Search Results – Table View

Search Results – Table View

Table View presents search results in a table of rows and columns. The rows show items in the Archive that match the search criteria. The columns show data for individual fields of each item.

Table View Layouts

You can see results in Table View using five different layouts. You choose the one you want by clicking on the green Layout drop down list and choosing a layout as shown at right.

Details Layout

The results below are displayed in the Details Layout and show the first four rows of 53 search results. Details Layout shows a thumbnail in the first column, and the item title and additional information in the second column. In this layout you can sort items by the Title field.

Type/Subject Layout

The results below are displayed in the more compact Type/Subject Layout and are sorted by Title. The Type/Subject Layout shows columns for the Identifier, Title,  Subject and Type fields. Click the column header to sort the results by a different column or change the sort order (ascending or descending) for the currently sorted column.

Creator/Publisher Layout

The Creator/Publisher Layout shows columns for the Identifier, Title, Creator, Publisher, and Date fields. Note that you can sort on a column in one layout, and then switch to another layout to see the items sorted in the new sort order. In this example, the results are sorted by the Date field.

Address/Place Layout

The results below are displayed in Address/PlaceLayout and are sorted by the Address column. The Address/Place Layout shows only the item’s Identifier, Title, Address, and Place fields. Note that when you sort on the Address column, as shown in the sample below, addresses are sorted by street name, then by street number. In the sample below, note that five of the items have more then one title. The primary title appears in orange and the a.k.a. (also known as) titles appear in gray.

Compact Layout

The results below are displayed in Compact layout. Compact layout shows just the item’s Identifier and Title. This layout is useful when you want to see a lot of results on one page. Compare the view below to the same shown above in Summary Layout.

Admin Layout

There is also an Admin Layout that shows information of interest to Digital Archive system administrators, but that layout is only accessible when someone is logged in with administrator privileges.

Good to Know

After you get Table View results from Simple Search, Subject Search, or Advanced Search, you can:

  • You can click on an item’s title text to view the item. You can also view the item by clicking on its item number.
  • You can click on an item’s thumbnail to see a large image in a popup window. You can then click on the large image to view the next image on the page. You can also click on the left/right arrows, or use the left/right arrows on your keyboard, to view the previous or next image on the page.
  • Sort results in order from A to Z by clicking on the column headers. Click the column header again to sort from Z to A.
  • Change the table layout by clicking on the green Change Layout button and choosing a different layout. The new layout appears instantly without performing the search again or reloading the page.
  • Revise your search criteria by clicking the Modify Search button which will take you back to either the Subject Search or Advanced Search page.
  • View the next page of results by clicking on the pagination controls that appear above and below the table. These controls are only visible when the number of rows exceeds the Results Per Page value that you set on the Advanced Search page.

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