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1887 Scientific American Plans for a Residence in Kansas City, Missouri


Abner Pomroy House at Goose Cove

Abraham Somes III House

Abram Winegardner Harris House

Adelbert O. Gilley House

Adoniram Judson Robinson House

Albert 'Bert' Robinson House

Albert Bartlett House

Albert Paris Torrey House

Albert Wilson Bee Cottage

Albion K.P. Lunt House

Alice Carpenter Allyn House

Alice E. (Gilley) Gilley House

Alice J. (Gilley) Morris House

Alice J. Dolliver House

Allen Jacob Lawler House

Alma A. Newman Ward House

Alma E. Hallenborg House

Almira T. (Verrill) Dix and Captain Charles B. Dix Boat House

Almira T. (Verrill) Dix and Captain Charles B. Dix House

Almon Frank Ramsdell’s 2nd Garage

Alton Billings House

Alton Elwell Trundy House

Alvah Dolliver House

Ambrose Alden Stanley House

Amos B. Newman House

Amos Dolliver House

Amos Herrick Bracy House

Amos Sheldon Brown House

Andrew Edward Parker House

Andrew Hopewell Hepburn Cottage

Andrew J. Butler House

Andrew Tarr II House

Andrew Tarr Property

Andrew Tucker / Andrew H. Haynes House

Andrew Walter Bennett House

Ansel Lyman Harper House

Anson Irving Holmes House

Artemas Jean Haines Richardson House

Arthur L. Somes House

Arthur Osborne Willauer Cottage (2)

Arthur R. & Dorothy J. Lurvey House

Arthur T. Richardson House

Ashmont Hotel


Barton Haxall Grundy Cottage, "Journey's End"

Bay View

Beatrice M. Seavey Black House

Benjamin Barrett Hinckley House (2)

Benjamin Benson House

Benjamin Conley Worcester House

Benjamin Conley Worcester Store

Benjamin Dolliver House

Benjamin F. Dolliver House

Benjamin Moore House

Benjamin Robinson Smokehouse

Benjamin Thomas Dolliver House

Benjamin Ward House (2)

Bertha Herrfeldt House

Bion B. Reynolds House

Brainard Randall Simmons House

Bryon Heman Mayo House

Byron Lewis Robinson House


Capt. Joseph Bassett Norwood House

Capt. M. Nicholas Tucker Jr. House

Capt. Nathan Clark House

Capt. Nichols House

Capt. Robert B. Dix House

Capt. W. Stanley House

Captain Jacob Schoppy Mayo House

Captain James Long House

Captain Joseph Whitmore House

Captain Levi Robinson House

Captain Nathan Adam Reed House

Carl Colson Lawson Jr. House

Carl Edward Kelley House

Carl Fulton Dolliver House

Carrie V. Davis Torrey House

Central House

Charles A. Townsend House

Charles B. Hazeltine House

Charles E. Cook House

Charles E. Haynes House

Charles E. Stanley House

Charles Eaton Spurling House

Charles F. Carter House

Charles Goddard Weld House, Boston

Charles Morris Young Studio

Charles P. Torrey House

Charles Wallace Birlem House

Charles Walter Marion House

Charles William Eliot House in Northeast Harbor

Chester Calvin Robbins House

Chester Eben Clement House

Chester Harvard Clement House

Chester Warren Stanley House

Christian Carson Febiger Cottage

Christopher Gerath House

Christopher Wendell Lawler House

Clara A. Richardson House

Clarence and Mary Zantzinger House

Clarence Elmer Wallace House

Clarence Freeman Joy House

Clarence Mortimer Gott / Eva Colson Dorr Reed House

Clark Hopkins House

Clifton Melbourne Rich House

Colton Estate Guest House

Congregational Church Parsonage

Cove's End - The John C. Harmon House - The Grace M. Simmons House


Daniel Cough House and Store

David King House

David M. Robbins House

Dennis Driscoll House

Derby Stanley House

Dora E. Torrey House

Dorothy R. Stanley & Merritt P. Fitch House

Dorris E. (Mrs. Howard E.) Robinson House

Dr. Elias Craig Neal House

Dr. Jonathan Wheeler Bemis House

Dudley B. Dolliver I House

Dudley Luther Mayo House


E. Augustus Birlem House

Earll Williams Gott House

Ebed Wilder House

Eben and Daniel Fernald Double House

Eben B. Clark House

Eben M. Hamor House and Store

Echo Vista Restaurant

Eden Hall

Edgar Millard Cousins Cottage

Edgar Newman House

Edith S. Cushing House

Edmund Blanchard Reed II House

Edmund Stevenson Burke Jr. House

Edna M. Jellison House

Edward and Lucy Buck Ellsberg House

Edward Johnson House

Edward L. Beal Mill Building

Edward McKay House and Property

Edward Reid McLean House

Edward Wyatt Evans Cottage

Edwin A. Clark House

Edwin Albert and Vienna Dix Lawler House

Edwin Albert Lawler Rental House

Edwin Lemuel Higgins House

Edwin Leon Higgins House

Edwin Lucius Watson House

Eldora Flye Ward House

Eleanor J. Schieffelin House

Eleazer B. Homer House in Providence, Rhode Island

Eleazer Bartlett Homer Cottage

Eleazer Bartlett Homer House in Belmont, Massachusetts

Elias H. Ginn House

Elisha Crane House

Elisha Gilley House - Gilley - Elisha Bunker Gilley (1807-1901)

Eliza H. Robinson House

Elmer A. Stanley House

Elmer Billings House

Elmer Ellsworth Smallidge House

Emily Staples House

Enoch Boynton Stanley Sr. House, Boat House, and Wharf

Epps L. Hadlock House

Estella Benson Stanley / Derby Stanley House

Ethel Mae James House

Eugene S. Thurston House

Everett George Stanley House

Everton Livingston Gott House

Ezekial Moore House

Ezra Herrick Dodge I House

Ezra R. Norwood - Octavia Fifield House

Ezra Robinson House


Far Horizons

Fernald Farm

Flora Belle (Butler) Murphy Lawton House

Florence C. Parritt Young House

Francis B. Gilman House

Francis McMullin Sr. House

Francis Thompson Chalmers Jr. House

Frank Benjamin Smith House

Frank L. and Janette Jennie M. (Trask) Manchester House

Frank Mortimer Wakefield House

Frank Spurling House

Fred Alberton Birlem House

Fred Albertson Birlem House

Fred and Lillian Mayo House

Fred Eaton Young House

Fred Fernald House

Fred James Higgins Store

Freeman House Hotel


George A. Neal House

George B. Reed House

George Benjamin Dolliver House

George Billings House

George Delorin Atherton House

George Edward Sanford House

George H. Kirkpatrick House

George Henry Browne House

George Kennard Hooper House

George Ripley Fuller House

George S. and Lillian B. (Walls) Hodgdon House

George W. Anderson House and Dental Office

Glennie E. (Mrs. Fred) Knowles House

Grace M. Lurvey House


Hannah M. Cleveland House

Harbor Woods

Harry Edward Newman House

Harry Iskin House A

Harvard Riley Beal House

Helen Ruthven Dexter House

Henry A. and Linnie Trundy House

Henry Clark House

Henry Clay Rand House

Henry Edmund Day House - Day - Henry Edmund Day - (1819-1900)

Henry Edwin Newman House

Henry Harry Seaton Rand Estate

Henry James Sr. Cottage

Henry Lathrop Rand House in Southwest Harbor

Henry Lathrop Rand House, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Henry Rose Hinckley II House

Henry Tracy House

Herbert C. Moore House

Herbert M. Leighton Sr. & Frances J. Leighton House

Horace Mann II House

Hosea Wardwell Hodgdon House

Howard A. & Janet I. Vine House

Howard Ernest Robinson House

Howard Wesley Reed House

Howe D. Higgins House

Hugh L. & Margarita L. Stanley House

Hyman D. Millstein House


Isaac F. and Minne C. Stanley House

Isaac Herrick House

Isaac Marshall Lurvey House

Isaac Stanley Whitmore House

Isabel Dolliver Harper House


J. T. R. Freeman House

James A. Freeman House

James Baldwin House

James Crockett House

James E. Robinson House

James Francis Ross House

James Lawton House

James S. Fernald House

James W. Bryan Garland, Nebraska House

James Whitmore House

Jane Augusta Jennie (Lathrop) Rand House

Jasper C. Hutchinson House on Forest Avenue

Jasper C. Hutchinson House on Robinson Hill Road

Jefferson Torrey House

Jennie A. (and Oscar) Morrison House

Jerry Wallace Tapley House

John & Jean Desjardin House

John Allen Somes House

John Andrew Walls House

John Billings House

John C. Ralph House

John Carroll House

John Cummins Harmon House

John Dodge Lurvey House

John E. Hamblen House

John G. Trufry House

John G. Wilson House

John Gilley House on Sutton

John Lathrop Wakefield House

John Latty House

John Lenzey Stanley House

John Lindsay Newman House

John Melbourne Rich House I

John Melbourne Rich House III

John Morgan Gott Sr. House

John R. Tinker House

John Reynolds I House

John Robinson House at Center

John S. Moore House

John T. Finney House

Jonah Corson House

Jonah Corson House, Northeast Harbor

Jonathan Stewart House - 2nd House

Jonathan Stewart House I

Joseph B. Mason House

Joseph Dana Phillips House

Joseph Gilley House

Joseph King House

Joshua Moore House

Julia Child House


Kenneth & Ruth Amiro House


Laurence Saunders Newman House

Lennox "Bink" Sargent House

Lennox Sargent ("Spec") House (2)

Leonard Y. Stanley's House

Leslie C. Ober House

Leslie Frank White House

Leslie William Morrill House

Leta Murphy Burnside House

Lewis Freeman Gott House / Trask House

Lewis Freeman House

Lewis Gilley Stanley House and Wharf

Lewis Holmes House

Lewis Kennison Robinson House I

Lilla Dimock Cope Cottage

Lilla Dimock Cope House

Linda Maria (Landenberger) Carter House

Llewellyn Cleveland House

Llewellyn J. Norwood's Livery Stable

Lorenzo S. Trask House

Lyle Arlington Reed House

Lyman Harper House

Lyman Leverett Stanley House


Mack McMillan Pinckly House

Maggie A. Fernald House

Marilyn E. Dolliver House

Martha Brown Fincke House

Martin & Dorothy Green House

Mary A. Morris, Mrs. Stillman Stanley Dolliver House

Mary A. Ramsdell House

Mary A. Sargent House

Mary C. Kaighn House

Mary Elizabeth Dreier House

Mary Ellen Chase House

Mary Frances Birlem House

Mary Guild Leighton (Homand) Jones House

Mattie I. (Mrs. Franklin S.) Dolliver House

Maud Holmes (Mrs. Frank) Gilley House

Maurice Richardson Rich House

Maurice Roosevelt Beal House

McCandlish Cottage

Melville Freeman Mitchell Sr. House

Merrill Baxter King House

Mildred G. (Butler) Freeman House

Miles W. Weaver House

Milton H. and Elsie M. Dolliver House

Minnie Estelle Barker & Edith Barker (Mrs. J. Howard) Rogers House

Morris Augustus Dolliver House

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Malvery Mitchell House

Mrs. Frank E. Torrey House

Mrs. Melvin Freeman Mitchell Jr. - Lewis E. Closson House


Nancy S. Newman Sawyer House

Nathan and Philena C. Clark Homestead

Nathan Carlton Smallidge House

Nathan Clark II House

Nathan H. Stanley House

Nathaniel Gott Jr. House

Nathaniel Southgate Shaler House

Neil Stanley Peterson House

Nell Rebecca (Carroll) Thornton and Seth Sprague Thornton's House in Ashland, Maine

Nell Rebecca Carroll Thornton House

Nellie B. (Mrs. Leon E.) Higgins House

Nellie D. Hicks Mitchell House

Nellie O. (Mrs. Thomas R.) Savage House

Nellie O. Savage House


Octavia Fifield Millinery

Old Ward House

Oliver H. Fernald House - Valour House

Osborne Milton Kittridge House and Store

Oscar and Ora Seavey House

Osmond Emery Harper House

Otto Clyde Nutting House


Penury Hall

Perry Warrington Richardson House

Peter Dolliver IV House

Peter S. Moore House

Peter Theodore Benson Jr. House

Petit Plaisants Cottage at The Head

Phillip Moore House on Gotts Island

Professor Frank William Taussig House, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Ralph & Helen Green House

Ralph Merrill Grindle House

Ralph Ober Phippen House

Ralph Warren Stanley House

Raymond Adelbert Bunker House

Raymond D. & Frances M. Billings House

Raymond Whitmore House

Raynor G. Wellington House

Rebecca Whitmore Lurvey Carroll House

Reed - H.G. Reed House

Restoration of The Cedars

Rev. Charles Moulson Brown House

Richard Wellington Homer House - The Birches

Robert Ash Jr. House and Shop

Robert Beatty Jr. House

Robert Gott House

Robert Gott II House

Robert Kaighn House in Philadelphia

Robert Lindsay Smallidge Sr. House

Robert S. Stanley House

Robie M. Norwood Jr. - 1st House

Robie Melvin Norwood Jr. House

Roderick P. Clark House

Roger Clifton Rich House

Ross House and Store as Cedarcroft

Rudolph E. & Minnie M. Dolliver House

Rufus Whitman McKay House

Ruth Moore / Eleanor Mayo House


Samuel Champion Cooper House - Pyne Point

Samuel G. Rich House

Samuel Lurvey Jr. House - Samuel Lurvey Jr. [1817-1893]

Samuel M. Hamill House

Samuel Spurling Newman House

Samuel Watson Herrick House

Samuel Watson Herrick Store & Customs House

Sarah A. Brewer House

Sarah E.K. Mayo House

Seawall Farm

Seth H. Higgins House

Seth Hamilton Rice House

Seth Higgins Clark House

Seth Sprague Thornton House

Seth W. Lurvey

Shepley S. Stanley House

Silver Spray

Simeon Amasa Holden Boat House

Simeon Amasa Holden House

Simeon Holden Mayo House

Sleepy Hollow By-the-Sound

Soly Edward Caruso House

Somes House Hotel

Stedman Wright Hanks House

Stephen Bartlett Homer Cottage

Steven Bartlett Homer House

Sylvanus G. Leonard House


The Alexander H. Norwood House

The Birches (2)

The Bungalow

The Cabin

The Cedars

The Colonel John Stoddard House, The Manse

The Ellen Cooper (Kaighn) McInnes, Mrs. Walter Scot McInnes Cottage

The Fairbanks House, Dedham, Massachusetts

The George Lewis Harmon House

The House of Generations

The House of Many Steps

The J. Austin Gott House

The Misses Martha P. and Charlotte H. Conant Cottage

The Misses Underwood Cottage

The Moorings

The Mountain House - Carroll Homestead

The Old Harmon House

The Old House

The Oscar Arey Tolman House

The Rev. George E. Street House

The Sea and The Hills

The Sylvester B. Brown House

Thomas Clark House

Thomas H. Newman & Constance A. Newman House

Thomas Lafayette Wakefield House

Thomas Newman House

Thomas R. Milan House

Thomas Smith Robinson House

Thomas Wesley Day House

Three Chimneys

Tobias and Comfort Fernald House


U.S. Customs House

Underwood Boston House

Underwood's Squirrelhust Garden Shed

Urban Kenneth Hutchins House


Vesta E. (Spear) McRae House and Original Bass Harbor Library

Virginia Krebs House


W. Norton & Jennie S. Harper House

Warren A. Dorr House

Warren Andrew Locke House

Warren D. & Dorothy R. Stanley House

Warren G. Rice House

Wendell Gilley House

Wilder Blanchard Robbins House

William C. Moore House

William Dix House

William Doane Stanley House

William Edgar Herrick House

William F. & Blanche E. Spurling House

William Gilley House

William Gilman Parker House

William H. Benson House

William H. Clinkard House

William Henry Winslow House, Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain

William Holden Whitmore

William Horace Herrick and Asa Herrick House

William I. Mayo and Annie E. Mayo House

William Joseph Tower House

William L. & Rhoda Carney House

William Lancaster Gilley Jr. House

William Lawler House

William Lawrence Underwood Cottage - Squirrelhurst

William Lawton House

William Lawton Jr. House - 1st House

William Lloyd Carroll House

William Patch Dickey Cottage

William R. Keene House

William S. Trask and Belle M. (Higgins) Trask House

William Spurling Newman House

William T. and Elizabeth S. Soukup House

William T. Holmes House

William W. & Yvonne BIllings House

William Wallace House

William Ward Knowles House

Willing Cottage

Willis H. Dolliver House

Willis Humphries Ballard House and Studio

Willis Watson House


Winfred Bennett Joy House