Maps show general locales like towns, trails, parks, and islands, as well as locations of businesses, events, and structures. Many maps in the Archive have been annotated with circles or arrows (like the map shown at right) to pinpoint a specific location. These annotated maps are derived from base maps which are also in the Archive.

The Archive contains dozens of maps of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. Many of the images are high resolution and zoomable.

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Good to Know

  • Whenever possible, the map related to an item is from the same time period as the item. In other cases, the map that most clearly displayed the location was used.
  • When you view an annotated map, you will see the base map from which it was derived.
  • When you view a base map, you will also see all annotated maps that were derived from it.
  • Item pages often display a Google map in the left sidebar. These maps are not part of the Archive per se, but provide a contemporary view of an item’s location.

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