Search Results – Relationships View

Search Results – Relationships View

Relationships View shows individual search result items on the left, and displays related items on the right. You can only choose Relationships View from the Advanced Search page.

The sample below shows one of three results which is a photograph titled “Wharves and Buildings at Clark Point.” The photo depicts Clark Point in Southwest Harbor and also depicts the Southwest Boat Corporation. The Archive contains an article for both of those topics. As you can see in the sample, the Relationships View for the photograph not only identifies those two related articles, but also displays images and maps related to both articles.

Good to Know

  • The information displayed for each item in a Relationships View row is the same as what appears when you view an individual item; however, since Relationships View is displaying search results, it allows you to see relationships for more than one item at a time.
  • Because of the large amount of information displayed for each row in Relationships View, search results are automatically limited to five per page. Use the pagination controls at the top and bottom of the page to see the next five results.
  • You can click on the green magnifying glass icon to see a large view of any image, and then continue to view all the other images on the page.


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