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A.E. Parker Wharf and Boat Shop

A.J. Lawler Canning Factory

Allen J. Lawler Canning Factory


Bar Harbor Boat Landing

Bar Harbor Wharf and Steamer Mount Desert

Barque at Dock in Gloucester Harbor

Beal's Fish Wharf

Benjamin M. Robinson Wharf

Benson Wharf

Boat House and Dock at The Claremont House (2)

Boat Houses and Dock

Boats at Beal’s Fish Wharf

Boats at Clifton Dock, Northeast Harbor, Maine

Boston and Bangor Steamship Lines, Fosters Wharf (2)

Buggies at Steamboat Wharf

Buggy at Steamboat Wharf

Buoys for Sale


Clark and Parker Small Wharf

Clark Point and Claremont Hotel from Manset

Clark Point from Manset Looking North up Somes Sound

Clark's Wharf and Lobster Factory

Clark's Wharf, Southwest Harbor by Charles Morris Young

Clifton Dock


"Daisy on Daisy" - Margaret Arnold Rand Side Saddle at Bar Harbor

Depot Waiting Room and Ticket Counter at Steamboat Wharf, Southwest Harbor

Discharging Coal

Dragger Bonaventure, Built by Southwest Boat Corporation

Drying Sails at James Parker's Wharf on the Manset Shore

Durgain Wharf, Manset


Eastern Steamship Company

Eastern Steamship Company and Wharf at Belfast

Eastern Way from Manset


Farnsworth Fish Factory

Ferry Wharf

Fish Flakes at a Codfish Station at Manset

Fish Flakes at Higgins Wharf in Bernard

Fish Flakes at Higgins Wharf in Bernard - Cod Drying in the Open Air

Fishing Boats at Southwest Harbor - Helen McColl and Glen Ellen

Fishing Schooners at Gloucester Wharves

Fosters Wharf, Boston

Frank Thomas Dwinell and Dock Scene

Freeman's Wharf

Freeman's Wharf, Southwest Harbor (3)

Freeman's Wharf, Southwest Harbor - Farnsworth's Lobster, Clam and Sardine factory


George Benjamin Dolliver Aboard His No-Name Wesley Bracy Boat at Beal's Fish Wharf

Getting Off the Boat next to the Pinky Zanita

Group on Steamboat Wharf - Southwest Harbor


Hamor Wharf

Harding's Wharf (2)

Harding's Wharf, Bernard, Maine

Harding's Wharf, Bernard, Maine in Winter

Harding's Wharf in Fog

Hawthorne Inn Boat Slip

Higgins Wharf

Hinckley Dock West to Cranberry Isles Dock on the Manset Shore


Island House Dock and Slip

Island House from the Slip

Island House Slip in the Fog


James Parker's Shed, Manset, Maine

James Parker's Wharf (4)

James Parker's Wharf - Shed and Cod Shed

John T.R. Freeman's Wharf


Ladies on the Dock at the Ocean House in Manset

Lewis Freeman Gott Launching Merry Wing in Bernard, Maine Circa 1903

Lisa Caroline (Mayo) Wilkinson at Beal’s Fish Wharf

Little Cranberry Island - Islesford Dock

Lobster Boat Built for Oscar Ove Krantz - At the Wharf

Lobster Boat at the Charles Henry Rich & Company Wharf, Southwest Harbor

Lobster Boat Miss Beth at the F.W. Thurston Company Wharf

Lobster Pots in the Snow - Thurston's Wharf, Bernard

Lobster Traps on Wharf in Bernard, Maine

Lobster Wharf At Bernard Looking Across to Bass Harbor

Lobster Wharf at Goose Cove, Tremont, Maine

Looking Up Somes Sound - From Ocean House Slip

Lyle Arlington Reed and Cary Burton Lunt with Cary's Lobster Boat The Little One


Maine Central Ferry Landing at Bar Harbor from the Newport House Piazza

Maine Central RR Wharf

Maine Central RR Wharf and Ferry Landing

Maine Central Steamboat Wharf, Hancock

Manset Boat House Dock with Schooner "Tabor Boy" in Background

Manset Town Dock

Marina Dock at Northeast Harbor, Maine

Marjorie Beatrice Watson with Shark, Bernard, Maine

Men and Fish on the Wharf

Municpal Pier at Bar Harbor, Maine


Northeast Harbor Fleet Dock


Ocean House Slip, Manset, Me.

"On the Scow" at Deacon's Cove


Painting of Clark's Wharf by Charles Morris Young

Painting of Dock and Harbor Scene

Parker and Thurston Wharf

Parker Wharf

Parker's Wharf

Pinkham's Wharf in Seal Harbor

Pleasure Boats Near the Clifton Hotel

P.W. Richardson & Son Wharf (2)


Railway Express Depot and Underwood Cannery at Steamboat Wharf

Ralph Stanley's First Lobster Boat

Raymond Adelbert Bunker with tuna, Katherine Curtis (Gates) McCoy and sisters at Clifton House Dock

Rebuilding the Steamboat Wharf on Clark Point (2)

Rice's Wharf - Damon's Wharf, Bernard, Maine

Robinson-Lawler Wharf and View of Freeman House Hotel

Rock End Dock


Sailboat at Steam Boat Wharf

Sailboat at Steamboat Wharf

Sailboats Off the Claremont Hotel Slip - Looking West

Sailing Class on Float at Southwest Harbor Across from Manset Shore

Sailing Yacht Ticonderoga and Passenger Boat Vagabond at Southwest Boat Corporation Float

Sardine Carrier Grayling at the Underwood Wharf, McKinley, Maine

Sardine Carriers at Machiasport Canning Company Dock

Sardine Carriers Glenn Geary and Helen McColl at Southwest Boat Corporation Dock in Southwest Harbor

Sardine Carriers, Novelty, Fish Hawk, Henry O. Underwood, Gary Alan and Roamer at Clark Point

Schooner Fannie Earl off Clifton House Wharf and Slip

Schooner Theoline at the Dock in New York City

Seagulls on the Wharf

Ships at the Stanley Fisheries Wharf

Simeon Holden Mayo and the Martha M.

Simeon Holden Mayo on the Wharf at his Boat Shop

Simeon Holden Mayo's Boatshop

Southwest Harbor from Claremont Hotel Pier

Stanley Fisheries Site and Manset Town Dock Ramp

Steamboat Wharf at Southwest Harbor

Steamboat Wharf, Clark Point, Southwest Harbor

Steamboat Wharf From the Water

Steamboat Wharf in Southwest Harbor

Steamboat Wharf, Southwest Harbor

Steamer Cimbria of the Barbour Line - From Bangor, Off the Steamship Wharf in Bernard, Maine

Steamer Norumbega at Steamboat Wharf, Hancock Point (2)

Steamer Ruth - Mt. Desert Ferry at Hancock Point, Maine

Steamship Wharf at Bernard

Steamship Wharf, East Shore, Hancock Point, Maine


The Claremont Hotel Boat Slip

The Claremont Hotel Dock After the Sail Boat Race

The Claremont Hotel Dock Looking Up Somes Sound - After 1930

The Claremont House Slip (8)

The Claremont House Slip with Sailboats

The Coal Wharf, Buildings and Boats at Clark Point in Winter

The Franklin Ward Machine Shop as XYZ Restaurant

The Henry R. Hinckley Company With Fabric Sign on Wharf

The Henry Wilder Foote II Cottage - House of the Four Winds From the Dock

The Island House Slip (2)

The Manset Shore and Durgain Shed

The Ocean House Hotel Slip

The Ocean House Slip and Boats

The Rock End Dock at Northeast Harbor, Maine

The Stanley House - 1892 - Boat Slip in Fog

The Stanley House Dock

The Watson Wharf

The Watson Wharf, Bernard, Maine (2)

Thurston's Wharf (3)

Thurston's Wharf in Winter

Tilson's Wharf, Rockland, Maine

Town Dock and Boats, Bernard, Maine (2)

Traps on Harding's Wharf, Bernard, Maine


Unloading Coal at Bear Island Coal Wharf

Unloading Fish at a Wharf

Upper Town Dock, Southwest Harbor (2)


View from a Manset Pier to Clark Point

View from Manset Town Dock to Clark Point

View from Stanley House Dock, Manset, Maine

View of Clark Point from Manset Wharf

View of Greening Island and Sutton Island from Manset

View of Greening Island from the Shore Road in Manset

View of McKinley from Thurston's Wharf in Bernard

View of the Maine Central Ferry Landing at Bar Harbor from the Newport House Piazza


Wharf at Green's Landing - Now Stonington

Wharf with Fishing Vessels on the Manset Shore

Wharf with Gulls in Manset

Wharf with Gulls, Manset Shore

Wharves and Buildings at Clark Point - J.N. Mills and Southwest Boat Corporation

Wharves and Buildings at Clark Point - Schooner Theoline Unloading Coal at J.N. Mills

Wharves from the Point and Side Wheel Steamer

William Herrick with Bob and Jerry and Surrey at Steamboat Wharf

William Lukens Elkins Sinkler and Captain Francis Milton Spurling with Tuna at Beal's Fish Wharf

Winter View of Bass Harbor from Harding's Wharf in Bernard


Yachts and Fishing Boats at Beal's Pier

Yachts and Fishing Boats at Southwest Harbor