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1932 Criterion Theatre


A. Bird Cough Store

Abel's Lobster Pound

Addison Packing Camps

Addison Packing Company

A.E. Parker Wharf and Boat Shop

A.J. Huston, Rockland, Me.

A.J. Lawler Canning Factory

A.L. Gilley Barber Shop

Albert Bartlett's Sail Loft

Albert Wilson Bee's Stationery Store and Shop

Alden Designs

Allen J. Lawler Canning Factory

Alvah Dalton Rich Blacksmith Shop

American Art Post Card Co., Boston and Brookline, Mass.

Andy's Little Store

Arthur L. Somes Store


Bass Harbor Boat Shop

Bass Harbor Post Office

Bath Iron Works

Beal Boat Yard

Beal's Bowling Alley at Southwest Harbor

Beal's Bowling Spa - 1951

Benjamin Franklin Joy Photography Studio

Benjamin M. Robinson Ice Pond

Benjamin M. Robinson Wharf

Benson's Laundromat

Bernard Post Office

Bromley & Company, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

Bryant Bradley Studio, Bar Harbor

Bryant Bradley Studio, Southwest Harbor

Bunker and Ellis Boat Company


Capitol Corner Filling Station

Carroll Drug Store

Casco Bay Steamship Company

C.E. Clement’s Boat Shop

C.E. Cook, Bangor, Maine

Centennial Hall

C.H. Rich & Co.

Chisholm Brothers, Portland, Maine

Clark and Parker 2nd Store

Clark and Parker Original Store

Clifton Melbourne Rich Boat Shop

Coal Storage Plant in McKinley

Comerest Lobster Pound

Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois

Cuz' Cafe


D. L. Mayo's Cash Store

Daniel Cough House and Store

Dave's Dairy Delight

Dockside Motel

Dr. Willis Watson's Store

Dried Cod, and Fish Flakes


E.A. Lawler Paint Company

Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company

Eastern Steamship Company and Wharf at Belfast

Eastern Steamship Company, Boston

Eben M. Hamor House and Store

Echo Vista Restaurant

Elmwood Café

Ernest Emery Photography Studio

Ernest T. Richardson's Maplewood Lunch and Tourist Camps

Ezra R. Norwood - Octavia Fifield House


Farnsworth Fish Factory

Farrington - The Farrington Studio

F.C. Weston Photography Studio

Fernald's Store

Franklin Ward Machine Shop

Fred Mayo's Carpenter Shop - 1st Location

Fred Mayo's Carpenter Shop - 2nd Location

Fred Mayo's Ice Cream Parlor

Freeman Store

Freeman's Wharf


George W. Billings Blacksmith Shop

Gilley Plumbing

Gordon & White Garage

Granite Quarries of Mount Desert Island

G.W. Morris, Portland, Maine


Hall Quarry

Hannah Bunker Gilley’s Millinery and Fancy Goods

Harborside Industries

Harding's Wharf, Bernard

Henry C. Rand & Co.

Henry E. Tracy Ice Pond

Henry R. Abel & Co.

Henry R. Hinckley Company

H.G. Reed Store

Higgins Blacksmith Shop

Hinckely Company

Hinckley Yachts

Hinton's Antique Shop

Hot Flash Anny

Howard E. Robinson Garage

H.S. Crocker Co. Publishing, San Francisco, CA.


Ike Stanley's Antique Shop

I.L. Hammond and Co., Lewiston, Maine

Island Telephone Company

I.T. Moore's Photography Studio


J.A. Thompson, Ellsworth, Me.

Jackson Laboratory

Jackson Market

James H. Rich Boatyard

James Parker's Wharf

Jarvis Newman Boat Yard

J.C. Ralph Studio and Store

J.L. Stanley & Sons

J.L. Stanley Fisheries Ice Pond

J.L Stanley Fishery

J.N. Mills & Co. Cash Store

J.N. Mills Oil Company and Storage Facility

Jordan Pond House

J.W. Stinson and Son


L & G Stanley

Lawlor Ice Business

Lawton Block

Llewellyn J. Norwood's Livery Stable

Lobsterland Restaurant

Luther S. Phillips, Bangor, Maine

Lyle Arlington Reed Store


Machiasport Canning Company

Manset Boat Yard

Manset Marine Supply Company

Mayo Picture Theater

McEachern & Hutchins Inc.

McKinley Canning Company

McKinley Fish & Freezer Co.

McKinley Post Office

McMullen Quarry

McMullin Store

Mert's Gift Shop, Southwest Harbor

Metropolitan News Company, Boston, MA.

Moore's Garage

Morris - George W. Morris

Morris Yacht Company

Mrs. Lawton's Tea Room and Candy Shop

M.T. Sheahan Publisher, Boston, Mass.


Nelson Herrick Farm

Nubble Quarry


O. Crosby Bean Souvenir Goods, Bangor, Maine

Ocean View Hotel

Octavia Fifield Millinery


Park Theater, Southwest Harbor

Perry Warrington Richardson Store

Pier One - Dock End

Postcard Publishers

Power & Robinson Machine and Repair Shop


Ralph Stanley Inc.

Rich & Grindle Boatbuilders

R.J. Lemont's Drug Store

R.M. Norwood Company

Ronald Rich Boat Shop


Samuel Langdorf & Co., New York, New York

Sawin's Cambridge Express

Sawyer's Market

Scenic Gems

Seawall Dining Room

Seawall Motel

Seth W. Norwood Law Office

Sim Mayo's Garage

Simeon Holden Mayo's Blacksmith and Bicycle Shop

Simeon Holden Mayo's Boatshop and Wharf

Smith R. Savage's Store

Southwest Boat Corporation

Southwest Harbor Motor Company

Southwest Harbor Motor Company Garage

Southwest Harbor Post Office

Southwest Harbor Post Office at 340 Main Street

Southwest Harbor Water Company

Southwest Motor Inn

Stanley Dry Plate Company

S.W. Newman Store

Swans Island / McKinley Bass Harbor Ferry

Sylvester W. Dorr Carpenter Shop


The A. G. Bain Co., Northeast Harbor, Me.

The Albertype Company, Brooklyn, NY

The Book Room, Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Cheese House

The Claremont Hotel

The Hugh C. Leighton Company, Portland, Maine

The Medical Office of Dr. Abigail Fulton and Dr. Alexander Fulton

The Robbins Bros. Co., Boston, Mass. and Germany

The Wyanoak Publishing Co., New York City

Theara Hilton & Co., Portland, Me.

Trundy's Market

T.W. Jackson & Son


Unknown Businesses

Unknown People


Valentine & Sons Publishing Co.

Village Wash Tub

Vinalhaven II - Ferry


W. H. Ward Jr. Store - Manset

W. P. Dickey & Co., Bangor

West Tremont Brick Company

W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio

W.H. Thurston Store

Whitney Electrical Store

William E. Murphy's Livery Stable

William Lloyd Carroll's Cash Market

William Underwood Company Lobster Cannery at Steamboat Wharf on Clark Point

William Underwood Factory at McKinley

W.M. Prilay, Pittsfield, Me.


XYZ Restaurant


Young's Blacksmith Shop