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A. Bird Cough Store

Abel's Lobster at Bernard

Abenaki - Rev. Charles Herrick Cutler Cottage

Abraham Somes III House

Adaline W. Fisher and Laura Reeve Cottage - Lilac Cottage

Addison Packing Camps

Addison Packing Company and J.W. Stinson and Son

Adoniram Judson Robinson House

A.E. Parker - C.E. Clement - SW Boat Wharf

A.I. Holmes Store

Albert Wilson Bee Cottage

Albert Wilson Bee, Stationery Stores, Bar Harbor, Maine 1887

Albion K.P. Lunt House

Alexandra Cottage - Dr. Abigail Mary (Redman) Fulton Cottage

Alice C. Allyn House

Allen J. Lawler Canning Factory

Alma E. Hallenborg House

American Legion

American Legion Shown on Town of Southwest Harbor - Tax Map 6

Andrew Hopewell Hepburn Cottage

Andrew Tarr II House

Andrew Tarr Property

Andrew Tucker/Andrew H. Haynes House

Andy's Little Store

Anemone Cave

ANP - Duck Brook Bridges

Anson Irving Holmes House

Anson Irving Holmes House and Store

Anthony House

Appalachian Mountain Club Camp

Arnold Arboretum in Relation to the Rand and Winslow House in Jamaica Plain

Arthur L. Somes House

Arthur Pierce Butler House

Ashmont Hotel

Asticou Hotel

Augustus Bowman Farnham Cottage


Back Beach

Baker Island Light

Balance Rock

Balla Cragga

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor - MCRR Ferry Landing

Bar Harbor Airport

Bar Harbor Casino

Bar Harbor Express

Bar Harbor Shore Path

Barque Beach Inn

Bartlett Sail Loft

Bass Harbor

Bass Harbor Boat Shop

Bass Harbor Boulder

Bass Harbor Country Store

Bass Harbor Light

Bass Harbor Marsh

Bass Harbor Memorial Library

Bass Harbor Post Office

Bay View House

Beal Yard later Morris Yard

Beal's Bowling Alley

Beal's Fish Wharf

Bear Island

Beech Hill

Bee's Bar Harbor Store

Bemis House

Benjamin B. Hinckley House

Benjamin Robinson Wharf

Benson Wharf


Bernard to McKinley

Billings - John Latty House

Blue Hill Bay Light

Blueberry Mooring

Bradley's Bar Harbor Studio

Bradley's Southwest Harbor Studio

Brainard Randall Simmons House

Bridge Near President Charles William Eliot's House in Northeast Harbor


Brooks Maine

Brown Mountain Gatehouse

Building of Arts, Eden

Byron Heman Mayo - Hinckley House

Byron Lewis Robinson House


Capt. Clark House and Albert Wilson Bee Cottage

Capt. Nathan Clark House

Captain Nathan Adam Reed House


Causeway Club

CCC Commander's House

CCC Eagle Lake Camp

CCC Great Pond Camp

Centennial Hall

Center Maine

Central Filling Station

Central House

Champlain Monument

Champlain Monument - Original Site

Champlain Society's Camp Pemetic

Charles A. Townsend House

Charles B. Hazeltine House

Charles Eaton Spurling House

Charles Fletcher Dole Cottage - The Ledge

Charles Rudd Burke Cottage

Chesuncook Lake

Christ Church

Church of the Messiah

Clark and Parker 2nd Store

Clark and Parker Small Wharf

Clark and Parker Store

Clark Point

Clark Point Circa 1885 - Annotated

Clark Point to Manset View

Clark Point Working Area

Clay Pits

Clay Pits Pumping Station

Clifton House Hotel

Clifton M. Rich House and Shop

Conant Sisters Cottage

Cooper and Kaighn Cottages

Cooper Point

Corson - Northeast Harbor

Cranberry Isles Life Saving Station

Crocker Park

Crockett Cove

Cromwell Harbor Road

Custom House

Customs House, Eastport

Cuz Caf


Daniel Cough House and Store

Day - Brown - Cook - Mann House

Deacon's Cove

Deep Cove

Dennis Driscoll House

Descripsion Des Costs & Isles De La Nouvelle France, Faict et Observes par Le Sr. de Champlain - 1607

Dirigo Hotel and Beach

Dix - Simeon Amasa Holden Boat House

Dix - Simeon Amasa Holden House

Dorothy Elder Marcus Cottage - High Tide

Dr. Lemont Store II

Duck Brook

Dudley B. Dolliver I House

Dudley L. Mayo House


E. Augustus Birlem House

E.A. Lawler House

Eagle Lake

Eastern Maine Insane Hospital

Eastern Yacht Club Pier

Ebed Wilder House

Eben B. Clark House

Eben M. Hamor House and Store

Edgar M. Cousins Cottage

Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. Cottage

Edgar Newman - Oscar Seavey House

Edward and Rufus McKay Property

Edward Johnson House

Edward Reid McLean House

Edward Sumner Macomber Cottage

Edwin A. Clark House and Three Chimneys

Edwin Lucius Watson House

Egg Rock Light

Eleazer Bartlett Homer Cottage

Eleazer Bartlett Homer House

Eleazer Bartlett Homer House in Belmont, Massachusetts

Elisha Crane House as Thomas Clark House

Elisha Gilley House

Ellen Kaighn McInnes House

Ellsworth Public Library

Emma Joyce Gott's Camp

Enoch Boynton Stanley Property

Epps L. Hadlock House

E.S. Thurston House

Everett Cottage

Everett George Stanley House

Ezra Herrick Dodge I House

Ezra R. Norwood - Octavia Fifield House


Farnsworth Store

Fernald Farm

Fernald's Store

First Congregational Church

Fosters Wharf

Fox Dens

Francis B. Gilman House

Francis Charles Foster Cottage

Franklin Ward Machine Shop

Freeman House at Pretty Marsh

Freeman House Hotel

Freeman Store


Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts


George B. Reed House

George Benjamin Dolliver House

George Delorin Atherton House

George Henry Browne House

Gilley Plumbing

Gordon and White Garage

Grand Lake Stream

Grand Pré

Great Cranberry Island

Great Duck Island and Light Station

Great Gott Island - Gott's Island and Little Gott's Island

Great Head

Great Head, Sand Beach, and Otter Cliffs

Green Mountain and Eagle Lake

Green Mountain House

Green Mountain, later Cadillac Mountain

Green Mountain Railway

Greening Island

G.W. Billings Blacksmith


Hall Quarry

Hamor Wharf

Hancock County Jail and Court House

Hannah Kent Schoff Cottage - Ledgemere

Harbor View Motel

Hardwood Island

Heath Store

Helen Ruthven Dexter House

Henry Arthur Inman Cottage - Sutherlands

Henry Clark and William Gilman Parker Houses

Henry Clay Rand House

Henry Lathrop Rand House, Eliot Street, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Henry Wilder Foote II Cottage - House of Four Winds

H.G. Reed House

H.G. Reed Store

Hibbard - Mayo - Carpenter House

Higgins Blacksmith Shop

High Head

Hinckley Boat Yard

Hinckley House

Howard N. Bacon - L Sterling Newell Jr. Cottage I

Howe D. Higgins House

Hunnewell - Popham Beaches

Hunters Beach and Hunters Beach Head


Ike Stanley's Antique Shop

Indian Camp at Bar Harbor, Second Location

Indian Lot

Inman - Kaighn - Goodwin and Bee Cottages

Inn at Southwest Harbor

Isaac Herrick House

Isaac Stanley Whitmore House

Island House

Island House Dock

Island House Tennis Court

Islesford - Sawtelle Museum


J.A. Somes - Nutting House

Jackson House Area

Jackson Market

Jacob Schoppy Mayo House

Jamaica Pond

James A. Freeman House

James E. Robinson House

James Lawton - George A. Neal House

James Whitmore House

Jarvis Newman Boat Yard

J.C. Ralph Store

J.D. Phillips House to Congregational Church

Jenny Rand House

Jimmy's Point

J.N. Mills Oil Co.

John C. Ralph House

John Cummins Harmon House

John Cummins Harmon II - Simmons House

John Dodge Lurvey House

John G. Trufry House

John Gilley House on Sutton

John Lenzey Stanley House

John Melbourne Rich House I

John Melbourne Rich House III

John Reynold I House

John Robinson House at Center

John S. Moore Farm

John T.R. Freeman House

John T.R. Freeman's Wharf

Johns Island from Bernard

Jonah Corson House

Jonathan Stewart House I

Jonathan Stewart House II

Jordan Mountain

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond House

Joseph B. Mason House

Joseph Dana Phillips House

Joseph Gilley House

Julia Child House

Julia Russell Long Whittier Cottage


Kennedy Cottage - Kenarden

Kimball House Hotel

Kingfield Maine

Kings Point


Lawlor Ice Business

Leonard Y. Stanley's House

Leslie C. Ober House

Lewis Freeman Gott House / Trask House

Location of Bryant Bradley Studio, Bar Harbor, Maine

Location of James Baldwin House

Location of Southwest Harbor High School and Freeman Grammar School

Long Cove

Long Pond as Great Pond

Longfellow Park

Lorenzo S. Trask House

Lower Town Dock (2)

Lunt's Harbor

Lurvey Brook

Lurvey Lands

Lyman Harper House


MacDuffie School

Mackerel Cove

Maine Central Institute

Maine Central RR Wharf

Maine Central Wharf, Hancock

Malvern Hotel (2)

Manchester Point

Manset Marine Supply

Manset School

Manset Union Church and Manset Library

Map of Wonderland

Marsh, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Mary C. Kaighn House

Mary Ellen Chase House

Masonic Hall

Maurice Richardson Rich House


McKinley Ferry

McKinley, Maine

McKinley School

McKinley to Bernard

Merchants Row

Merrill B. King House - 1881

Merrill B. King House - 1921

Methodist Church

Mitchell's Cove

Moore's Garage

Morris Augustus Dolliver House

Morrow Cottage

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Katahdin

Moving the George Ripley Fuller House

Musgrave Tea Tower


Nathan Carlton Smallidge House

Nathan Clark III House

Nathan H. Stanley House

Nathaniel Gott Jr. House

Nehemiah Higgins House

Nell Rebecca Carroll Thornton House

Nelson Herrick Farm

Newport House

Norton Estate

Norwood Carpenter Shop and Gilley Plumbing

Norwood Cove School

Norwood Road

Norwood's Cove


Oak Point

Ocean Drive

Ocean House (2)

Odd Fellows Hall

Office of Dr. Alexander Fulton and Dr. Abigail Mary (Redman) Fulton in Ellsworth

Old Center Meeting House

Oliver H. Fernald House

Olsen Memorial Chapel

Osborne Milton Kittridge House and Store

Otter Cliff Radio Station

Otter Cove

Otter Point


ParĂ¡, Brazil

Park Theater

Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station

Pemetic High School

Pemetic Hotel - aka The Castle

Perry Warrington Richardson House

Perry Warrington Richardson Store

Peter Dolliver IV House

Peter Theodore Benson Jr. House

Philip Moore House

Pickering Square

Pierce Head

Pine Lodge

Porcupine Hotel

Power & Robinson Machine and Repair Shop

Preble's Cove

Pretty Marsh

Prof. Taussig's Cambridge House


Race Point

Ralph Merrill Grindle House

Ralph Ober Phippen House

Ralph Warren Stanley House

Rev. Frank Judson Goodwin Cottage

Rich & Grindle Boat Shop

Richard Edson Rowse Sr. Cottage

Richardson's Wharf

Robert Gott II House

Robert Kaighn Cottage

Robert Kaighn House

Robert S. Stanley House

Roberts House Hotel

Robie Melvin Norwood Jr. House

Robin Hood Park

Robinson - Long - Carroll House

Rock End Dock (2)

Rock End Hotel

Rodick House Hotel

Ronald Rich Boatshop

Ross House and Store as Cedarcroft

Route of the Kaiser Wilhelm II to Europe

Rufus McKay House

Rumills Hub

Rumills Island

Russell L. Gott's Camp


Samuel Champion Cooper Cottage

Samuel de Champlain's Patache - 1613

Samuel de Champlain's Shallop - 1613

Samuel Lurvey Jr. House

Samuel Morse Downs Cottage - Edgecliff

Samuel Spurling Newman House

Samuel Watson Herrick House

Sargeant Drive

Satterlee Tea House

Saw Mill

Sawyers Market

Schoodic Point

Seal Cove

Seal Harbor (2)

Seaside Inn


Seawall Dining Room

Seawall Hotel


Seth H. Higgins - Simeon Holden Mayo House

Seth Hamilton Rice House and Fred Alberto Birlem House

Seth Higgins - Alice Gilley Gilley House

Seth Higgins Clark House

Seth Sprague Thornton House

Sieur De Monts

Sim Mayo's Garage - later Moores Etc.

Smith R. Savage's Store

Soldiers Monument

Soly Edward Caruso House

Somes Harbor

Somes House Hotel

Somes Sound from Somesville

Somes Sound from Southwest Harbor



South Seal Cove School

Southwest Boat Corporation

Southwest Harbor - Main Street and Clark Point Road and Surrounding Town

Southwest Harbor Aerial

Southwest Harbor Fire House I

Southwest Harbor Primary School

Southwest Harbor Public Library

Southwest Harbor to Houlton - Train

Spouting Horn

Squid Cove


St. John's Chapel

St. Johns Episcopal Church

St. Sauveur Hotel

Stanley Fisheries

Stanley House Hotel

Steamboat Wharf at Belfast

Steamboat Wharf at Southwest Harbor

Steamship Wharf at Bernard

Sutton Island

S.W. Newman Store

Swans Island Ferry

SWH to Houlton by Auto

Swimming Club Pool


The Alexander H. Norwood / Oscar Arey Tolman House

The American House

The Boiler

The Causeway

The Causeway, Norwood's Cove

The Cedars

The Claremont Hotel

The Dickey

The Ducks

The Exchange Hotel

The Eyrie

The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P)

The Hancock House

The Head, Gotts Island

The Lindens

The Lyceum

The Moorings

The Mount Desert House

The Mountain House - Carroll Homestead

The Narrows at Somes Sound

The Ovens - aka Cathedral Rock

The Porcupines

The Toll Bridge

The Washington Elm

Thomas R. Milan House

Thomas Smith Robinson House

Three Chimneys to Ross Store

Thunder Hole (2)

Town of Northeast Harbor

Town of Southwest Harbor - Tax Map 3

Tracy Cove

Trundy's Market

Try House Point


Underwood Boston House

Underwood Factory at McKinley

Union Church

Union Church at Southwest Harbor

Union Church at Tremont

Upper Hadlock Pond and Lower Hadlock Pond

US Naval Radio Station


Valley Cove

Valley Cove Path

Vesta E. (Spear) McRae House

V.I.A. Hall

View from J.C. Ralph Shop to Adelbert Alden Gilley House

View of Bar Harbor from Schoolhouse Hill

View of Clark Point from Manset

Village Green

Village of Manset and Manset Shore


W. H. Ward Jr. Store - Manset

Warren Andrew Locke House

Water Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Water Tower

West Bass Harbor School in Bernard

West End Hotel

West Point Cottage

West Quoddy Head Light

West Tremont

West Tremont Methodist Church

White Star Docks

Wilder Blanchard Robbins House

Wildwood Farm

William C. Moore House

William Dix House

William Doane Stanley House

William Edgar Herrick House

William Gilley Jr. House

William Gilman Parker House

William H. Clinkard House

William Henry Winslow House, Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain

William Holden Whitmore House

William Horace Herrick and Asa Herrick House

William Irving Mayo House

William Lawler House

William Lawton Jr - George E. Street House

William Patch Dickey Cottage

William R. Keene House

William Sampson Brooks Cram Cottage

William Spurling Newman House

William W. A. Heath Mill, Seal Cove

Willis Humphries Ballard House and Studio

Willis Watson Property

Winter Harbor


Young's Blacksmith Shop