Places are general locales such as mountains, cemeteries, hiking trails, and gardens. in contrast, the Place metadata field associates an item with a specific town, village, or even a street address.

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The majority of of images in the Archive depict Mount Desert,with emphasis on the western side of the island, and Acadia National Park from before its inception until the present day.

One exception are photographs from the sixteen albums created by Henry Lathrop Rand. Henry and his family lived in Dedham and Cambridge, Massachusetts and vacationed in Southwest Harbor. Henry, a founding member of the Old Cambridge Photography Club, photographed everything he saw from 1890 to 1915, when grief over the deaath of his wife overwhelmed him. Among his 1400 surviving photographs are many showing life in Dedham and Cambridge in the area around Harvard, where his family lived surrounded by people who taught and lectured at the university.

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