Viewing Relationships

Viewing Relationships

When you view an item in the Archive, you also see thumbnails and titles of related items along with a graphical visualization depicting the relationships among items. You instantly see how the item you are viewing fits in with the rest of the collection. You can view a related item by clicking on its thumbnail image or title. Clicking on a thumbnail shows you a large version of that item’s image and lets you quickly browse every other image on the page. The screenshot below shows the page for a typical item and its relationships.


The image below shows the visualization you see when you click the Enlarge link on the visualization preview shown in the screenshot above. The item you are viewing, known as the primary item, appears with a green border around it.

To keep the graph from becoming too cluttered, groups of two or more items having the same relationship to the primary item are consolidated into expandable purple dots. When you click on the dot, the graph changes to show those items. The screenshot below shows what you see when you click on the purple dot above, the one at left with “4” in the center.


In the expanded graph, clicking on the purple dot in the center, or on the primary item at upper left, takes you back to the previous graph. In either graph you can click on a thumbnail to go to the item in the Archive.

For Archivists

Administrators can search for items with specific relationships using the Relationship options at the bottom of the Advanced Search page in the admin interface as shown in the screenshot below.

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