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The Larches



Abram Winegardner Harris Cottage

Adaline W. Fisher and Laura Reeve Cottage - Lilac Cottage

Alexandra Cottage - Dr. Abigail Mary (Redman) Fulton Cottage

Alonzo Colt Yates Cottages

Anne Brimley Gould Cottage

Arthur Calvert Smith Cottage

Arthur Pierce Butler House

Augustus Bowman Farnham Cottage


Balla Cragga

Barque Beach Inn


Capt. and Mrs. O.L. Mills House

Capt. Henry Everett Stanley Cottage

Caroline Prescott Zelie Cottage

Caroline VanCott Burch Cottage

Carrie M. Moore Cottage

Cathrine K. Johnson Cottage (2)

Cathrine K. Johnson House

Cecilia Catherine Kennedy Johnson Cottage

Charles Drummond Rea Cottage

Charles Fletcher Dole Cottage - The Ledge

Charles Goddard Weld Cottage

Charles Rudd Burke Cottage

Civilian Conservation Corps Commander's Cottage

Clara Louise Rust Brigham Cottage


Donald Colton Esty Cottage

Doris Fielding Reid Cottage

Dorothy Elder Marcus Cottage - High Tide

Dr. John Johnston Cottage

Dwight Morrow Cottage


Eagle's Perch

Edgar Martin Morsman Jr. Cottage

Edith Stanley Cottage

Edward C. & Harriet C. Hawes Cottage

Edward S. Macomber Cottage

Edward Wyatt Evans Cottage

Edwin Lucius Watson Cottage

Eldering Cottage

Elizabeth Rae Cogswell & Jean H. Smalley Cottage

Elizabeth S. Talcott Site

Emily S. Rogers Cottage

Estella Benson Stanley Cottage

Eugene Stuart Bristol Cottage


Fannie S. (Mrs. Everett E.) Truette Cottage


Fox Dens

Frances (Pepper) Scott, Mrs. Joseph Alison Scott Cottage - Chalet-du-Grand-Pré

Frances & D. Bradford Wetherell Cottage

Francis Charles Foster Cottage

Frederick A. Farrar Cottage


George A. and Francis T. Rhoads Cottage

George Cameron Cottage

Gray Rock Cottage, Seal Harbor

Gray Rocks

Grey Rock


Hannah C. Lawrence and Thomas C. & Hannah L. Schuller Cottage

Harry Iskin Cottage B

Harry L. Koopman Cottage

Harry Miller Cottage

Henrietta Gardiner Cottage

Henry Arthur Inman Cottage - Sutherlands

Henry Lathrop Rand Cottage

Henry Wilder Foote II Cottage - House of Four Winds

Horace Durgain Wharf site

Howard Cooper Johnson Cottage

Howard N. Bacon - L Sterling Newell Jr. Cottage I


Indian Lot Cottage

Island House Hotel


James North Stanley - 2nd Cottage

James P & Frances Theodora Kennedy Cottage

Jessie Rea Cottage

Jessie Sellers Colton Cottage

John and Mary Lawson Stoddard Cottage

John H. & Mary Shepley Briggs House

John M. Williams Cottage

Johnson - Loren Bascom Taber Johnson Rental (3)

Joseph E. Brown and Janet Booth Brown Cottage

Joseph Gilbert Thorp Summer Cottage

Judge Smith's Cottage

Julia Russell Long Whittier Cottage


Katherine Febiger Spahr Cottage

Kennedy Cottage - Kenarden


Ledge End


Leffingwell Cottage

Linda W. Perkins Cottage

Lindenwood Inn

Loren and Catherine Johnson Cottage

Loring L. Marshall Cottage


Margarita Safford Cottage

Marion C. and Samuel W. Mead Cottage

Mary S. Snow Cottage

Mildred Colton Esty Cottage

Mildred M. Smith Cottage

Minnie Estelle Barker and Edith I. Barker Cottage

Miss Mildred Everett Cottage

Mor Glaz

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Schoff Cottage



Nehemiah H. Cousins Cottage


Philip & Miriam C. Wallis House


Ralph Fulton Ellis / Robert Henry Dolliver House

Raven’s Point


Raynor Greenleaf Wellington Cottage

Rebecca H. C. Reeve Cottage

Rev. Charles Herrick Cutler Cottage

Rev. Frank Judson Goodwin Cottage

Richard Edson Rowse Sr. Cottage

Robert C. Cornell Cottage

Robert Kaighn Cottage

Ruth Eno Howe Wilder and Milo W. Wilder, Jr. Cottage


Sabin Woolworth Colton Jr. Cottage

Samuel Champion Cooper Cottage

Samuel Fessenden Clarke Cottage

Samuel Morse Downs Cottage - Edgecliff

Skal Corners

Spruce Bough




The Boyd Lee Spahr Cottage, Sea Ledges

The Carroll Sargent Tyson Jr. Building and Cottage

The Clark Cottage

The John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Cottage - The Eyrie

The Lindens

The Road Cottage

The Sea and the Hills

The Shielin

The Woods Cottage


Twa Hames




Water's Edge


Wild Cliff - Bishop Alexander Mackay-Smith's Cottage, Seal Harbor, Maine


William F. Dreer Cottage

William Judson Miller Cottage

William Lawler Farm Property

William S. B. Cram Cotttage

William W. Flexner & Magdelen G.H. Flexner Cottage