Field Filters

Advanced Search - Field Filters

Field Filters look at individual fields. You select the search field and the search condition from the drop down lists and type the search text below.

The table below explains the Field Filter conditions.

ConditionFields that satisfy the condition
containsContains the search text exactly as typed regardless of what precedes or follows.

Example, a search where Title contains "light" will find items with titles that contain "light", "moonlight" and "lighthouse".
does not containDoes not contain the search text.
does not matchSee the matches condition below.
ends withEnds with the search text.
is emptyHas no text.
is exactlyExactly matches the search text (case-insensitive).

Example: A search where Title is exactly "baker island light" will find items where the title is "Baker Island Light" but not "Baker Island Light Station".
is not emptyContains text.
is not exactlyDoes not exactly match the search text (case-insensitive).
matchesNote: Regular expressions are an advanced feature that are explained in detail in the MySQL documentation for Regular Expressions.

Matches a regular expression you specify.

One of the best uses of this condition is to find a small set of items that match any of a specific set of search values. You separate the values with a | (vertical bar).

Example: A search where Identifier matches "6045|13956|13447" will find just those three items.

Example: A search where Creator matches "^(soules|motenko)" will find items where the Creator fields starts with either "soules" or "motenko".
starts withStarts with the search text.

Be careful using this condition with the Location, Subject, and Type fields because they contain hierarchical values like "MDI, Bar Harbor". A search where Location starts with "Bar Harbor" will not return any results because the field starts with "MDI". Instead use Location contains "Bar Harbor".

Field Filter Notes:

  • You can add additional fields to the filter by clicking the Add Field button.
  • You can use the same field more than once. For example you could search where Location contains “MDI” AND Location does not contain “Bar Harbor”.
  • When you specify multiple fields, the search logic evaluates them in top to bottom order and gives higher precedence to AND than to OR.

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