Subject Search

Subject Search

Subject Search lets you search the Archive using just a few simple, but powerful filtering techniques.

To perform a Subject Search:

  1. Click the Subject Search link located in the upper right corner of every page.
  2. Type keywords into the Keywords field.
  3. Choose a subject.
  4. Choose an item type (or leave as Any Type).
  5. Press Enter or click the blue Search button.
  6. View your search results.

How Subject Search Works

Subject Search looks for items that have all the keywords you type, but only in items that have the subject you selected. If you also choose an item type, the search looks only at items of that type. You can narrow the search even more by choosing the “Titles only” option to tell the search to only look for items that have your keywords in the Title field.

Subject Search is an easy yet powerful way to find just what you are interested in. For example, if you want to read about Henry Hinkley’s yacht building business, type the keywords “henry hinckley” and choose Businesses for the subject and Article for the item type. The search produces the two results shown below. If you are interested in Henry Hinckley the man, change the subject to People to find his biography.

In contrast to Subject Search, a Simple Search for the keywords “henry hinckley” produces some 80 results. They include the two articles about the business and the biography of the man, but most of the results are photographs.

Search Results Views

The right side of the Subject Search page lets you choose to see results in either Table, Image, or Index view. The results shown above are in Table View presented in Summary layout. To learn about views and layouts, see the Search Results page.

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