Search Results – Tree View

Search Results – Tree View

Tree View presents search results hierarchically in a tree according to one of these fields:

  • Subject
  • Location
  • Type

You choose Image View from the Advanced Search page. As you can see from the sample below, Tree View presents search results in a distinctively different manner than Table View, Image View, Index View, or Relationships View. Use Tree View when you want to see the distribution of search results among subjects, locations, or types.

The sample below shows locations where pictures in the Archive by photographer Willis Ballard were taken.

Good to Know

  • A unique feature of trees, also known as hierarchies, is that they let you view data at different levels. For example, in the results above, you could click on “Southwest Harbor” to see all photographs Mr. Ballard took in Southwest Harbor, Manset, and Seawall, or click on “Manset” to only see the images he took there.
  • The number in parentheses is the total number of items that match the search criteria at that level. If no number appears, no items match. In the results above, only four (4) items have a location which is exactly “Tremont” and no items have a location which exactly matches “Cranberry Isles”.
  • Tree View is similar to Index View in that it only shows unique values and is therefore a more compact representation of large amounts of data than Table View.
  • To see the entire tree, including non-matching criteria, click on the green “Show Entire Tree” button. This is useful for giving some perspective to the items that do match the criteria.

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