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Aerial View of Mount Desert Rock Light Station

Annual Report - Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station, 1885

Avery Rock Lighthouse


Bailey Light, Lake Cobbossee Lake

Baker Island Light (2)

Baker Island Light from the North

Baker Island Light Station (2)

Baker Island Light Station from the Garage Drive

Baker Island Light Station From the Northeast

Bass Harbor Head Light (17)

Bass Harbor Head Light - In the Moonlight

Bass Harbor Head Light - The Red Lens

Bass Harbor Head Light - View Down the Stairs

Bass Harbor Head Light at Night

Bass Harbor Head Light from the East

Bass Harbor Head Light from the West

Bass Harbor Head Light in the Snow

Bass Harbor Head Light in Winter

Bass Harbor Head Light, Southwest Harbor, ME

Bass Harbor Head Light with Boat House and Ways (2)

Bear Island From Southwest with the Lighthouse and Coal Shed and Dock

Bear Island Light (13)

Bear Island Light and the Coal Wharf From Northwest

Bear Island Light with Schooner Yacht and Coast Guard Buoy Boat

Blue Hill Bay Light

Boone Island Light

Browns Head Light, Vinalhaven

Building the House at Mt. Desert Rock (2)

Burnt Coat Harbor Light

Burnt Coat Harbor Light, Swans Island

Burnt Island Light, Boothbay Harbor


Capt. Howard P. Robbins and Child at Baker Island Light (2)

Captain Franklin Leslie Stanley and Crew at the Cranberry Isles Life-Saving Station

Children Digging in the Sand Near Lighthouse

Cobbossee Lake Lighthouse

Crabtree Ledge Light (2)

Cranberry Isles Life Saving Station


Diaphone at Great Duck Light Station

Doubling Point Lighthouse


Eagle Island Light Near North Haven

Eastern Point Light, Gloucester

Eastern Point Light Station, Gloucester

Egg Rock Light

Egg Rock Light Station

Eggemoggin Light


Franklin Island Light


Graves Light Under Construction

Great Duck Island Lighthouse

Great Duck Light Station (3)

Great Duck Light Station - Great and Little Duck Islands - Aerial View


Harborside Industries Bass Harbor Head Light Plaque by Howe D. Higgins

Head Harbor Point and Light, East Quoddy, Maine

Heron Neck Light

Heron Neck Light, Vinalhaven, ME (2)

Hockomock Head Light (2)


Indian Island Lighthouse


Keeper Leverett Sherman Stanley Painting the Tower at Bass Harbor Head Light

Keeper's House at Great Duck Island Light

Kidston Island Light


Life-Saving Service Crew at Great Duck Light Station

Light House, Cobbossee Lake

Light House, Petit Manan Island, Me.

Lighthouse and Seascape Oil Painting

Lighthouse at Great Duck Island

Lighthouse on Great Duck Island

Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations of Mount Desert Island


Mare's Island Light Station

Marshall Point Light

Marshall Point Lighthouse

Matinicus Rock Light

Mid Century Lighthouse Seascape Oil Painting

Moosabec Light

Moosabec Light House

Moose Peak Light House (2)

Moose-a-Bic Light House

Mount Desert Rock and Light Station

Mount Desert Rock Light Station (5)

Mount Desert Rock Light Station - Lighthouse and Buildings (4)

Mount Desert Rock Light Station - Lighthouse and Buildings - Before 1918


Owl's Head Light (2)

Owls Head Light (4)


Painting the Tower at Great Duck Island Light (2)

Peaked Hill Bar Life Saving Station

Peaked Hills Bar Life Saving Station, Cape Cod, Mass.

Pemaquid Light (2)

Pond Island Light, Narradaugus Bay, near Millbridge, Maine

Portland Head Light (2)

Portland Head Light and Surf

Prospect Harbor Light Station


Ram Island Light

Ram Island Light, Portland, Maine

Ram Island Lighthouse

Rockland Breakwater Light

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse (3)


Saddleback Light (2)

Sand Island Light

Sand Island Light (Blue Hill Bay Light) (2)

Scheveningen Light

Seguin Island Light

South Portland Breakwater Light

Spring Point, Ledge Light in Portland Harbor

Spring Point Light, Portland, Maine

Surf and Cliffs Near Portland Head Light


The Cuckolds, Cape Newwagen

The Graves Light, Boston

Two Bush Island Light (2)

Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Two Women from the Gilley or Stanley Family at Baker Island Light Station


United States Life-Saving Service - Cranberry Isles Station (3)

U.S. Life Saving Station, Islesford, Maine


West Quoddy Head Light (3)

West Quoddy Head Light - The Light and Keeper's House

West Quoddy Head Light - the Oil House

White Head Life Saving Station

White Head, Me. Life Saving Station

Whitehead Light Station (2)

Winter Harbor Light Station