Search Results

Search Results

Search Results let you see Archive items in a variety of ways. Which view you choose depends on the kind of items you are looking for and how you want to study the results.

Search Results Options

You can choose to see results presented in one of these views:

When you click a radio button to select a view, the options below the radio buttons will change to ones specific to the selected view.

Table View

Table View presents search results in a table of rows and columns. Learn about Table View.

Image View

Image View shows search results as a gallery of thumbnails. Learn about Image View.

Index View

Index View presents search results as an alphabetized index of unique values. Learn about Index View.

Tree View

Tree View  provides a hierarchical display of search results. Learn about Tree View.

Relationships View

Relationships View shows individual search result items on the left, and displays related items on the right. Learn about Relationships View.

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