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1889 Bar Harbor Record Newspaper from March 14

1967 Bar Harbor Times Newspaper, Fire of 1947 Anniversary Supplement

73-foot Yacht is Ready


A Barney Beal Ballad

A Biography of Ruth Moore of Gott’s Island, Maine

A Cheese-shaped Building

A Friendship Comes Home

A Literary Refuge: Ruth Moore and Eleanor Mayo

A Natural Heroine

Advertisement for Albert W. Bee, Stationer, Bar Harbor, Maine

Advertisement for Mrs. Tom Thumb

Advertisement for William Underwood & Co

Alden Yawls Nirvana and Valhalla

Annabelle's: Untying the Apron Strings at a "Backside" Institution

Article about John Lenzy Stanley in Maine - A History

Article About Rich and Grindle Boatbuilders

Article About the Board of Selectmen in the Town of Tremont - 1905

Article and Photograph About Howe D. Higgins' Hobby Business

Article from Happy Days - Civilian Conservation Camp Newspaper

Article from "The Day" about the Schooner Pendleton Sisters

At the dedication of a tablet to the memory of George Edward Street, pastor, in Phillips church, Exeter, New Hampshire, January 14, 1906

Atwater Kent - Inventor, Industrialist and Philanthropist

Austin 'Castle' in Maine Has Odd History


Bar Harbor Days

Beal's Bowling Spa Opened Last Week in Southwest Harbor

Boatswain Denies Writing Report

Bowdoin Cottage being built in Bar Harbor

Bud Long's Birding Notebook from 1949

Building Demolition Changes SWH Landscape

Building the Better Lobster Trap

Bygone Bar Harbor - A Postcard Tour of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park


Cape Plans Royal Salute on M-Day

Cap't Bunker's Boy

Capt. Thurston's Death Recalls Old Shipwreck

Captain John Theodore Stanley

Castle in Maine Mournful Relic of Mining Boom

Charles Eliot, Landscape Architect, A Lover Of Nature And Of His Kind, Who Trained Himself For A New Profession, Practised It Happily And Through It Wrought Much Good

Chisholms Mount Desert Guide Book, page 72

Chisolm's Mount Desert Guide-Book, page 75

Chris's Pond: A Town's Memories are Etched in Ice


Damaged by Sunday's Storm

Directory and Hand Book

Dix - Holden - Boathouse Site - Mary Jones House

Dodge - Thomas Ellison Oliver Dodge

Dunn - Gano Sillick Dunn


Eagle's Perch Tea House Advertisement

Eden Hall: Summer Home of T.B. Musgrave

Edgecliff - Summer Residence of Samuel Morse and Annie Sawyer Downs - Details - 1186

Ex-Banker in Sanitarium: Effort to Secure Thomas B. Musgrave's Release

Excerpts about the State Normal School at Castine, Maine


Failure of T.B. Musgrave

Famous Hotel's End - Rodick House

Fannie and Donald Mayo Obituary

Fiddle Making

Fire, Obliteration, Mission 66, and Park Trails Program, 1943-2003

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 1, 1878

Free Rides to See Mayflower Thrills Provincetown Youth

Freezes to Death After Going Mad

Friendship Sloop Sinks, Five Aboard Rescued


George Bucknam Dorr - the Father of Acadia National Park

Gotts Island Maine - Its People 1880-1992

Gotts Island, Maine by Jane M. Holmes

Gott's Store Celebrates 75 Years

Greetings from Maine: A Postcard Album


Hall Quarry

Halloween Fun Planned for SWH Library

Has Come Here for 68 Summers: A.L. Higgins Tells of Henry Rand's First Visits

Heavenly Crown Rich

Henry L. Rand: Photographer & Visual Diarist

Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon

Hinckley Yawl in Transpacific Yacht Club Race

Homer - A.B. Homer Obituary

Homesick For That Place: Ruth Moore Writes About Maine

"Humorous Poems" by Thomas Hood


Jennie Mason Obituary

J.I. Simmons Ends Life in Home in Montclair


Kennebunkport hotelier buys the Claremont Hotel


Leffingwell Estate Lawsuit

Lost Bar Harbor


Maine Central Institute

Maine Cottages: Fred L. Savage and the Architecture of Mount Desert

Maine Yard Building Sixty-Foot Yachts

Making Wood Sing

Mattie Dolliver: Dairy Farmer at the Age of 75

Mildred Priscilla Rufsvold - University of Wisconsin

Montell Gott Lives Alone On Island Ancestors Bought 162 Years Ago

Mount Desert Island, and the Cranberry Isles.

Mount Desert Souvenir : Fifteenth Annual Excursion of the Massachusetts Press Association, July 5-9, 1884

Mount Desert Views 1884

Mount-Desert Guide-Book, page 70

Museum Traces Island's History - Abbe Museum Blends Ruth Moore Poetry With Great Gott Island Artifacts

Musgrave Freed: Justice Freedman Releases the ex-Banker from a Sanitarium

Musgrave's Unique Suit: What Wall Street Knows of the Father's Business Career

My Grandmother Lived for the Factory Whistle


Native Birds of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park

Neck Broken by Fall: Esteemed Southwest Harbor Woman Victim of Sad Accident

Newman's legacy, and his boats, will sail on

Newspaper Article Describing George Cough and His Family

"No Seat Without a Sweeping View of the Ocean"

Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast


Obituary for Chester E. Clement

Obituary for Dr. Daniel Gould in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

Obituary for Gladys (Manzer) Muir

Obituary for Hannah Kent Schoff


Paintings of the Late Philip Lyford on Display at Westport

Pathmakers: Cultural Landscape Report for the Historic Hiking Trail System of Mount Desert Island

Pemetic Yearbook 1921

Pemetic Yearbook 1922

Pemetic Yearbook 1923

Pemetic Yearbook 1924

Pemetic Yearbook 1925

Pemetic Yearbook 1926

Pemetic Yearbook 1927

Pemetic Yearbook 1928

Pemetic Yearbook 1929

Pemetic Yearbook 1930

Pemetic Yearbook 1931

Pemetic Yearbook 1932

Pemetic Yearbook 1933

Pemetic Yearbook 1934

Pemetic Yearbook 1935

Pemetic Yearbook 1936

Pemetic Yearbook 1937

Pemetic Yearbook 1938

Pemetic Yearbook 1939

Pemetic Yearbook 1940

Pemetic Yearbook 1941

Pemetic Yearbook 1942

Pemetic Yearbook 1943

Pemetic Yearbook 1944

Pemetic Yearbook 1945

Pemetic Yearbook 1946

Pemetic Yearbook 1947

Pemetic Yearbook 1948

Pemetic Yearbook 1949

Pemetic Yearbook 1950

Pemetic Yearbook 1951

Pemetic Yearbook 1952

Pemetic Yearbook 1953

Pemetic Yearbook 1954

Pemetic Yearbook 1955

Pemetic Yearbook 1956

Pemetic Yearbook 1957

Pemetic Yearbook 1958

Pemetic Yearbook 1959

Pemetic Yearbook 1960

Pemetic Yearbook 1961

Pemetic Yearbook 1962

Pemetic Yearbook 1963

Pemetic Yearbook 1964

Pemetic Yearbook 1965

Pemetic Yearbook 1966

Pemetic Yearbook 1967

Pemetic Yearbook 1968

Perennial Parents

Poem about the view from Bald (Cadillac) Mountain as seen by Mogg Megone

Poem "For Elizabeth......"

President and Mrs. Roosevelt on board Amberjack II at Southwest Harbor, Maine

Presley Dixon Holmes - University of Wisconsin

Provincetown Profiles And Others On Cape Cod - Chapter IX Manny Zora

Public Gets Rare Glimpse at Historic Acadia Gatekeeper’s Home


Recovered - Friendship Sloop-Maine Sloop Boat

Recovered Sloop Can Be Fixed, Owner Says

Rescue is a worthy 'Endeavor'

Ruth Moore Remembered


Safe Racing

Sawyer's Market 60th Anniversary

Seabells Account of Endeavor Incident

Seagoing Power Boat

Seawall Dining Room - Back Room Lounge

Seawall Motel Plans Grand Opening Sunday

Sketches of Brooks History

Sleeping Homecomers Victims of Rear-end Collision

Sloop Sinks During Race

Southwest Harbor Public Library - The Original Fireplace Screen

State Receives Low Bid of $5.35 Million for Demolition of Waldo-Hancock Bridge

Steamship "Cimbria" - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 1, 1878

Subscribers of Island Telephone Company - Southwest Harbor and Tremont

Sunken sardine carrier going nowhere


The Battle of Norwood's Cove: Southwest Harbor's Victory over the British in the War of 1812

The Coit Excursion

The Difficulties That Led Edward Sprague Rand to Leave the United States And Move to Para, Brazil, in 1877

The Edgecliff For Sale or Rent

The Forgotten Millions - John Gilley

The Hinckley Story

"The House That Anne Built" - book by Thomas Coleman, age 8 c.

The House that Ruth and Eleanor Built

The Inmans and the Coopers Celebrate

The Kellams Rowed Their Dory, Tracing An Island Story

The Last U.S. Sardine Factory Shutting Its Doors

The Mayflower and Mount Desert Island

The Mt. Mansell Museum

The New Yacht Yampa: Putting the Finishing Touches to Mr. Chapin's Steel Schooner

The Revenue Man - Catching Smugglers During Prohibition Was Tough Work

The Rugged Maine Coast Produces a Hard-Working Breed of Mankind

The Soldier in Our Civil War

The Spruce Bough For Sale

The Stanleys of Cranberry Isles…and Other Colorful Characters.

The Wind and the Wood

Thomas B. Musgrave Obituary

Traditions and records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville, Mount Desert Island, Maine

Tribute Upon the Death of George Ripley Fuller


Venice - Guidebook and Gondolas


Well-Known Women Novelists Build Own Home Of CCC Camp Lumber

W.H. Ballard, Maine Photographer - A Life of Ingenuity & Art

William H. Clinkard House Walk

Wind Gusts Sink Sloop


Yacht Digest article about Hinckley Yawl Nirvana