Please help grow and improve the Digital Archive. Keep reading to learn how!

Make a Donation

Every penny helps. We have scanned thousands of photographs and documents on volunteer time, but now we need help to add them to the database. It will happen, but it will take a long time without your tax deductible donation.

To Donate Now, visit the Library’s Donation page and choose Digital Archive Project as shown by the red arrow at right.

Or send a check to the Library with a note saying it’s for the Digital Archive.

Share Your Photographs

If you have photographs, documents or stories that would enhance the Archive, please share them. Your additions would help make the Archive more interesting and useful to thousands of people. And having your items in the Archive is a great way to preserve and share them with the rest of your family.

Impart Your Knowledge

Let us know when you see something wrong. If you find a mistake, please email us so we can make the proper corrections. Be sure to mention the Item number and include as much information as possible.

Tell us what we don’t know. Hundreds of your friends, neighbors, even distant relatives have helped us and we need you too.

Can you identify one our unknowns? As you will see, we know the identity of many people shown. Help us make it 100%.

Contribute Your Time

If you live on or near Mount Desert Island, and have time and interest, please consider scanning for us. The Library has digital scanners to loan and someone can teach you all you need to know. Almost all of our valiant volunteers scan from home.

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