseph Tower House

William Judson Miller Cottage

William Keene - Schooner

William L. & Rhoda Carney House

William Lancaster Gilley Jr. House

William Lawler Farm Property

William Lawler House

William Lawrence Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst

William Lawrence Underwood Stable

William Lawton House

William Lawton Jr. House - 1st House

William Lloyd Carroll House

William Lloyd Carroll's Cash Market

William Patch Dickey Cottage

William R. Keene Boat Builder

William R. Keene House

William S. B. Cram Cotttage

William S. Trask and Belle M. (Higgins) Trask House

William Sampson Bartlett Cram Cottage

William Spurling Newman House

William T. and Elizabeth S. Soukup House

William T. Holmes House

William Underwood Company Lobster Cannery at Steamboat Wharf on Clark Point

William Underwood Factory at McKinley

William W. & Yvonne BIllings House

William W. A. Heath Mill, Seal Cove

William W. Flexner & Magdelen G.H. Flexner Cottage

William Wallace House

William Ward Knowles House

Williams - William G. Williams Jr. (1912-1996)

Willie Marie - Lobster Boat

Willing Cottage

Willis H. Dolliver House

Willis Humphries Ballard House and Studio

Willis Watson House

Wilson - John G. Wilson (1824-1915)

Wilson - Katherine (Wilson) Mason (1858-1955) aka Kate

Wilson - Phoebe F. (Wilson) Gray (1874-1926)

Windfall - Lobster Style Pleasure Boat


Winfred Bennett Joy House

Winslow - Charles-Edward Amory Winslow (1877-1957)

Winslow - Marion Quincy (Winslow) Rand (1868-1915) aka Q

Winslow - William Henry Winslow (1834-1917)

Winter Harbor, Maine

W.M. Prilay, Pittsfield, Me.

Wm. Stevens - Schooner

Woiee - Sardine Carrier

Wolfhound - Lobster Boat


Wooster - Eva (Wooster) Benson (1899-1988)

Worcester - Alfred Small Worcester (1833-1915)

Worcester - Ben Conley Worcester Jr. (1921-2012)

Worcester - Benjamin Conley Worcester Sr. (1882-1978)

Worcester - Donald Orman Worcester (1924-2011)

Worcester - Orman Charles Worcester (1901-1994)

Worcester - Roscoe D. Worcester (1914-2005)

Worcester - Warren Roscoe Worcester (1925- )

WWII War Bond Drive

Wyman - Marion Bigelow Wyman (1856-1902)


XYZ Restaurant


Yampa - Schooner Yacht

Yankee (I) - Schooner

Yard - Elizabeth Booth (Yard) Peterson (1817-1910)

Yarmouth - S.S. Yarmouth - Steamship

Yates - Alonzo Colt Yates (1865-1922)

Yates - Lloyd Deming Yates (1903-1996) aka Dick

Yocum - Sara Jeanette (Yocum) Homer (1899-1981)

Young - Alesa Beatrice (Young) Guite (1914-1993)

Young - Charles Morris Young (1869-1964)

Young - Francis Carroll Young (1903-1984)

Young - Fred Eaton Young (1872-1959)

Young - Lester E. Young (1892-1979)

Young - Rosanna (Young) Mayo (1781-1865)

Young - Virginia Eaton (Young) Wilbur (1905-1986)

Young's Blacksmith Shop


Zora - Manuel Zora (1895-1979)

Zukerman - Morris E. Zukerman.