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Acadia Night Sky Poster - 2009

Advertisement for 1914 Model Peerless Bicycle

Advertisement for Albert W. Bee, Stationer, Bar Harbor, Maine

Advertisement for Bath Iron Works (2)

Advertisement for Bay View House, Pretty Marsh, Maine

Advertisement for Forest City Side Wheel Steamer

Advertisement for Freeman House Hotel

Advertisement for Freeman House, S.A. Holden, Island House & St. Sauveur House

Advertisement for Hartford Marine Engines

Advertisement for Jordan Pond House (3)

Advertisement for Mrs. Tom Thumb

Advertisement for S.H. Mayo Motor Boats and Automobiles

Advertisement for the Clifton Melbourne Rich Boat Shop

Advertisement for the Green Mountain House

Advertisement for the Portland, Bangor and Machias Steamboat Company

Advertisement for the Steamer Golden Rod

Advertisement for William Underwood & Co

Advertisement from the Directory and Hand Book - 1931 - Southwest Harbor, Manset and Tremont

Advertisements from the Directory and Hand Book - 1931 - Southwest Harbor, Manset and Tremont

Advertising Card for F.C, Weston Photography Studio

Advertising from the "Directory and Hand Book - 1931 - Southwest Harbor, Manset and Tremont"

Arthur L. Somes - Advertisement


Beal's Bowling Spa Opened Last Week in Southwest Harbor

Business Card for Harborside Industries

Business Card for William Edgar Herrick's Farm, Southwest Harbor

Business Card of Charles Leon Lawson


Carroll Drug Store Advertisement

Catalog Page for 1924 Essex Automobile

C.W. Lawler Ice Advertisement


Eagle's Perch Tea House Advertisement

Elmwood Café

Ernest E. Emery's Photography Studio Logo - Reverse of a Cabinet Card


Francis Emeritz Hamabe Poster, Southwest Harbor


Gilley Plumbing Company Sign


Hinckley 32

Hinckley Advertising


L and G Stanley Directory and Handbook

Logo of B.F.Joy's Photographic Art Studio on the reserve of a cabinet photo

Logo on the Reverse of a Cabinet Card


Maine Central Railroad Advertisement


Neptune Theater at H.G. Reed's Store, McKinley, Maine - Advertisement 1938

New Seawall Motel Announcement


R.M. Norwood Company Sign


Seawall Dining Room - Back Room Lounge

Seawall Dining Room and Motel Flyer

Sign from A.W. Bee, Stationer, Bar Harbor Store

Southwest Harbor Then & Now 2015 Cover Poster

Southwest Harbor Visions 2016 Cover Poster

Steamer Cimbia in an Advertisement for The Bangor and Bar Harbor Line

Steamship "Cimbria" - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 1, 1878


The Ashmont Hotel - Advertisement

The Ashmont Hotel - Freeman Cottage

The Claremont Hotel - Advertisement

The Dirigo Hotel - Advertisement

The Edgecliff For Sale or Rent

The Edward Sumner Macomber Cottage, Eagle's Perch Tea House Sign

The Island House - Advertisement

The Island House - Advertisement - II - After 1890

The Island House Sign

The Spruce Bough For Sale

The Stanley Fish Corporation Advertisement

The Stanley House Brochure Cover


Wet Paint - Lawler Paint Company Sign

W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio - Advertisement

W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio - Logo from Postcard

W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio Logo from Postcard - Designed by May Salsbury

W.H. Ballard Anchor Light Studio Sign Display

W.H. Davis, Bar Harbor Buckboard Builder Advertisement